Hello guys and welcome back to Jami Jo Sells Wax. I am Jami Jo and I am thrilled to announce a brand new warmer and some new, well, not new, some re-release to the Harry Potter Scentsy collection. And I am going to share them all with you here today. Now, if you have been with me before, you will know that there’s usually all kinds of stuff up on that shelf up there and it’s not there because I’ve pulled it down. And I wanna show you a little bit closer today. Today on July 17th, uh, noon Central Time, we are going to be bringing back some things from the Harry Potter Vault, but also bringing you something brand new. So let’s go ahead and look at the entire Harry Potter collection with the existing items, the returning from the Best Scentsy Scents vault items and the brand new items. Now I first want to start by showing you this Hedwig warmer.

Now we had this on a very limited time last year. We are bringing it back out of the vault for you guys to grab your Hedwig if you missed it last time. Now, how does this work as a warmer, watch this guys. Ah, that’s crazy. But that is where the dish is. Now it comes with a separate base that sits right up under here. It has the light bulb in it. Here’s what’s really cool on the back of Hedwig’s body is a moon shape, which means when the light bulb is in there, it’s up against a wall, it is going to project a moon on the wall behind it. You are going to put your wax in here and I know you’re thinking, but how does the Best Scentsy Scents fragrance come out if the wax is in there and then you put Hedwig’s head back on there?

Well, you guys know that Al’s turn their heads all the way around, right? So let’s go ahead and do that now, and I can show you that the back of Hedwig’s head is completely open and that allows the scent throw to come out of this warmer. So let’s turn his head back around. Hedwig is the first item that I wanna show you. This is a re-release. Hedwig will be $75, but not only do we have the large Hedwig warmer, check this out guys. And I have to show you just with a picture because this has not been released yet. I haven’t actually seen and touched and loved this warmer, but I promise you I will. Guys, I am a huge Harry Potter fan myself. I have read all the books, I’ve seen all the movies, and we have been to Universal Studios. So give me all the Harry Potter things and this one is definitely on my wishlist and I will be buying it today.

So the mini Hedwig is only $30, and it does come with that base that goes right into the wall. You are gonna be set to pick out your house wax. That’s right. We have had the Hogwarts House waxes before, but they are not available currently in the catalog. They are bringing them out of the vault just for this collection. Now these are licensed bars, so we do have to throw some money at the, at the Harry Potter people. So they are touch more than normal bars, just six 50 instead of $6. Now I’m gonna go through the cent descriptions for you, but chances are if you’re watching this Best Scentsy Scents and you’re a Harry Potter fan, you don’t even care what they smell like. If it’s your house, you’re gonna get it. But I do wanna let you know six 50 each, or you can do a six pack and you can mix and match.

You can do all your house or a mix and match of your house and your friend’s house, whatever. Um, the six pack of licensed bars is 32 50 and you can even mix and match that with some of our Disney bars too. But let’s go ahead and go through these bars. I was so amazed when this collection came out that they like really got the personality of the house in the bar. I was really, really amazed that they were able to do that. Now I am going to save my house for last, so you’ll just have to use reason of deduction to figure out what my house is. I’m gonna start with a Raven Claw. Now, if you’re a Harry Potter fan, you know, Ravenclaw is is typically the, I mean you guys are gonna correct me on this video. I know you are. So I’m just gonna give my own personal Best Scentsy Scents opinions.

Ravenclaw is typically the smarty pants house. It’s the really intelligent kids. And this to me on first smell, I smell leather. I definitely smell leather, but I’m gonna see what is actually in Raven Claw. Oh, I was close. It’s a clever concoction of suede and sandalwood and it is mellowed handsomely by ribbon of smooth vanilla. So it’s that suede. I definitely smelled leather. So I was super close. So that is the scent of Raven Claw. Now my daughter is a Hufflepuff and I will tell you that they nailed the scent of Hufflepuff. Uh, in my opinion, Hufflepuff are the sweethearts. They’re the ones that just want everyone to get along and they’re sweet and they’re loving. So of course it would be a sweet fragrance and it absolutely is very caramelly to me. The description is the great hall beckons with sweet and steadfast notes of golden apple whipped vanilla almond and cinnamon sugar. So to me that is Hufflepuff right there. It totally is Hufflepuff. Now let’s move on to Slytherin. So now you know what my house is because I’m saving it for last Best Scentsy Scents Slytherin. These are the cunning, the sneaky, uh, not necessarily bad, but maybe the ornery ones. Slitherin.

