Hi friends. Thanks so much for stopping by today. I wanna let you know that before I shot this video, I had to run upstairs to my bedroom, to my closet and grab a green shirt because this video just would not be done correctly if I had any other color on. Can you figure out what we’re talking about? Of course you can. It was in the title of this video, but I just got a box in the mail. Now normally I wait and I bust into this box with you guys, but I totally thought that this was a different order, so I busted into it. I thought I needed to get some stuff quickly out to my customers and I found out that this was my warmer and scent of the month box. So you are seeing this on February 1st. This launched today and it’s absolutely adorable.

Now if you have been watching Scentsy’s warmer of the months for any amount of time, you know they usually play out a month ahead of time. Here we are on February 1st, but we are looking at a warmer that is very, very March specific. Before I jump into digging into this box and showing you guys everything that there is, I realized that I jumped right in and never even introduced myself. For those of you who have never been on this page, and this is your first time seeing me, my name is Jami Jo and I’m a Scentsy consultant. Of course, you could probably figure it out from everything that’s behind me and what we’re talking about right now. But I am a Scentsy consultant and I have been for over 15 years. So I love coming on here and sharing with you the latest and greatest, the new items.

And let me tell you, stick around because we are about to be launching all kinds of new items. I’m so, so excited about brand new stuff that I can tell you about very, very soon. So if you wanna hear about all that new exciting stuff, make sure you subscribe to this channel. That way you’ll always get a notice when I post a video, but I post one every day, friends just pop by every day. I’m here <laugh>. Alright, now it’s time to jump right into this box. If you have never seen me do a warmer incent of the month unboxing, this is actually a perk of being a Scentsy consultant. We can get our hands on this product early. So this order actually processed on January 15th. We’ve had some snow storms, some ice storms, some stupid weather. So I’m just now getting this box and getting to share it with you guys.

The perk is we get it early, but also we get it at a discount. So let’s dig in and see what’s in the box. The first thing we get is a pack of flyers for the scent and warmer of the month. I don’t wanna show you too much because it’ll give it all away. We get a entire packet, which is 72 rub and sniff stickers. Do you guys remember back in elementary school when you did really well on a paper and your teacher would put the scratch and sniff sticker on your paper and everyone loved to walk around and see what scent everyone got. We were all sniffing each other’s papers. I mean, that was a pretty fun memory and you can actually do that as a consultant. I love to put these on mail that I have going out. Of course, most of my mail is thank you notes to customers or different notices of different orders for my customers. But I have a couple bills that I still mail old school and they always get a fun little sniff along the way too. This month’s sent is called Shamrock Splash. My next dig out of my box is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and seven bars of wax with a fun little air pillow. Let’s toss that Shamrock Splash. I’m gonna do a sniff test first and then we will go to the flyer to see what’s in it.

I really expected a lot of grass.

I smell more citrusy it. It’s really kinda throwing me back, throwing me off, throwing me back, throw me off. Yeah, uh, I think they went more the lime route this time than the fresh cut grass. Let’s jump into the flyer and see what it is. Oh, I was wrong. I was wrong all around. Well, I got the citrus right. It says dive into happy go lucky blend of Juicy Tangerine. There we go. That’s that citrus and red strawberry with a touch of Jasmine blossom. It is in the fruity category. So if you like Fruity Cent, this one’s definitely for you. I would probably put this even more in the citrus category than fruity. I still get a lot of citrus even now that I know what’s in it, it’s mild. I would definitely say this is a mild scent.

It’s okay. It’s not gonna be one of my jams, but I’m not really a fruit or a citrusy girl anyway, so don’t take that personally. Don’t take my opinion as the end all be all. If you love citrusy, if you love fruity, give it a try. If you are one of my really good customers, you are going to get to give it a try If you’ve ordered from me in the past three months because you’re gonna get a little sniff sample in the mail, sometimes it, it feels a little different in a different product. This is a pod. So pods are designed to go in our mini fan diffusers, wall fan diffusers, tabletop fan diffusers, Scentsy, go air purifier. I think I covered ’em all and it does hit a little different. What was the flower that was in this? Jasmine, I think I get a little more jasmine out of the pod.

I still don’t feel the strawberry, but I guess it’s in there. Okay, here’s the fun part guys. Try not to shake my camera too much. Our warmer this month. There’s a little sneak peek. I mean, guys, it’s March <laugh>. I don’t remember having a really good St. Patrick’s Day warmer for a bit now. So this is the, it’s time. It’s time. Friends. Here is what I love about this <laugh>. It’s so stinky, cute. Here’s what I love about it. It’s small and it’s an element, warmer element warmers. You don’t have to worry about changing the bulb. It’s small meaning that this can fit in like just a fun little unassuming spot in your decor. I don’t know of a lot of people that go all out for St. Patrick’s Day decor. However, if you got some eye rash in your blood, maybe you do. So this is the perfect warmer for you.

Let me show you up close. I am feeling this band and I mean, I’m not here to say it’s real leather, but this definitely has like a leather feel to it. It is not glass. Um, I think that’s probably metal. I for sure, or a really hard plastic. You’ve got this, this is almost like a, it feels like a polymer clay type addition. It, I don’t think it’s glass. It’s like a, a plastic or a polymer clay. But of course your warmer is ceramic. The dish is built right into it. It’s all one piece. You’re not taking things apart. So here we have the January warmer of the month. It is going to be replaced with this guy right here, the February warmer of the month. And I feel like, I wonder if we’re gonna keep going with this theme throughout the entire year. The, the very simple yet seasonally or holiday specific warmer.

I wonder if we’re gonna stay with that trend all year long because I mean, we’re just two months in and we definitely have a trend started here. This is so, so cute. I wanna know, what do you guys think about it? Tell me in the comments. Where do you think you would put this in your in your house? It’s completely fine to say, eh, Jamie, not really for me, not my jam. But I have a lot of friends that are totally into celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Maybe it’s just ’cause it’s an excuse to drink green beer and eat really good food. But, uh, regardless of the reason they’re having fun with St. Patrick’s Day. So let’s check our price point here on this warmer. Now remember, our warmer of the month is always 10% off. This warmer would normally be $50. You get it at that 10% off, meaning it’s just $45.

I think that’s a fabulous price point considering the extra details on this. Now, our January warmer of the month was a little bit, uh, lower in price, but you have to think about, they added the hat band. Here we have the addition of the buckle, the fun little shamrock. So those little things unfortunately increase the price of a product. So that is why the difference in price from January to February is still an amazing, amazing deal. Shamrock Splash is going to be 10% off the entire month as well. So grab those. If you are in the mood for some Irish 11, some shamrock fun, you can grab these of course on my website, Jami Jo sells wax.com. If you’ll go to the tab that says specials, then you’ll see a dropdown tab that says warmer up the month. That is where you’re gonna find this. If you have questions about this or anything else since you related, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. You can always find me on social media, Facebook or Instagram. And I’m under the name Jami Jo Sells Wax, or you can always text me. That number is 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. That is it for today. My name is Jami Jo and I hope that you have a sensational day.