Well, hey there guys. Welcome back to Jamie. Joe sells Wax. I’m so glad that you joined me today. Today we are going to be talking about the cent of the month for August of 2023. But before we get started with it, and this is gonna give you a little bit of a hint as to what the Best Scentsy Scents fragrance of the month is, I want you to do me a favor and jump down in the comments section of this video and tell me when you smell leather, what do you think of? What does that fragrance make you think of? Perhaps it’s a saddle shop or a boot shop. Maybe it’s a baseball glove. Sometimes it reminds you of a person. A lot of fragrances can remind us of people that have been in our lives. So I’m just curious to hear from you, what does the scent of leather make you think of? So yes, the scent of the month for August of 2023 is a leather fragrance, but it is a completely different spin on any other leather fragrance that we’ve had before. The scent of the month for August, 2023 is called pink leather. Now what are you thinking? Pink and leather. I was a little confused by it at first, but honestly it’s right on point to me. It definitely is a leather fragrance. You can for sure smell the leather, but it is a much more feminine version of a leather fragrance.

The leather is almost a a hint afterwards, right at first, it’s much more feminine to me, a little touch of floral. It’s just so good. So let’s look at our flyer of the month to find out what scent notes are in that pink leather. Interesting. I thought I smelled a little bit of floral, but this says it’s wild strawberry topped with rich, toasted vanilla added with a lovely sparkle to smooth out pink leather, strawberry, vanilla, and Best Scentsy Scents leather. Who would’ve thought that is such an interesting mix. Now, if you guys have ever watched any of my Scent Mashup videos, I have a bug that’s flying around here. If you’ve ever watched any of my Scent mashup videos, you have seen me mix odd fragrances together. Typically, fragrances that you would never think to put together sometimes are really, really good. And that’s exactly what Scentsy has done here.

So we have had a leather fragrance for quite a while. This Best Scentsy Scents is weathered leather now. We’ve had this for years and years and years. Fun fact with the scent of Weathered Leather, we had it in the catalog for a really long time and Scentsy discontinued it and the states of Oklahoma and Texas specifically had a huge uproar about the removal of weathered leather from the catalog. So much so that they put it back in. Now, weathered leather. This is a strong in your face leather fragrance. I don’t even have to put it up to my nose. I can just open the package and smell it from right there. This is a fragrance that I really enjoy in products for my car. I don’t necessarily enjoy warming this fragrance in my home. Honestly, I haven’t ever warmed this fragrance in my home, but I love weathered leather in the car bars, or even in a pod in one of the many fan diffusers for my car. So it is a go-to fragrance for my car. It just makes me think of a new car that is the scent that it smells like. Now, if you have been a scenty lover for a while, you might have smelled sheer leather. And I believe that pink leather is a little more nod to that. We also had one called Saddle Up. I think Saddle Up would be kind of in between the two of these. This pink leather is very light, very subtle, and like I said, just such an amazing mix.

I guess I can smell the strawberry now that I know it’s there, but I, I still think there’s a bit of floral in there. It’s weird how certain scent Notes will mix together to give you a completely different feel of a fragrance. Like I said, I don’t think I could ever warm this weathered leather in my home, but this pink leather, I need to give it a try because I definitely think it’s one that I could go for. Now, I told you it is the scent of the month. We also have a warmer of the month. I don’t have it to show you because I had a customer that snagged it even before I got to do a video. But here is a fun photo of it for you. If you are a lover of mountains or hiking, this is the warmer for you. Now, those white lines on the warmer and the moon, that is the light glowing through from the Best Scentsy Scents light bulb inside.

If you change the color of light bulb in that warmer, it is definitely going to change the look of the warmer. Now, I got my hand on these products a little bit early because that is one of the perks of being a Scentsy consultant. I have the ability to sign up for a subscription for either just scent of the month or scent of the Month and warmer of the month. We get those products at a slight discount, but the cool thing is we get it two weeks before it is available to customers. And while we’re getting a slight discount on it, we are also earning commissions. So it’s just a really good deal all the way around. Now in that kit, we get several Best Scentsy Scents bars of the cent of the month. We can do whatever we want with those. We can make samples with them.

We can go ahead and sell them to our customers. Many times I give mine out as thank you to my customers, thank you gifts to my customers, um, because I’m getting them at such a great price. It’s an affordable gift that I can give to my customers. So we get several bars of that fragrance. We get a pack of 50 of these flyers. On the front is always a gorgeous picture of our warmer of the month instead of the month combo on the inside, it really breaks it down and gives you all the different looks. I have my camera on cinematic, so that’s not gonna work for you. So I don’t know why I did that. Um, but it shows that this warmer is absolutely gorgeous with the light on or with the light off. It gives you the different scent notes and breakdowns, and then it shows you some of our past warmers of the month that are still available.

Here’s what’s super, super fun about this kit that we can get. Do you guys remember back in elementary school when your teacher would put a scratch and sniff sticker on your paper if you did a really good job? Well, we are a fragrance business, so that means that our customers like to smell our fragrances. And I personally send out a lot of what I call smell mail to my customers. And I often include these rubbing sniff stickers on the Best Scentsy Scents envelopes. So that’s exactly what they are. They’re a flashback to childhood. It’s a rub sniff sticker that you can use however you want. So you get a full pack of 72 of the Rub sniff stickers, and it’s just a super awesome perk of being a consultant. There are tons and tons of perks of being a S Scentsy consultant, and this month, the month of August, 2023, it is the month to jump on board.

If you’ve ever thought about a partnership with Scentsy Fragrance, this is the month to do it. ’cause not only do you get the standard kit, you will also get the warmer of the month for next month for September, it’s the cutest little witch warmer. For Halloween, you will get a pack of the five Harvest wax bars in a cute little trick or treat bag, and you will also get a pack of extra catalogs for the next catalog season. ’cause we are approaching transition time. So like I said, if you have ever considered a partnership with s Scentsy fragrance, August of 2023 is the month to do it. On top of all the extra goodies that you get in that kit, it’s also the start of a brand new incentive period. Now, some companies give cars, some give jewelry. Scentsy treats us to free vacations when we work super hard and earn them in our business.

And they just announced that next year’s incentive is the choice of, or Orlando for s Scentsy Convention Hawaii for a luxury vacation. Or the top 50 earners are getting their own private bungalows on the ocean in Bora Bora. So please, please, please, if you’ve ever thought about the Scentsy partnership and the Scentsy journey for yourself, text the word partnership to 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. I would love to talk to you a little more about it. I promise you I will not pressure you into anything you don’t wanna do. I just wanna give you some information and answer any questions that you might have. Guys, just a reminder, my name is Jami Jo and I’m delighted about this yummy new fragrance. I do think it’s gonna make your nose happy and your house is going to smell super yummy.