Hey guys, welcome to Jami Jo Sells Wax. This channel on YouTube is dedicated solely and completely to Scentsy Fragrance. My name is Jami Jo and I am thrilled to come to you every day and show you something Scentsy related. Sometimes it’s products, sometimes it is opportunities, sometimes it’s host specials. Today, oh, today’s one of my favorite days because we are launching a brand new scent collection. Actually, it’s already been launched. This collection came out on November 1st, but I just got my hands on it and I’m so excited to do a sniff test with you guys. This is our sense of the season collection and Scentsy launches one of these every single year. Usually in November. This year’s box does not disappoint. Uh, I, I might have already taken a little sneak sniff, but I’m so excited to bring it to you guys today. There are five bars in this set.

Here’s the really cool thing. A lot of our limited edition sets, you have to buy them in the set and you can’t get them individually with since of the season. You can grab just one of these bars if you want. You do get a discount if you get the whole set. So our wax bars are $6 here in the US and there are five bars in here. So five times six, $30. But if you decide to grab the whole set of the cents of the season, it is going to be discounted $5. You’re gonna get it for $25. Here’s another really cool thing that you need to keep in mind. If you grab this set and you fall in love with one of the fragrances, or even by the description, you’re like, I know I’m gonna love that. Some of these are returning sense. Make sure that you add it to your s Scentsy club and even when sense of the season is gone, s Scentsy will still make it for you if you have added it to club.

That is the biggest perk of S Scentsy Club. That’s why I love Scentsy Club. One of the many reasons that I love Scentsy Club, but keep that in mind as we’re going through a sniff test of since of the season now we have two brand new, brand new fragrances this year, and then we have three that are returning. One that’s been, actually, I think two of these have been in the catalog. One that was a special edition last year. Everyone loved it so much, we brought it back. So let’s check it out. What do you guys wanna start with? The new stuff or the return? Hmm. I’m gonna start with the return because one of my favorite fragrances is returning. I love me some homestead holiday. Now, I already had this in my Scentsy club, so I haven’t had to worry about it. I did not know that they were gonna put it in the sense of the season, but I didn’t have to stress about it ’cause I already had it in my Scentsy club.

Now, homestead Holiday is one of my favorites to warm during the Christmas season. Now I’m gonna tell you what Homestead Holiday makes me feel like. And then we’ll read the scent description. Description, homestead holiday. Okay, this reminds me, it takes me back to childhood. It reminds me when my dad would pull the boxes of Christmas decorations out of the attic and my mom, my sister and I, we would open up the boxes to decorate the house and there was that, that smell of the box. This is gonna sound so weird, but it’s such a nostalgic scent to me. I think it was the mixture of like attic dust <laugh> and the smell of those scented Christmas things like a little bit of pine, a little bit of cinnamon, but it had kind of that musty, dusty smell on top of it. And that’s, that would be a terrible scent description to say, oh, this, this smells like attic dust.

But like the mixture of all of those things together is so nostalgic and I absolutely love it. Like I said, I had this in my s Scentsy club, and so you know that I love it. Here’s what s Scentsy tells us about this scent. It is blood orange and cinnamon freshened by fur needle. They don’t say there’s any attic dust in there, but to me there is <laugh>, so orange cinnamon and fur. So it’s that mixture of that sweetness of the orange, but it’s spiced with the cinnamon. And then it’s got some pine mixed in there and according to me, a little bit of attic dust. It’s fine, it’s fine. Don’t worry about it. This scent we have had before, I think it was in the catalog, but I’m not positive. Maybe it was a limited edition pepper mint rush. Guys, there’s no other way to describe this except for peppermint gum. I think it’s Orbit Peppermint Gum. No, you know what this is? It’s the green, the the green. Uh, double mint.

Double mint gum. That’s exactly what this is. I need the blonde twins next to me. Like the commercial used to have peppermint rush Scentsy tells us it’s peppermint, sweet vanilla and cord of freshly fallen snow. I didn’t know fallen snow had a scent. Evidently it smells like a double mint twin because that’s what peppermint rush smells like to me. Double mint gum. Yum, yum, yum, yum. All right. The last of the returning sense. This was one of our Christmas bricks last year, I believe. Sugar, plum berry. I mean, I know we’ve had it in a brick ’cause I have a brick of it up in my house again, it’s just Christmas. This is Christmas and I don’t know what about this. There’s definitely some pine in here. I smell some Christmas tree.

