Hey there guys. Welcome back to Jamie. Joe Sells Wax. This is one of my favorite videos that I do every single month. Today is the time to unbox our with box for August of 2023. Hey there guys. My name is Jami Jo and I have a business where I partnered with S Scentsy Fragrance. I have been working with them for almost 15 years now. In October it will be 15 years. I have been loving the products and loving working with the company that entire time. But these Wif boxes, Scentsy came out with Wif boxes a couple years ago and they were an idea that were spurred from, were spurred from, was spurred from the actions of consultants. And that is one thing that I really love about Scentsy. They watch the awesome creativity of their Best Scentsy Scents consultants. They are constantly talking to their consultants, seeking their advice and doing things to make the company better for us and easier for us to make money.

So W Boxes came about when consultants were seeing these other companies do surprise boxes or subscription boxes and consultants started doing those on their own. I jumped on the bandwagon and I was doing those. And let me tell you, it was a ton of work. It was a lot of work to curate the box, to get all the orders, to get all the stuff, to get ’em all shipped out. And I love the idea of a surprise box box or a subscription box, but honestly friends, I did not love putting them together and did not love doing them. But Scentsy watched those consultants and listened to what they were doing and that’s how they came out with the Wif box. So the Wif box is their version of that surprise box, that Best Scentsy Scents subscription box. And I’m using those terms interchangeably, surprise box or subscription box.

It is a surprise box that changes every single month. The contents of the box is going to be different every month. You do not have to have it on a subscription, but it’s definitely worth looking into having it on a subscription. I have mine on the subscription. I get it every single month. You can set up Best Scentsy Scents Club with a Wif box and you can get it every month. You can get it every other month or every third month. The cool thing is the Wif box is normally $35 in the us but if you add it to Scentsy Club and get it on a subscription, you’re gonna get 10% off. Also, you’re gonna save money on shipping. Normally our shipping is a flat rate, $10, but all club shipping is $8. So you’re gonna save some more money right there. That’s 20% off of the shipping.

So it’s definitely worth thinking about doing a subscription. Alright, enough about all that stuff. I know you guys want to know what is in the Wif box this month, so let’s open it up together. Now I’ve seen pictures of what’s in it for this month, but I’m gonna be honest, I haven’t even opened this up yet. You are seeing it right along with me. So they always put a fun little pamphlet on top. I’m gonna go ahead and set this box down so I can show you guys exactly what’s in it. It says Wif Box. Look forward to a new season. And I knew that this month’s Wif box was going to be all brand new fall and winter stuff. Now first of all, I start out with my insulated bag. I am in Oklahoma and it’s freaking hot here it is so hot. And you guys know we sell wax Best Scentsy Scents products.

So those would melt if it’s not addressed well. So those insulated bags all have an ice pack in there and then this little paper around it just stops the, the water from getting on everything. So inside my insulated bag, I have two different bars. I have a bar of Fall into Love. This is one of the fragrances in our brand New Harvest five pack. And then I have a bar of Frosted Cinnamon Roll. This is our scent of the month for next month for September. So you’re gonna get a little preview. Um, all of this stuff in this month’s box isn’t even available yet. So if you get a Wif Box this month in August, you are able to get things before anyone else. So we’ve got two Mars there that’s already a $12 value. So remember that we have a bottle of S Scentsy Fresh and it is in the fragrance fluffy fleece.

It’s not gonna work for me. There, there we go. It is in the fragrance fluffy fleece. So that is a super fun fragrance. I’m gonna look up the description ’cause I don’t wanna dig through and and rip up all that packaging. It would be so, so loud. Let’s see, fluffy, please. Black Current and Cozy Musk bundle up beneath a blanket of Heliotrope. So it is a very fresh and clean fragrance, but it’s got a nice little punch to it as well. If you’re not familiar with Scentsy Fresh, this is a product similar to Fabric. So it is something that you can spray on any fabric surface. I have been known to use it on my teenage son when he still lived in the house and I thought maybe he didn’t smell as fresh as I would like him to smell before he left the house.

