Okay, I know you guys are out there. Where are my fans of the scent of leather? Strong, strong leather. I know that you guys are out there because this is a fragrance that Scentsy once discontinued but so many people rose. Such a ruckus that we brought it back. That’s what we’re going to be talking about today. S Scentsy’s Fragrance of Weathered Leather. Thanks so much for popping in guys. This is the channel called Jami Jo sells wax here on YouTube and I am your host Jami Jo. Of course, I have been a Scentsy consultant for over 15 years now and I have been loving all things fragrance in that time. This channel, I love to come to you guys and share product reviews, scent reviews, product reveals all things s Scentsy related. So if you love s Scentsy products and you always want to be in the know of all the latest and greatest things, make sure that you subscribe to my channel so you will get a notification every time I post a video.

Back to today’s topic. The fragrance is called Weathered Leather and it is like one of those fragrances that is dead on. I do not know how Scentsy does it. Like I understand if it’s a natural fragrance like lavender or cinnamon because there’s oils of those fragrances that they can put in, but leather, leather, how are they getting this fragrance? So perfect. I have no idea, but they are <laugh>. I’m just dumbfounded when I smell this fragrance. It reminds me of a little mini vacation that I took down to Dallas Fort Worth and we were in like the, the Fort Worth stockyard area. There is, I was gonna say a boot shop, but there’s quite a few boot shops down in that area and every time the door would open, even if I didn’t go into the store, if the door would open as I was walking by, this fragrance would come out of that store.

Any of the boot shops down there. So if you are a lover of Western fragrances, if you’re a fan of the show Yellowstone, this is going to give you those vibes. But you are also going to love this fragrance if you are a car enthusiast and you love the the smell of new car, this is very reminiscent of that because most things that are labeled new car scent have a lot of leather in them. Also, sports fans are usually a lover of the leather scent, whether it is football or a baseball glove. So many sports involve something that is a leather scent. So weathered leather, there you go. Let’s talk about what products you can get this fragrance in. Of course you see me holding the bar, any of our catalog senses that catalog senses, meaning they’ve made it into a regular catalog, they’re always going to come in three products.

So they’re always going to come in the scent bar, the scent circle, and the room spray. Obviously this is not weathered leather because I didn’t have one on hand, but illustration purposes only. If it’s a catalog scent, you’re always going to be able to get these and it’s a good thing that you can get them in a scent circle because that is probably the top selling item that I sell in this fragrance. It’s either the scent circle or the car bar. Both of these are amazing products for your car. They both work essentially the same way. Let me get some out of the package. So your scent circle is a cardboard circle that is just soaked in the S Scentsy fragrance oil. The thing with both of these, you want to make sure that they are free hanging in your car or whatever space that you have them in because they do have fragrance oils in them and if they touch a dash or maybe a wood surface plastic, anything like that, fragrance oils are very, very strong oils and it can harm finishes on wood or plastic, anything like that.

So always make sure they’re free hanging. They’re, the main difference between the two of these is how much fragrance oil they can hold, and that is why the price is so different. So scent circles are just $3. They’re gonna last a couple weeks depending on the, the heat of the area you live in, the humidity of the area you live in and how sunny it is. Always remember that fragrance and heat or sun are enemies, so the hotter it is where you live or the more sunshine there is where you live, the, the less time that these free hanging from the rear view mirror Products are going to last in Oklahoma, pretty stinking hot here most of the time. Uh, very humid, usually very sunny. I get about two to three weeks out of a cent circle, but these are only $3 in the us so super duper affordable by five, get one free.

Let’s move on to the car bar. Now these are like a rubbery plastic product so they can hold more fragrance oil. They are $6, but you’re going to get a lot longer, um, cent time out of one of these, sometimes up to a couple months. So $3 versus $6, but it’s, it’s the perfect illustration of you get what you pay for both of these products. Buy five, get one free. Now you can also get weathered leather fragrance in one of our new products. This is a travel twist, so it reminds me of an old school product from like the eighties or nineties and I used to sing the commercial all the time ’cause it was always in my head. Stickups stick up. Anyway, I digress. It reminds me of one of those, it’s just a plastic disc and you twist it open. Which way am I twisting there?

So you twist it open for however much fragrance you want to come out of it. Inside of here is like, um, a felt or a fabric product that is soaked in the fragrance oil. It does not come with an adhesive on the back, but I know a lot of my customers are just grabbing like command sticks or I guess you could even just use tape, whatever you wanted to use to stick this wherever you want. Open it as much or as little as you want. The name is called Travel Twist. So obviously it was intended to be marketed as a travel product, but I’ve actually found that it’s great for small areas. Like I have a drawer in my kitchen where my trash bins are, so I like to have one in there and I just, you know, put one of those command sticker things on the back of it and I have it in there.

Um, you can have these in closets. They’re great for closets just to stick, you know, on a shelf or behind a door or whatever. I like them for areas like that. When I am traveling, I prefer to use a scent pack, but we’re not gonna talk about that because you can’t get weathered leather scent packs. You can get, did I talk about everything? Yes, the, the bar of wax, you can get the scent circle, you can get the car bar, you can get the travel twist and of course you can get the room spray. Here’s the thing guys, I am thrilled that the other day I was popping around on my clearance section of my s Scentsy website and I saw that they had Scent Pods in Weathered Leather. Now this is a product that I really was surprised when they discontinued weathered leather in these Scent pods because I have a mini fan diffuser in my car with pods on it and I love the scent weathered leather for my car.

So if you’re watching this pretty soon after it’s being posted, hop over to my website and make sure that you look at the clearance section because weathered leather pods were in there. I have a feeling they’re not gonna be there long because they’re, they have quite a cult following, like people that are diehard for pod products loved the weathered leather. That’s why I’m really surprised we did away with it. I don’t know what the thinking was there, but if you have a mini fan diffuser and you want weathered leather for that, get over there right now. Uh, Jami Jo sells wax.com and go to the special section. That’s where you’re gonna find the clearance. That’s where also you can find the bundle and saves is always under the special section bundle and saves are where you can get those. Buy five, get one free on the bars, on the circles, on the car bars, on the room sprays.

So many of our products are buy five get one free. So always make sure that you’re utilizing that when you’re placing an order. If you have questions about this or anything else since you related, you can always reach out to me here on YouTube, find me on social, I’m on Facebook and Instagram. Both of those are under Jami Jo Sells wax. Uh, you can even just text me direct at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. But Weathered Leather, that is where it’s at for Western lovers and new car fragrance lovers, both of you are going to love this scent, so grab you some now. Guys, my name is Jami Jo and I hope that you have a sensational day.