Hello, hello, hello. Thank you so much for coming back to Jami Jo Sells Wax. I am Jami Jo and I am thrilled to share with you all of the products that I received at SS F R this year. Now, I don’t know who’s gonna be watching this video. Maybe you’re a Scentsy consultant, maybe you are just thinking about it. But if you don’t know what SS f r is, that stands for Scentsy Family Reunion. That is the fun name that we have given our convention because Best Scentsy Scents is a family and we have decided that Family Reunion was just the perfect name for this event because it is bringing our family all back together reunion style. Now one of the super cool things about S Scentsy reunion is all the giveaways that we have at the different sessions during the convention, and that’s what I’m going to share with you guys today.

You’re gonna get some sneak peeks of some fun stuff that’s going to be in the new catalog that is going to start on September 1st. Let’s jump right in. So in our first session at S F R, of course we had the excitement of everyone being together. Everyone was wearing the same shirt, which was so, so cool. But one of the big announcements that happened during that session was a huge, huge partnership with Disney. Now we have had partnership with Disney for a long time. We are the official fragrance of Walt Disney World Resorts. But on that first session, during that first session, they announced a huge, huge thing that we as in Scentsy, is going to be in the parks at Walt Disney World. Now, you’re not gonna be able to buy the products in the stores or anything like that. You still need to work with an independent consultant just like myself.

But there is going to be a super fun scent experience through the Dumbo area of Magic Kingdom. I forget the official name that they call that area. But where the Dumbo Ride is, there’s gonna be a scent experience activity for you and your kids to enjoy and it is going to be so much fun. So if you have an upcoming trip to Disney World Plan, make sure that you swing by over by the Dumbo Ride and check that out. And also they announced a brand new Dumbo warmer that’s coming out. You are going to see that very, very soon. But in celebration of that new Dumbo Best Scentsy Scents stuff that’s coming out, we were gifted this. Now first let me start with this brand new Scentsy bar. It’s called Soar High through the sky with Dumbo.

We don’t have the scent description with the scent notes yet, but I smell a lot of apple in this. It’s a very fruity Best Scentsy Scents, there’s some pear in it for sure. It’s so good. Just a great light fruit fragrance. I really think if you like a fruit sense that you’re going to like this. But then one thing that’s really cool is we got this, um, I think they call it a lithograph. Is that what this is called? A limited edition print. So just limited edition print. Um, so I heard from some other consultants, I have a friend that her daughter collects these from Disney World and these usually run like 40 to $45 each. And each of us consultants were given one at that first session. So how cool is that to commemorate our partnership with the Disney Parks and to celebrate um, that new exhibit that’s coming out.

Now we also got something from the brand New Harvest catalog, harvest catalog. We’ll start on September 1st. What a cute little bag. This is the harvest collection of bars. I’m not gonna do a sniff test of them just yet, but just to give you a little teaser of what is in there. We have one called White Pumpkin and driftwood. We have one called Forever Fall. We have fall into love cashmere leaves and Best Scentsy Scents Dutch apple bread. So we got this five pack of wax in that cutesy cutesy little bag. Again, those, those bars are a $6 value. So we got five of them. So that’s like a value of $30 right there. This is all stuff that was just given as giveaways during convention. But guys, I am not stopping there. This is a brand new product, brand new product. Let me pop it out of here because it is so cool.

You guys have probably heard me talk about our fan diffusers before. Let me grab one of these little guys. Well this is what the wall fan looks like. The pods are down in there. I guess I don’t have a little mini fan. Oh, here we go. Mini fan right there. I love these fan products because they are a no mess scent option, but Scentsy has stepped up its game. How beautiful is this? This is ceramic. This is where your U S B plug goes in. It has an on off button and you just pop the pods down in there. I am thrilled about this product. We’re just launching it so we only have it in two designs, but I love this pebbled one. What is it called? Be speckled Bess Speckled. How cute is that? So that is a brand new, brand new product. We all got one of those and you can’t use it without pods.

