Hey there guys. It’s Jami Jo from Jamie. Jo Sells Wax, and I am coming to you today with some super fun and awesome news. You might know that I’ve been partnered with Best Scentsy Scents Fragrance for over 14 years now since all the way back in 2008 now Scentsy partnered with Disney quite a few years ago, and we’ve had many product releases in that Disney collection. You can see Sebastian hanging out right behind me there. We also have other partnerships. You can see Hedwig up there. We have a partnership with Universal Studios and Harry Potter, several different partnerships. But the launch that is happening on Monday, June 26, 6 26, 6 26, that might be a little hint. This launch I think is probably one of the best character launches that Scentsy has ever released. Now, as you could tell, 6 26. It is Lilo and Stitch, and we’ve had Lilo and Stitch products before this launch, however, is a little bit different.

It’s different because there are so many different product offerings in this collection. They have really broadened out the whole Lilo and Stitch Scentsy collection, and I am so, so excited about some of the things that they are bringing to us. Now I told you it comes out on Monday, June 26th, so I haven’t had a chance to get my hands on these products yet, but corporate has released some photos, so I’m going to be showing to them to you here and here so you guys can see exactly everything that’s coming out. Now, I will warn you that these products could sell out super duper fast. We have seen sell outs in mere minutes before for highly sought after collections, but I am here to help you the best that I can. I am happy to send you a reminder text 30 minutes before the sale goes live and write when that collection goes live.

If you will, just text the word stitch to 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. Now, that way I can give you a reminder text 30 minutes before the sale goes live and right at launch time. This will increase your chances of not forgetting about it, but also being able to get into line. Okay, let’s jump right into it. Let’s look at these awesome, awesome products. I’m going to start with the warmer. I’m blown away by this warmer guys. It is called Aloha Ohana. What a perfect name. Now I wanna show you two pictures right here and right here. This is the exact same warmer guys. There’s a glass shade on the inside of the warmer and you can twist it around to choose what you want the warmer to show this adorable, cute little picture of Lilo and Stitch dancing. Or if you prefer Stitch jamming out on his guitar, you can see it there.

Now this warmer is eight inches tall and it does take a 25 watt light bulb. Of course, your warmer is going to come with that light bulb. Now here’s the really cool thing. I’m gonna show you a series of pictures right here and look at the detail on this warmer. This warmer is hand painted. As you can see, they have really taken the time to just do an amazing job on this warmer. How cool are all those teeny tiny little details that they’ve put into the warmer? And then of course, you can see here that in a dark room when it is turned on, you’re gonna have that glow effect through the um, glass shade of the warmer where you get to choose the scene. Now, one other finishing touch on this, how fun is this? The dish of the warmer even has a little throw to the movie with the decorations in the dish.

I just love the Best Scentsy Scents details that they’ve put into this warmer. Now guys, here’s the really cool part. This is only $70 in the us. We have had some licensed warmers that were well over that price point. When you figure that this warmer is hand painted and has different look options, what a great price point of just $70 in the us. I am blown away that they were able to get it down to that price considering we have to pay Disney for the licensing too. That’s a great price for this warmer. Now you can’t have a warmer without wax, right? Okay, so we have two fragrances that would be perfect with this warmer. We have Stitch 6 26 experiment 6 26, and that is a combination of Valencia, orange, pineapple nectar, sugar cane and sea salt mist. Or perhaps you would like angel experiment 6 24. That fragrance is goji berry, blackberry, vanilla cream and sugar cane.

Now those are six 50 each per bar, or you can always do a three pack or a six pack of our waxes and save money that way. Okay, so that was just the warmer and the wax. But guys, this collection goes on and on and on. We have this the Stitch Buddy. Now, if you’re not familiar with a Scentsy buddy, let me show you with Sebastian here. All of our buddies are just plush toys that all have a zipper pouch hidden inside. Sebastian’s is right here on his tummy, but stitches, and I’ll show you in a second, angels is hidden on her back. Now inside there is a scent pack and that is what is used to fragrance the Best Scentsy Scents buddy. So that was Stitch, and here is Angel. How cute are both of those? Now, each of those are $40. They come with the sit pack that pairs with them either 6 26 or 6 24.

