Hello there. Thank you so much for popping by. Jami Jo sells wax on this channel. You get me. Jami Jo and I have been partnered with Scentsy Fragrance for almost 15 years now, so I know the ends and the outs of the products. I’ve been doing this a long time and I don’t have any plans of going to any other company at all. I love Scentsy fragrance and I love sharing Scentsy fragrance with you guys. So if you love s Scentsy as well, or if you’re intrigued by the products, the fragrances, things like that, make sure that you subscribe to this channel. So you will get an alert every time that I post a new video. Guys, today we are doing something that I haven’t done in a hot minute. We are going to do a six pack pick. Today’s six pack pick is all things pumpkin.

Tis the season friends. Here we are in September. Everyone is loving their pumpkin spice lattes. They’re wanting pumpkin spice, everything. And Scentsy does not disappoint. We have the pumpkin. Now, I have chosen six of our most pumpkin fragrances. These are not the only six fragrances that have pumpkin in them, but these are the six that are like most in your face, pumpkin. Now here’s a little disclaimer. If you’ve watched this channel a while, you know, I’m not a fan of the pumpkin. I mean, I’m not hating on pumpkin. I love pumpkin decor. My whole house is decorated in all things pumpkin, but I’m not a fan of the pumpkin spice latte. Give me apple spice cinnamon, hazelnut, vanilla, all those things, but not necessarily a fan of the pumpkin. But some of these I enjoy because the great thing about SS Scentsy fragrance is we are mixing fragrance.

Every single s Scentsy bar that you get is a mixture of fragrances. You’re never gonna get one that is like dead on in your face. One fragrance. Even our line that we used to have, like we used to have a simply patchouli, simply vanilla, things like that, they were still always a little mix of different tones of that fragrance. There’s always going to be a, um, base note, a mid note and a top note in the fragrances. So the top note is the scent that you’re gonna notice right off the bat. Mid note is when it kind of settles in. And that low note is you’re gonna be like, I know I smell this. I know I smell this. That’s gonna be that base note. So all of our fragrances are great mixes. So even though I’m not a fan of the pumpkin, some of these fragrances, I do enjoy some of them.

However, hey, not for me. That doesn’t mean they’re bad fragrances, that means that I don’t enjoy them. But you might guys, at any one time, we have anywhere from 80 to a hundred fragrances. That means that you are always going to be able to find a fragrance that is just right for you. Now, if you’re watching this, you’re probably a pumpkin lover. So let’s jump right in to my six pack pick. Ooh, I almost dropped one. My six pack pick of pumpkin fragrances. We’re starting out with farm stand pumpkin. This is one that we’ve had for a bit. I would say this is probably like the most in your face, pumpkin, but it still is a mix. As always, I’m going to pop the bar out of the container and smell the bottom of it.

This one is straight up pumpkin, but it’s light and fresh. So I can handle this one. This one Scentsy tells us is an indulgent note. A fresh apple cinnamon stick, pumpkin and caramel farm stand. Pumpkin. Now if you’re wondering why I’m spelling the bottom of the bar, we store our wax bars like this. We use a paraffin wax in our wax melts. We do this for a couple different reasons. The first is the scent loading ability. Paraffin wax can hold the most fragrance oils. So we load these bars up with fragrance oil. Also, paraffin wax has a great melting point that means that we can melt it at a lower temperature, meaning even when it’s melted, it’s not gonna burn Skin should a little one or a furry one touch the wax. Also the firmness of the wax. It holds its shape, but also it’s easy to clean up. So as I’m talking about this, we’re gonna keep moving on pumpkin cinnamon swirl since it has that high loading scent oil. I mixed those words up. Scent loading, ability to put a lot of the fragrance oil in there.

Fragrance oils often settle. So I store my bars like this. Corporate stores are bars like this. Everyone storing their bars like this. That’s how you should store ’em too. But all those oils are soaking, not soaking, settling down in the bottom. So you always wanna smell the bottom of a bar if it’s been sitting there a while. Pumpkin, cinnamon swirl. This is way cinnamon. You’re gonna get a lot more cinnamon in this. I mean, it’s in the name guys. A lot of times the names tell us exactly what this is. This is fresh pumpkin garnished with cinnamon stick and a dollop of whipped icing. Just a dollop. Not too much of it. It has those pumpkin undertones. You heard me talk about base notes. It’s got that pumpkin base note, but cinnamon is definitely what you’re gonna notice right off the bat. So cinnamon is the in your face fragrance with a pumpkin and vanilla ish whipped icing. Um, settling down into it. Let’s move on to pumpkin roll. This is, I wanna use that word again that I always mix up. Quintessential, I’m gonna look up that word. I think I’m saying it wrong. Quintessential, quintessential. I’m not sure what it is, but this is like, this is for your P s l fans. If you’re a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte, you’re, you’re a pumpkin roll fan. I can, I can tell that with a lot of certainty. A lot of certainty. Pumpkin roll is our pumpkin fragrance that has been around the longest.