So they gave us, um, a pack of Velvet moon pods as well. So we get to start using that product, enjoying it, testing it out right now since we took the time to invest monetarily and time-wise into going to Scentsy family reunion. It doesn’t stop there guys. You have heard me talk about the fragrance flowers. You see one up here. We are launching out with some super fun designs. Now for the harvest catalog we’re gonna have some sunflower ones. But what do you think, what flower would we have for the holiday collection of fragrance flowers? Of course it’s a little poinsetta. There could not be a more perfect flower for the holiday season, but not only is it a poinsetta flour, the oil for this flower is red. So it’s just going to deepen the color of that flower over time as that Best Scentsy Scents oil is soaked up into that.

So wood flower, so we all got an oil and a poinsetta flour that is valued. The regular ones are $16. I don’t know if they’re gonna upcharge on those holiday ones or not, but even if it’s just a $16 value, that’s amazing. That’s amazing. Now we got to do some really cool fragrance experience and really learn about the different, um, ways that s Scentsy creates their fragrances. We got to sit through a session and really learn about top notes, mid notes and um, base notes. We had a really fun activity that took fragrances and pulled out the different, um, notes of the fragrance so we could really understand and better explain to our customers the, the levels of fragrance in every Scentsy fragrance. So we got that whole set along with our workbook that we did in the session. So that was so cool. Then they stepped it up a notch and the next day we got to do this scent experience where we walked through these way cool Best Scentsy Scents rooms like totally Disney style, done up way cute.

And they had separated out the base notes, mid notes and top notes of a favorite fragrance of each of the seven categories. So there were seven different rooms that we went through. The activity was to smell these fragrance notes separated out and try and guess the fragrance that it, it was with the fragrance notes separated out at the end of this activity. As we went through, they were punching a little card and at the end of the activity we got this really cute box that I threw away in Charlotte because it took up up a lot of space in my luggage. But that really cute box had a set of pods for each one of those fragrances that we experienced through that activity. So seven different ss Scentsy pods were gifted to us after we experienced that scent activity. Then we also got testers of all of the brand new fragrances so we can share those with our customers. And guys, this is the thing that everyone loved last year at SS f r and they did it again this year. They designed a custom fragrance just for SS f R this year. And this is a brick of wax. Guys, you know what a normal bar of wax looks like, but a brick. Guys, this is bigger than my head. Bigger than my head. Now we have had bricks before. We have bricks in Scentsy club, but this one is a little bit special and I’ll show you why.

Can you guys see that? Ooh, it’s coming across great. This wax is totally glit, totally glorified. Now this cannot be purchased. Oh, you can’t buy this. You can’t buy this. You have to go to S F R to get one of the fun glittery bricks. And this year’s s f R was named reflections. So of course the bar is reflections. Um, on top of this like that wasn’t enough. We got a sneak peek of the brand new catalog. Now this is all you guys get to see here because next week I’m gonna do a full catalog walkthrough for you guys. So make sure you tune in for that. But guys, if you are a Scentsy consultant and you have never been to SS f r make plans now next year’s SS f R is Orlando and I would love to see you there. I would love to meet you if you are not a s Scentsy consultant yet.

Now is the time to join. Now is the time to start your s Scentsy journey because if you join in the month of August, 2023, there are some super fun extras that you’re gonna get in your kit. If you do the standard kit that’s $99, you’re gonna get all the good stuff. You could see all of it right back there. But also you’re gonna get the September warmer of the month, which is a cute little witch. You are going to get a package of the Harvest collection, um, brochures. And you’re gonna get this with all five of those harvest bars on top of getting your website free for three months and the double dip goodies because we’re gonna set you up to be ready for the next catalog season. So if you guys are ready to jump on board in a partnership with Scentsy, just jump over to Jami Jo sells wax.com.

There’s a button up at the top right corner that says Get started. I would love for you to click that and I would love to mentor you every single step of the way. If you have any questions before you just wanna jump on and join, feel free to text me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. I am happy to answer any questions that you might have. Um, I think that’s it for today guys. My name is Jami Jo, I’m here to make your nose happy ’cause this stuff smells so good. But also I just wanted to show you all these fun goodies that we got at Scentsy, S F R.