I have sprayed this on pillows, I’ve sprayed it on blankets, I’ve sprayed it on curtains. Um, I spray it every day that I make my bed. Not ’cause say every day ’cause I don’t make my bed every day. I know. Uh, but when I do make my bed, I spray my bed down with Best Scentsy Scents Fresh and I’m excited to have a new fragrance. That’s gonna be really fun. So that is $12. So we’re already at 24. The two bars of Wax and this s Scentsy Fresh. We’re at $24. Oh, I am so excited about this. So excited about this. Counter Clean is one of my favorite products. If you guys have watched me before, you know that I think they should call it Magic in a Bottle. Should not be called Counter Clean because honestly kitchen counters are probably the last not last thing I use it on, but like the least amount of things I use it on.

I use this counter clean on everything. I probably use it the most on my Best Scentsy Scentsshoes. I’m a shoe fanatic. I love shoes and I’m a stickler for white shoes. So I use Counter Clean on my shoes all the time. But I use Counter clean on things all over my house and even outside of my house, in my car, on my porch, all kinds of things that I use Scentsy Counter Clean for. I was looking to see if I had any scissors right here. I told you I wasn’t gonna open any packaging, but I desperately want to smell this because Scarlet Sunflower is one of my favorite, favorite fragrances and this is the first time that they have ever had Scarlet Sunflower in Counter Clean. I’m being real official on this video, aren’t I?

Oh my gosh, it is as good as I wanted it to be. Sometimes, you know, fragrances change a little bit from product to product. I knew I loved it in the wax and now <laugh>. I know I love it in the counter clean. I’m so excited about that. That is going to be my favorite, favorite, favorite product this season I believe. So that’s $10. We’re already up to $34. Remember that this is priced at 35 normally, but you’re gonna be able to get it even cheaper. Oh, I forgot to tell you guys that I can uh, tell you how to get it half price too. So I’m gonna finish this out and then I’ll tell you how to get it half priced. Um, body wash. If you guys have never used Best Scentsy Scents Body wash, you are really missing out. I absolutely love our body wash now. At first I was like, meh, body wash is body wash, right? You put it on your body, you wash it away. But this feels so good, it’s so silky and smooth. Glacier Water is an new fragrance for a body product. Let me grab that, um, description. I didn’t tell you guys the description of of uh, Scarlet Sunflower, but it’s the best. That’s the description. It’s just the best. Let’s see if I can find Glacier Water.

Well, maybe I don’t see it. Maybe I should

Just bust that bad boy open and smell it ’cause I don’t see it in my catalog.

Why is it not in there?

How weird is that? I’m looking in the brand new catalog. Have you guys gotten one yet?


Super fun. Okay, I don’t see it so we’re just gonna bust right into it. It has that perforated stuff on the plastic.


It’s very light and fresh. It’s almost like a laundry scent. Definitely a spa fragrance. I’m just trying to get that top all the way off. I can’t wait to use this. I’m gonna use this in the shower tonight and give it a try. Um, let’s see. How much are the body washes? I’m wanting to say they’re 12

Nine. Oh, okay, nine. So we were at $34, so now $43 value. And you also get a sample of the Luna Hand Cream in there as well. So what a great deal. The width box is this month in September. Like I told you, you are able to get it half price. The way that you do that is if you have Scentsy Club that is $60 or more, you qualify for a half price item with Box normally is never discounted. So if you have a party, it can’t be used for host rewards. Um, you can never do it discounted as a host or anything like that. The only way that you can get your Wif box discounted is through Scentsy Club. So just by adding it to S Scentsy Club you get 10% off. But if your club hits $60 or more, you can snag that for half price.

So that’s a really great deal. I am excited about the Wif Box this month. That counter clean and scarlet Sunflower. I cannot wait. I’m gonna try that new body wash tonight. So many fun, fun things. You guys can place an order for that at Jami Jo sells wax.com. You can also start a Scentsy club at Jami Jo sells wax.com. There’s a button at the very top that says Scentsy Club. So I would love for you guys to jump on to do that. But if you have any questions at all, don’t ever hesitate to reach out to me. You can text me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. Guys, just to remind you, my name is Jami Jo and I am here to always give you updates on all the latest and greatest things from s Scentsy Fragrance, but also here to help you along your s Scentsy journey if you’re looking to do that as well. Hope you guys have a sensational day.