Hey there guys. Thanks so much for joining me back at Jamie. Joe sells wax here on YouTube. I am so excited that we are entering a brand new season with SS Scentsy fragrance because that means all things fall. Fall is my favorite, favorite, favorite season of the year, and I absolutely love the new fragrances that we always get to release in the fall season. Some of my favorites are coming back in the new catalog, but today I want to talk to you guys about this cutesy, cutesy little bag right here. This is our Scentsy Harvest bar pack. I wanna make sure I say that right, and I’m so sorry if you guys hear a little noise in the background. I am multitasking like crazy today. Like I said, we’re entering this brand new season. I’m working hard to get new mailers out to my customers, so my little printer on the other side of the room is just definitely working over time because if you have ordered anything from me in the last six months, you’re gonna get to get a fun little pack in the mail and you are actually going to get samples of all of the scents that I am going to tell you guys about today.

Like I said, this is what we’re talking about today. This is a collection of five s Scentsy bars that are going to be released in the harvest brochure that comes out on September 1st. But this cute little bag full of bars, we’re gonna go through. Each and every one of those is only $25 in the us. Now, if you order the bars individually and you can this time, that’s like something brand new. Normally when they come out with a holiday pack of bars, you have to buy the whole pack, and this time you do not. You can buy these bars individually. If you buy the bars individually, they are $6 each. Just our normal since e bar price. But if you buy the collection of all five of the harvest fragrances, you’re gonna get this cute, cute little bag. It says No tricks, just treats. But also you’re gonna get a little bit of a discount.

Five bars for $25. So little bit of a better deal. Let’s jump right into this bag. Let’s go through these fragrances. Now you might peep that most of the bar is gone. That’s because like I said, if you have purchased anything from me in the last six months, you are going to get, um, some little testers of these fragrances in the mail. So I’ve used a bunch of this wax to make up little sniff testers. So this first one, it is called, oh, well, that was terrible. It is called, it’s wanting to focus on my face instead of this bar. Maybe if I hide behind the bar, it’ll focus on it. Yeah, no, there we go. Thank you camera. It is called cashmere leaves. Now, I typically love anything that has the word leaves in it. I don’t know why I tend to go for it more earthy fragrances, and I think like a leaf fragrance is just kind of an earthy fragrance.

It’s very warm to me. It’s very deep and dark, which I love fragrances like that Scentsy tells us that it is apple falling leaves and cashmere spice. To be honest with you, I, I don’t get a lot of apple from it. To me, it is more earthy, it’s more deep, it’s more dark. It’s a rich, rich fragrance. I absolutely love it. It does have a little bit of spice in there to me, although I’m not a huge cinnamon fan. So I wouldn’t say it’s like strong cinnamon, but just that deep warm spiciness of it. Cashmere leaves is, uh, I would say it’s my number two favorite out of this pack of five. So, moving on, we’re going to go to Dutch apple bread. I guess I really don’t have to wait for the camera to focus in ’cause I told you the name of it, but Dutch apple bread, okay, first of all, if you’ve been watching me for a while, you know that I’m not a huge fan of food fragrances.

This is an exception, though. I do love this one. It’s not that sickening sweet or that super bakery smell. Oddly enough, I smell a little bit of rum in this or a little bit of bourbon, although I don’t think that’s in there at all. Uh, freshly sliced apples, warm cinnamon rolled oats and brown sugar. So they don’t claim any fragrance of a bourbon or rum, but I definitely get that from it. It’s not real heavy on the cinnamon. It definitely is a warm food fragrance, but it’s not that, like I said, it’s not that in your face food fragrance that we’ve seen from a lot of other s Scentsy fragrances. I’m not, I’m not hating on you guys that, that enjoy those. It’s just not my jam. But that Dutch apple bread, I’m telling you, that’s something that I would warm when normally I would never warm a food fragrance.

So this one kind of caught me off guard. It’s called Fall into Love. Now, I’m gonna tell you my first impression of this, but don’t hold it against the fragrance because once I really warmed it and made those samples, I changed my mind. My first open and sniff of this bar. I’m gonna tell you, I leaned over to my friend ’cause we got these samples, these bars at Scentsy family reunion, which is our convention. I smelled these and I leaned over and I said, it smells like a urinal cake. It, it kind of does it, it kind of does. But I wanna tell you, after I warmed it, making all those samples, the fragrance kind of grew on me. It does have a strong pine or pine saw type smell, and I think that’s where I was getting the urinal cake smell from it. But it is fresh orange peel, cool eucalyptus and sweet.

I can never say this word right? Balsam, balsam. So, orange peel, eucalyptus, and balsam. I smell pine. It’s definitely a clean fragrance. It is a, um, I mean, you definitely notice it right off the bat when you walk into a room that this is warming in. But it’s, it’s fresh, it’s clean. I mean, I, I do kind of stand by my original thought of it, but once I warmed it, I didn’t have this such a negative feeling towards it. It kind of grew on me and I was okay with it. Now, forever fall. Forever fall, this friends caught me really off guard because forever fall to me, I think it would be like a leafy type smell. ’cause when it just says forever fall, like I think of the falling leaves, the change in colors, all this and that, it caught me off guard because this is strong on the pumpkin.

If you are a pumpkin fan, if you are a pumpkin spice fan, this is your scent, but not mine. Guys, here’s what I love about Scentsy. We have so many different fragrances. I don’t have to love them all because the next one I’m gonna tell you, I love it, love it, love it. Uh, forever fall is baked, pumpkin, cinnamon stick and brown sugar. Yeah, that’s all the sniff I’m gonna give it. Uh, if you love pumpkin, if you love cinnamon, if you love all things pumpkin bakery, this is your scent you need to get forever fall. But it tricked me. It tricked me big time because by the name of it, I thought it was gonna be my jam and it was not. Now, this, however, tricked me on the opposite side because it has the name pumpkin in it. It is white pumpkin and driftwood.

I’m like the pumpkin. I don’t, I’m the only white girl in the world that doesn’t enjoy pumpkin spice. I think pumpkin’s not my jam. However, this one, uh, I, I kind of wanted to just warm the whole bar as I was making samples of it because this is my number one in this collection. This is white pumpkin driftwood, white cardamon and white solar. Amber. If I would’ve read the description, I probably would’ve known that this was gonna be my favorite, except that pumpkin, it really throws me off. I do not smell a bit of pumpkin in this, but this is that earthy, warm, yummy smell that I always enjoy somewhat on the manly cologne side. That’s that amber, that’s that driftwood, the cardamon in there. It is kind of like a a, a men’s cologne scent. I really don’t know where they get the name white pumpkin and driftwood from it because I don’t smell pumpkin in there a single bit.

But evidently it’s in there. Alright guys, like I said, you can order each one of these individually or you can order the set altogether, saving you a little bit of money. The set altogether comes in this cutesy cutesy little bag for $25. Individually, they’re $6. You can order these starting September 1st, which is right around the corner. Order it on September 1st at Jami Jo sells wax.com or shoot me a text at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. I would be happy to help you with this order or help you get started on your very own Scentsy journey. Just let me know if you have any questions, and I’m always here to help. Guys, my name is Jami Jo. I’m here to help your house smell so yummy and delicious this fall, and answer any questions that you might have about this Scentsy opportunity.