I don’t like this one, but a lot of people do. I sell tons of it. I’m not even gonna smell it again. I don’t enjoy it. Uh, pumpkin roll. Let me find the description. Creamy pumpkin pie filling, surrounded with yellow cake, pecans, butter, and spice. It sounds delicious.

I I would enjoy eating that pie slash cake with pecans. I don’t wanna smell it again, but you might, you might like to smell it again. A lot of people do. It’s one of our top selling fragrances. But I’m gonna just put it in that stack and let it sit there just fine. Okay, moving on. This one was a scent of the month a couple years ago, actually. Scary good. And people loved it so much as the scent of the month. We sold so much of it. That ss since you decided to put it in the catalog. I’m indifferent there. I can definitely smell the canned pumpkin in this one, but there’s some clove and cinnamon that, that make it okay for me. <laugh>. Scary. Good. Let’s see what’s in it. Pumpkin puree is the number one <laugh> scent note. So I got that canned pumpkin, right? Uh, pumpkin puree sprinkled with fresh cinnamon counters, toasted butterscotch and creamy vanilla in a spooky, yummy treat. I could have sworn there was clove in here. Huh? I really smell clove. I really smell pumpkin puree. A k a canned pumpkin and clove if you like that. Scary good is the scent for you. Now the next two fragrances are brand new and I mean brand new. Brand new. Brand new. Not even brand new in the catalog. They are scent of the month. This one is Frosted Cinnamon Roll. It is our cent of the month for September. So you can get it right now. I enjoy this one.

Frosted cinnamon Roll guys, why did I even pick this for this selection? I’d be crazy. I don’t know why in my head it said pumpkin. It’s cinnamon roll. Oh, well you get what you get on this channel. I think if you’re, you’re a pumpkin fan, you’re gonna like this one.

Maybe I should put in a different fragrance though. Hmm. Frosted cinnamon roll. Not pumpkin at all. Friends. Not pumpkin. Um, irresistible blend of powdered cinnamon and a pinch of sweet clove topped with a gooey layer of whipped vanilla sugar. Um, so here’s my story. Um, I had a hysterectomy a couple weeks ago. I’m also perimenopausal, my brain is a little bit fried right now. If you’ve ever heard of mom brain. Um, perimenopausal brain is about the same, same thing. I think we just always like to have a term to make an excuse for why we goofed on something. So that’s, that’s my excuse right now. Um, I’m still recovering from surgery and I’m perimenopausal, that’s why I picked a frosted cinnamon roll for a pumpkin six pack. Okay? But I am gonna round it out with a pumpkin scent. This is pumpkin cashmere. This is our scent of the month for next month for October.

I have smelled this one. It is definitely pumpkin, but I can handle it ’cause it’s a chill out pumpkin. Anything cashmere kind of, you know, warm and cozy and fuzzy. Um, it just kind of chills thing out. You know, a cashmere sweater chills me out. Cashmere in a pumpkin scent. Kind of chills it out. It is surround yourself with captivating combination of warm cinnamon, bountiful pumpkin, and cozy cashmere woods. If you watch my channel a while, you know I’m a fan of the woodsy fragrances. So that’s in this cashmere, this pumpkin cashmere. Okay guys, so that is my six pack pick of almost all pumpkin fragrances. I feel bad ’cause I promised you all pumpkin and then I gave you one that wasn’t pumpkin. So I’m gonna flip through my catalog real quick. I do know that there are a couple others. Um, autumn Sunset.

There you go. If you want a truly pumpkin six pack, take out that frosted cinnamon roll throw in Autumn Sunset because it’s apples, pumpkins, fall leaves and spices. There you go. There is your Pumpkin six pack pick. My name is Jami Jo. I’m here to share all things Scentsy Fragrance with you. If you want to order a six pack pick right now, you can design your very own. Go to Jami Jo sells wax.com. Down at the bottom, you’re gonna see something that says like deals, discounts, whatever. You’re gonna do a combine and save. It’s a six pack. Anytime you buy five bars, you’re gonna get one free. That’s why I always do six pack picks. So it’s the best deal for you. Now, if you love these fragrances, you want them year round, forget pumpkin. Just in the fall, I want those all the time.

You need to start a Scentsy club because that is a customer favorite subscription. And Scentsy will continually send you your favorite, favorite fragrances, even if they discontinue them, and better yet, they’re gonna give them to you at a discount. If you’re ready to do that, Jami Jo sells wax.com. At the top, you’re gonna see something that says Scentsy Club. You’re gonna click there and get that started. If you guys have any questions about this or anything else Scentsy related, shoot me a text. You can reach me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. Other than that, I hope you guys have a sensational day.