I don’t know what scent I would put with the personality traits of slitherin, but this definitely smells good. It is forest woods high dark secrets in fresh oak moss and a sweetly sinister layer of deep blackberry. So immediately I smell the woods on top of it, but then I get hints of that berry after, after afterwards, underneath the, yeah. Okay, anyway, uh, let’s move on. Gryffindor my house. These are the, um, outgoing, the extrovert, the life of the party that’s Gryffindor and <laugh>. It’s so funny because it actually is my favorite fragrance of all of them. It is a race through daring Smokey Woods while Amber and a touch of dapper cinnamon leaf bring warmth to your journey. I absolutely love this scent. It’s the woodsy guys. I’m a woodsy fan. I love all things woodsy, but it has that touch of cinnamon. Just a hint of cinnamon at the end.

I absolutely love Gryffindor. Now, if you absolutely have to have one of these fragrances, you need to add it to Scentsy Club because then you will always be able to get it. But guys, let’s take a quick peek at what is always available in the catalog as far as the Harry Potter collection goes from Scentsy. This is the Hogwarts warmer. I absolutely love this warmer, the detail guys tell me in the comments of the video, what is this right here? I mean, I know what it is, but I wanna see what you think. This is right here, little teeny tiny house below Hogwarts. I want you to see all the detail on this ’cause it’s beautiful. Now there’s teeny tiny pinholes in it. Put stars all over the wall, all the windows light up as well. It is absolutely gorgeous lit up. We even have some detail in the dish.

You have your Hogwarts letter in the dish. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, warmer that is priced at $75 as well. We also have the Harry Potter Wizard Wizarding world since sea wax. This is a description of sparkling citrus and green apple illuminate mahogany woods while vanilla and a touch of amber add warmth and charm. This is one of my favorites. I warm this one all the time. It’s warm, it’s deep. It’s, to me it’s more of a fall fragrance. I haven’t used it in a while ’cause to me it’s more of a fall fragrance, but personal choice. Now this I love, love, love. How cute is head wig. Now he does not come with this cage. I found this cage at a cute little store down the way and had to get it for him. But let me get him out to show you some of his features.

He also comes with a Hogwarts letter. It velcros onto his feet so you can take it off. He has the zipper pouch in the back for the scent pack and the scent pack comes in the same fragrance as that bar I just showed you. The Harry Potter Wizarding World Bar. He comes with the cent pack and his price is $40. So that is not bad at all for a Scentsy buddy with the cute little letter attached with the cent pack. And then I think he’s just precious in his little cage. He normally sits right up there and watches over me while I do my videos. I had to cut the video real quick ’cause I completely forgot to get outta my stock closet. The golden snitch. So this is a new product, this catalog season. It is one of our buddy clips, but it is the golden snitch.

It has the clips so you can attach it to a diaper bag, a backpack, whatever. Of course I would cut that big white tag off, but I can’t do that until it’s sold. So the Golden snitch rounds out our Harry Potter collection. So we have the large Hedwig warmer. We now have the brand new small Hedwig warmer, the mini one. We have the grip or the Hogwarts warmer that is in the catalog. We are re-releasing all of the house waxes. We still have our Harry Potter Wizarding World Wax, and we have our golden snitch. Guys, I wanna know in the comments I’ve already asked you to tell me what that little tiny house on the warmer is. But I wanna know what Harry Potter Hogwarts house. Are you, are you Gryffindor like me or are you in one of the other houses? Guys, these go on sale today.

Today at noon central standard time. Um, there is no promise of stock on the Hedwig warmer or mini warmer, but the other items that are in the catalog, um, you’re good to go on those. But if you want that Hedwig warmer or that mini warmer, don’t wait to place that order. Get that order put in now. You can get all of these at Jami Jo sells wax.com. If you have any questions about them at all, feel free to put it in the comments on this video. Or for the most prompt answer, shoot me a text at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. Guys, my name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy ’cause all this stuff smells so good, but also here to help you get your favorite Harry Potter Scentsy products.