Last year I fell in love with this fragrance. Not enough to add it to my s Scentsy club, but enough to use a, a brick of it. Do you guys know what a brick is? Oh, there’s one right here. We release bricks on occasion. Look at the size of this sucker compared to a normal bar. So a brick is a full pound of wax. This is a regular bar of wax. So I used almost a full brick of this sugar plum berry last year. So that tells you how much I love it Scentsy tells us it is a jolly brew of spiced citrus peels, evergreen berries, sugar plums, and cinnamon sticks. Now, I don’t know that I’ve ever smelled what a sugar plum is, but it does remind me of like a waffle, like that spiced cider scent that, that, you know, when you go to a holiday open house, they have it on the stove. That’s what this reminds me of. You can definitely smell that orange in there, that spiced orange. If you fell, fell in love with mandarin moon <affirmative>, this is gonna be a hit for you. Um, I really, it smells orange to me. I love the color purple, but I feel like this bar should have been orange.

That’s all I gotta say about that. Okay, two new fragrances. I know I’m gonna love one, and I know I’m not a fan of one. So we’re gonna smell the not a fan of one and leave the good one for the end. Now, here’s the thing. This is not a bad fragrance, it’s just not my style of fragrance. If you’ve been watching me for a while, you know I’m not a fan of the bakery since caramel praline cake. I mean, they’re not terrible, but they’re not something that I’m gonna choose to warm. You can, the name fits it perfectly, write it first. You get that sweetness of the caramel or caramel, however you say it. Then if you, if you keep your nose in it, you can smell the praline, like you can smell the pecan in it. Don’t mind my heater that just turned on. I forgot to turn it off. It might be a little loud, but it’s cold here in Oklahoma. So caramel at first, you can smell that praline, that nut smell, and then the warmth of like a, a moist cake. Do you hate that word? I hate that word, but it, it, it’s fitting here. Caramel praline cake,

That’s the description. Uh, sweet praline and a splash of buttery vanilla covered in caramel drizzle. If you are a bakery lover, this is a good one as far as bakery goes, it’s just not my style friends. But this one, however, you know I love me some woodsy fragrance frosted white pine. Now we have tons of different pine fragrances, but this one has a little spin. I can’t put my finger on it and I don’t wanna read the description yet. It’s almost like a little bit of a floral on the pine. Now I’m gonna be really weirded out if it’s something completely different. You know, earlier I said, I don’t think that snow has a smell, but this smells like snow on a Christmas tree and it does say frosted white pine. That would make sense. So maybe it’s snow on a Christmas tree. Let’s see what Scentsy tells us. Pine needles and crisp greens shiver in winter air. Look, I was right, kind of. I mean, I don’t know what winter air smells like, but that’s what it smells like.

If you love the scent of Christmas tree of pine, you’re gonna love this, but it has a little bit of freshness on top of it. It’s not as heavy as like very snowy spruce. It’s a little bit lighter, a little bit airier than very snowy spruce. But if you like very snowy spruce, you’re gonna love this guys. I think this set is a win. Five bars, $25, or you can grab them individually. Don’t forget, if one of ’em sounds like freaking amazing to you to add it to Scentsy Club, you can grab these right now at Jami Jo sells wax.com. Just look for sense of the season under, I think it’s under specials. I don’t remember. Um, but I know that you’ll be able to find it. If you do have a hard time finding it or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to pop ’em here in the comments of this video or just shoot me a text at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0.

I want to know which one of these are you excited to try? Let me know. I mean, I’m excited about all of them except for one. Uh, I do think that I’m gonna warm that New Pine one though. I mean, I know I love Homestead Holiday. I’m gonna go and warm that yummy pine one. I don’t know if I will yet. I’m not ready for Christmas smells yet, yet. I’m still on my, my spicy orangey appley one. So, alright, now I’m rambling. My name is Jami Jo. I hope that you guys have a sensational day.