So for $40 you get not just the stuffed plush, but you also get the sent pack to go with it. All right guys, we are not done <laugh>. We have released a stitch and an angel buddy clip. Here’s Stitch here and Angel in the buddy clips. Now these buddy clips are so fun to add onto a backpack, a diaper bag. I’ve seen a lot of people hang these from the rear view mirror in their car. Now a buddy clip is really created as a plush, just like this guy here, but the buddy clips, the fragrance is already sewn into it. There’s no sent pack to add to it. It’s sewn in there. Now I’m always asked, but what do I do? When the fragrance runs out? It’s still an adorable plush that you can play with, have your kids play with whatever. But that fragrance is gonna last a really long time.

I really think you’re gonna be surprised we’re talking months of fragrance in these. And if you still need something else beyond the buddies or the buddy clips, we have a brand new product for you in this line. It is the Biddy Buddies. So you can see Stitch here and Angel here. Now these are only $14 and let me show you what a bitty buddy is. So of course this is not Stitch, this is from our winter collection last year, but you can see the size of it and they are just a fun, squishy plush. It’s almost like a memory foam on the inside and they smell amazing. Now, this one of course we brought out like October or November before Christmas last year. I’m filming this in June and I can still smell this guy. These are so much fun to have around, um, just a fun little plush that smell great.

And I’ve also seen a lot of use in the memory foam of this for like hand hand exercises. So not only are they fun, cute, smell good, but I mean I guess I could say they have like some muscular benefits. I don’t know. I don’t know. I’m not a doctor, but they are fun to squish. They’re fun little stress, stress relief. So, but wait, there’s more guys. I am not done yet because this is, I saved the best for last. That’s all I’m gonna say. I saved the best for last. You guys probably know that I absolutely love our fragrance flowers. Now we have had fragrance flowers for a long time. They’re a great option to put off fragrance where you don’t have electricity. And I have been loving on these for quite a while. Well, Scentsy said, yeah, we love those fragrance flowers, but why not make Lilo and stitch specific fragrance Best Scentsy Scents flowers?

And they did just that. You can see the stitch one right here and the angel one right here. Now here is what is really, really cool about these fragrance flowers that is different from all of the others. Number one, it’s a different flower. These are a hibiscus flower, of course, Hawaii. We need the hibiscus flower. Another way that these are different is the oil inside the jar is colored. You might have seen my videos on how to add color to your fragrance flowers by using sharpie markers. Well, you don’t have to do it with these because the oil in the jar is already colored. So you can see in these images here that there is a gradual change in color. It says the color blossoms and deepens from the center of the flower. So as that wick brings up the fragrance oil, it is going to deepen that color in the center of the flower and then spread out to the ends of the petals.

That is so, so fun. And then since this is a Lilo, an angel, Lilo, and Stitch collection, they have added those cute little wrappers to the bottles, the jars of fragrance as well. Now, Scentsy does not miss anything, look at the detail even on the box that they put it in. And your Scentsy buddy and your Best Scentsy Scents buddy clips your bitty buddies, they’re gonna be wrapped so, so cute as well. We’re not talking just basic packaging here. Scentsy goes above and beyond on their packaging and they have really knocked it outta the park in this collection. Guys, I cannot wait for Monday. But just to let you know, I told you at the first of this video, I wanna make sure that you hear me when I say I wanna help make sure that you get this collection if you want it. So if you will text the word stitch to 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0.

I am going to give you a specific shopping link and reminders of when this collection goes live. I expect to have at least some Best Scentsy Scents sellouts in this collection, if not the entire collection. So do not wait on this. If you are a Lilo and Stitch fan, you need to jump on this at noon central time on Monday, June 26th. You can grab it at Jami Jo sells wax.com or shoot me that T, that text of the word stitch, just the word stitch. Nothing else. Just say stitch to 9, 8, 8, 8 8 9 6 9 0. And I will be happy to send you a reminder text. Guys, I can’t wait to get these products in. I am Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy and help all your Lilo and Stitch dreams come true.