Hey there. Thanks so much for stopping by. Jami Jo sells wax here on YouTube. This YouTube channel is completely and solely devoted to my love and my passion for s Scentsy fragrance products. So if that is something that you love as well and you always wanna know about the latest and greatest Scentsy products, make sure you subscribe to this channel. Today we are talking about gift ideas for the college kiddo in your life. We are in the holiday season. It is time for gift giving and I know many of my viewers know someone that is living in a college dorm or an apartment building near a college campus. And I have lived in a dorm myself. I have also had my daughter move into a dorm and then later a very small teeny tiny little house not too far from campus. So we are going to talk about a couple s Scentsy products that I think are great ideas for the college kiddo in your life.

Now let me start off by saying I really think that any Scentsy product is a fabulous idea for a college kid. But you just have to know the regulations of the dorms, their living situation. Is it a neat and tidy college kiddo or is it the one that looks like an explosion went off in their dorm room? Guys, you know your kids, you know your grandkids, your niece, your nephew, whoever you’re buying for, you know them and you know their personality. So let’s talk about some different products that I would recommend and I’m gonna let you know which personality style they might be best for. Now, the very first thing that I wanna show you is for the very neat and tidy college kiddo, and that is our fragrance flowers. I absolutely love our fragrance flowers for two main reasons. Now, there’s a lot of reasons and I could go on and on about them, but two main reasons.

Number one is the affordability. Our fragrance flowers are only $16. The second reason is the fact that these last so long for that $16 price point, you are going to get two to three months worth of fragrance from these. So what do you get for that $16? You get the jar of the oil, you also get a flower. We have a couple different designs for you to choose from. So they just pull the plug out of the oil, drop the flower right in. This works like the old school reed diffusers. You know those stick things that used to come out of ’em. We’ve just taken that idea and made it much more visually appealing. So this is actually a wooden flower. This is solar wood from India. These are all hand tied. They’re in India and they work amazing and they’re beautiful and they smell great, but not a great idea.

<laugh> for the kid whose room looks like an explosion went off because the oils do go up into this flower. If anything touches the oils, it can make quite a mess. So if you have someone that’s nice, neat, precise with their room, great idea. If you have someone with a pigpen, don’t get the fragrance flower. I’m gonna show you two other products. They’re kind of like sister products that I would recommend for um, that type of college student. Now this is what my daughter loved to have in her dorm room. This is our wall fan diffuser. Now you might be looking at it going, uh, Jamie, no, no good because that wax is gonna spill and make a mess everywhere. Friends, this is not a Scentsy warmer. This is not a Scentsy mini warmer. They do look very similar. The Scentsy mini warmers have the dish in the top where you put the wax and yes, that can be messy should it be knocked over.

This is our mess free fragrance option. Let me show you how this works. Down inside here, you will see a fan when you plug this in. Now guys, excuse me, if you have the crazy plugs, the sideways plugs or the upside down plugs, we got you. We got you boo. All you have to do is push that button, give it a little twisty twist and the outlet part of the wall fan changes around. So you’re good to go there. So you just plug it in and drop scent pods down inside of it. So a scent pod is just a plastic cage with scent beads inside you. Drop those down in there, put the top on. Oh guys, did I mention plastic? I won’t say it’s not gonna break, but it’s gonna be really hard to break. This is a good sturdy plastic here. So pop that on there, push the button and it’s going to blow that fan past the pods and smell amazing.

Now we have some, this is one that does not have a light. Guys, my window is open right over here and it’s really messing with my lighting. I apologize, but I’m not about to get up to go shut the window ’cause it’s a beautiful sunny day and I’m loving the sun. Um, I digress. Let me move back to what I was talking about. <laugh>. This mini warmer does not have a downlight. We do have some that have a downlight here, great for a nightlight option. So while we’re talking about college kiddos, now this is also a product that is in my hallway and I do have one with the downlight. So it functions as a nightlight in my hallway if you love this. But you wanna take it up a notch. This is our new tabletop fan diffuser comes with a USB cord that plugs in right there and then it can be plugged into a computer.

It can be plugged into any USB or you can get the little adapter thing like we use to charge our phones. It has the fan down inside, just like the mini fan diffuser. You drop the pods down in there, you push the button to turn it on and it’s gonna fragrance just the same, but it’s a step up. This is a nice ceramic finish. We have a couple different designs to choose from. Little bit, um, higher quality, I would just say little bit higher quality than the wall fan diffuser. That is a tabletop fan diffuser. I have one other product that I think is fabulous for the college kiddos in your life. Guys, yes, they’re college kiddos. They want everyone to know that they’re adults, but I promise you they’re still kids at heart. And our Scentsy buddies are a great option for the college kiddo in your house.

Now this is Frankie the French bulldog and he is our catalog exclusive for this season, but we have tons of other scent buddies and they change all the time. So you should go to Jami Jo sells wax.com and click on the kids products to see all of the current buddies. But here’s how they work guys. They’re just a lovey, squishy, stuffed animal, but all of them have a zipper pouch hidden somewhere on them. With Frankie, it is on his back and inside we take a scent pack. These are a scent sachet with those same scented beads that were in the scent pods and you just tuck it right in the pouch wherever it is on that buddy and you zip it up and he is going to smell amazing. Also. Doesn’t matter where he gets thrown around in the room, if he’s chilling on the bed or if he gets thrown over in a pile of clothes, it’s gonna be just fine, but he is going to smell amazing.

Now those scent packs are gonna last a really long time too. It really depends on whether the scent pack stays inside the buddy or if it’s out. One thing to remember with fragrance, sunshine or heat and fragrance are enemies. Now I say they’re enemies, but most of our products, not most, A lot of our products use heat to put off fragrance. That’s how it works guys. But that also means that the fragrance is going to go very quickly. So if you keep that scent pack or if they keep that scent pack inside the S Scentsy buddy, it is going to last for months and months and months, but it can be pulled out and just thrown anywhere. Um, it’s a great option. The sent pack is a great option for dresser drawers, closets, anything like that. So all of these make fabulous gift ideas for the college kiddo in your life.

I promise you those college dorms are spanky, these stank, stank stank, and they need some fragrance help. You can get any of these products at Jami Jo sells wax.com, or if you have any questions, feel free to put a comment down here in the videos. Reach out to me on any social media platform or shoot me a text at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. I promise you that any college kiddo in your life is going to love any of these products because it’s going to help their world smell a little bit better. My name is Jami Jo and I hope that you have a sensational day.