Hello, I am so glad that you decided to stop by. Jami Jo sells wax here on YouTube. My name is Jami Jo and this channel is solely dedicated to Scentsy products. So I am coming to you daily showing you the coolest, newest S Scentsy products, giving scent recommendations, giving you tips, tricks, all things. Scentsy, I am here for you. So if that sounds like something that you absolutely are into, make sure that you subscribe to my channel. Today we are talking about snowmen and I wanna know how many of you decorate in a theme during the holidays or really any time of year. My mother-in-Law is totally into Santa Clauses. She has Santa clauses all over her house. My mom’s best friend does her house in snowmen during the holidays, so she has a theme of snowmen. I would say. I don’t necessarily have a theme, but I do have tons of pine trees and Christmas trees around my house.

It’s not the only thing that I have, but if someone else walked into my house, they probably would assume that I collect pine trees or Christmas trees. Like I said, today is about the snowmen. So if you are a snowman lover, this one is for you. Scentsy released a duo, for lack of a better word, a duo of snowmen in our holiday catalog, it is a full size warmer and a mini warmer. We’re gonna look at both of those today. I was trying to decide which one to come to you first, and I think we’re gonna start out with the mini. Now, the mini and the large size are both called Snow Cute, and all of our mini warmers, non-licensed, that is all of our mini warmers are just $25. I think that this is probably, look, I’m showing him without his little how even on.

I think this is probably one of the cutest mini warmers that we’ve ever had. I really expected this one to be a price increase, but no, it’s just the $25. Now I have a couple things that I wanna show you with this little mini snowman warmer and then we’re gonna light him up and see what he looks like lit up. Then we’re gonna look at his mom or dad. I don’t know if it’s mom or dad, his parent snowman. So first of all, when you put this warmer together, a lot of people have been complaining that they can’t get it to line up when they twist it in. This is a glass warmer, so it has a twist on base, just like um, like putting a a light fixture over a light bulb. So it has the threads here. Now my first suggestion slash tip that I wanna give you is your mini warmer is going to come with one of these rubber grommets.

If at any time you cannot get your mini warmer to line up correctly, that is your first go-to for a fix. So once I put that on there and put it together, it’s still, I will tell you it’s still, I have to twist it pretty dang tight, but I can get it to face forward. Now, another tip with the mini warmers, this base can rotate. So if you had a crazy contractor building your house or apartment and your plugs are sideways or even upside down, you’re still gonna be good to go with the mini warmer. Also, this mini warmer has a separate lid and if you’ve been following me for a while, you might’ve heard me kinda kind of poo poo on warmers with lids. They’re not necessarily my favorite, but I will tell you that this one doesn’t affect it at all because it’s not the little holes in the lid of the warmer, the entire top is open.

So really, uh, I see no difference in this warmer and regular warmers as far as Centro. Now I will say I haven’t used this, but I don’t, I don’t think it would be effective at all. Let’s go ahead and plug him in and turn him on. How cute is he? Now remember we do have different colored light bulbs as well. I think he would be so cute with a blue light bulb in there. Don’t recommend a yellow light bulb. Nobody likes yellow snow, right? <laugh> my attempt at humor. Anyway, that is the mini snow. Cute. Now we’re going to move on to the parent snow. Cute. So it comes in three pieces, essentially four, because the light bulb comes separate. This is a 25 watt light bulb. It is fully glass just like the mini. If you look at it up close, it’s almost like a, hmm, I don’t even know how to describe that. I would say frosted glass, but it’s not frosted like clouded. I think clouded is probably the right word. The scarfs on both of them, I don’t think they come off, oh, it doesn’t look like they’re glued.

I don’t see glue anywhere. So if you wanted to change his color of scarf, it looks like you could do that. It’s just tied on there pretty tight. So you could change his little color of scarf. It comes with the dish. Of course, we need a dish in all of our Scentsy warmers. That is where the wax goes to meltdown. And as all of our new dishes have, it’s under the word S Scentsy. You’ll see a number four there. That number four tells us that S Scentsy recommends that we use four cubes of waxiness. You can always use as little or as much as you want, but Scentsy recommends four cubes. So the dish is gonna go right on there, and he comes with his little hat too. Now, here’s something I wanna tell you about his hat. When I first put it on there, it’s like it doesn’t really, it kind of rolls around.

And so I was like, what in the world? I knew Scentsy wouldn’t do that, I looked inside and you see those pegs in shipping, they got pressed down, but I can just take them and like pop ’em out here. You wanna pop ’em straight out, straight up and down, and then when you go to put his lid on, it’s secure. It doesn’t move, it doesn’t wiggle. It is on there for good. So I loved that feature. At first I was really weirded out by it because I thought, oh gosh, this isn’t gonna work. Okay, let’s see what he looks like lit up. He does have the toggle switch on his cord, like all of our corded warmers have plug him in and turn him on. He is just as cute as his little baby. Absolutely love that. And again, think of a different color light bulb.

You could totally change the look of your snowman. Of course, most snowmen are white, but some people like to do color themes at the holidays and you could totally switch it out for that too. Here’s one reason that I absolutely love our little snowman warmers. I’m a sucker for decorations that have longevity, so I don’t decorate for Halloween, I decorate for fall. And while I do put up a Christmas tree, I do have some spec Christmas specific decorations. I do a lot of just winter decorations because I can put them up day after Thanksgiving is when I put up Christmas. I can put them up then and really I can leave them through February this snowman. I mean, I’m in Oklahoma. We’re getting snow through February, sometimes even into March. So I can leave this snowman up a long time and I really do think that he’s gonna go on my coffee bar this year.

I have a, a cute little s Scentsy setup on my coffee bar right now. It has a pumpkin. It’s about to be switched to Tom the Turkey. Yes, we have a Turkey warmer and I adore him. I did a full video about him, so make sure you go check that out. Um, but I’m trying to think, I don’t know if I have a place for the little mini snowman this year, so he’s gonna be up for grabs to all of my customers. Yeah, I’m playing with the scarf and the scarfs are removable looks like, so that’s another way that you can totally change. The color theme of your snowman is just to change the little scarf. I mean, it is a little knitted scarf with the tassels and everything, but I think you could even get a cute piece of ribbon and do that if you wanted to change the color scheme on your snow.

Cute warmers, so the parent warmer is $60. The mini, like I said, is just $25. If you are a snowman lover, you probably need both of them <laugh>, and I think you will absolutely love them because they’re absolutely gorgeous hand-blown glass, but also that they have the longevity that you can leave them out past just the holidays. Guys, if you want these, you can grab them at Jami Jo sells wax.com. They are limited time offers, so they could sell out at any minute and will not be replenished. If you have questions about these or anything Scentsy related, you can always reach me by putting it in the comments on this video or texting me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. I hope you love these snow q warmers as much as I do. My name is Jami Jo and I hope that you have a sensational day.