Hey guys, welcome to Jami Jo sells wax here on YouTube. I am of course, Jami Jo and this channel is all about Scentsy fragrance and Scentsy products Today I am so excited. I have an unboxing for you guys, but I want to explain just a little bit before I pop into this box that I have not even busted the seal on yet. Guys, this is one of the perks of being a Scentsy consultant is this box right here because this is the scent of the month for December. Now you are watching this on the very last day of November, but I am shooting this video a whole week before, actually even a little more than a week before. So this perk is called the Scent and warmer of the month kit. It is only available to Scentsy consultants and how it works is we have basically a subscription, but hang on to that thought because I’ll talk a little more about that.

We have a subscription with Scentsy for either the scent of the month or the warmer of the month. That means that we don’t have to think about it at all. Scentsy automatically sends this to us every single month if we want it. Um, it processes on the 15th of the month before. So my order processed on November 15th. This is the December warmer of the month. You guys as customers cannot even get your hands on this until December 1st. But we, I said it’s a subscription, so it’s like an automatic charge and they send it to us. However, we get a sneak peek in picture format of what this warmer is going to be and we can change our subscription at any time. So I like to keep mine both the warmer of the month and cent of the month. Unless, I mean, guys, let’s be honest, sometimes there’s a warmer that I’m like really?

Hmm, okay, whatever. Um, and if that’s the case, I downgrade my subscription to just the scent of the month. So I get to decide what I want every single month. But if I wanna just leave it the same, I can set it and forget it and not have to worry about it at all. So, couple perks to getting this stuff early and I promise I’m going to show it to you. Couple of perks to getting it early. I have the opportunity to plan out videos like this to shoot things like this, to to pictures, to take video to showcase to my customers to gain orders. Also, there’s a bunch of the stint of the month in here so I can make samples for my customers if I choose to do that as well. On top of that, it is discounted. We’re gonna look at all the stuff in this box and then we’ll figure up the price and I’ll tell you how much I paid for it.

So there we go. Open box. Got some little air pocket things. So let me show you everything that we are getting this month in the sent and warmer of the month kit. So I get 50 of the flyers that I pop in my customer Thank you mail. It has a picture of the warmer or warmers too this month on the front. Um, more details inside, talking about the set of the month as well. And then some little, not sneak peeks. I was gonna say sneak peeks, but it’s not sneak peeks because it’s pictures of stuff in the past. We also get scratch and sniff stickers. Guys, do you remember in elementary school when you did really good on a, an assignment and you got a scratch and sniff sticker? Was that not the best thing ever? We get those. Okay, let’s talk about bars. It is called Meet at the missile Toe. We get 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 bars. Now those bars normally cost $6. They’re 10% off when they’re the cent of the month, so that makes them five 40. So eight times five 40 already I’m at $43 and 20 cents value. Let’s sniff away. All right, I haven’t looked at the scent description. I mean I can look at the title meat at the missile toe.

It’s earthy, it’s woodsy. I can’t put my finger on it. I mean there’s definitely some pine in there. I like it. It’s a little light for me. I like big like strong in your face. Fragrances. Okay, I’m gonna have to cheat. I don’t know this one. Uh, serene mistletoe. Well there’s why because I don’t know what mistletoe smells like. Um, serene mistletoe and Subtle Cherry, okay, cherry rendezvous amid the coolness of a refreshing forest. It is in the fresh fragrance category, not woodsy. Interesting. I like it, but again, to me it’s a little too light. I like big fragrances. Alright friends, I told you two warmers. So it’s the same warmer. It’s just a mini version of it and the full size of it. So let’s finish looking at this price. Mini warmers are always $25 unless they are licensed, but again, it is 10% off. So that would be 2250. This full size warmer is going to market for $50, retail for $50, 10% off in December. So makes it 45. So my total with the 10% off $110 and 70 cents, guys, I was only charged $95 for this kit. What’s even better is I get to make commission on that $95 that I spent. So just base commission for me is 25%. So remember a hundred and ten, seventy, ninety five.

So really with just my base commission, not even bonuses, it’s only costing me 71 25 and it’s 110 70 in product. That’s a heck of a deal. So not only am I getting it early to showcase it to my customers, I’m also getting it at a great discount. Okay, so this is a mini warmer. The bases pretty much all look the same. They all come with a little rubber grommet. You just pop it down in there. It’s gonna help the placement of the warmer. This comes with a 15 watt light bulb. Now it’s coming with a clear light bulb, but remember you can always get colored light bulbs to switch it out and change the look.

Oh this, my husband’s gonna love this. We have had several warmers in the past that have had like tree and deer scenes and this is actually what I decorate my house in all of winter. So let me show you what this looks like. Yeah, you can barely see it, the scene on there, but wait till we light it up. Now look at this texture. How cool is that? It almost reminds me of sleet guys. I live in Oklahoma. Sleet is a thing. <laugh>, it is a thing here. So I’m gonna twist this base so I can plug it into my thing. Did you guys know that, that you can twist the base on your minis? Put this in for you guys.

How gorgeous. Now let me tell you, this video does not do this justice because this is a warmer that you really need to see in a dark room because it is really going to shine. Let’s go ahead and open up this full-size version of it. I love how it’s not just like a glitter finish on there. We’ve had other warmers that have had a glitter finish, but this is more, like I said, the best explanation for it I think is like sleet. If you’ve ever seen sleep before, now you people in California and these beautiful warm places might have no idea what I’m talking about. Sleet is like freezing rain, but it makes little um, balls of ice like that. Okay? So 25 watt warmer in this full size. Again, it comes with the clear bulb, but you can always change that. So it looks the exact same, just a larger size. You’ve still got that great texture on there.

Again, you can’t see the scene really yet. Make sure that light bulb’s in there dish is in this box. So I’m gonna open that up, pull it out. Now if you’re in love with this warmer, remember that it is available December 1st. It is 10% off for the entire month. It does have a toggle switch here on the cord, like all of our full-size warmers. Do. I don’t think I got that light bulb in there. Good. Pretty sure I didn’t. Yeah, it was kind of going in a a little wonky. There we go, I got it that time.

Look at that. I think this warmer is going to be perfect in my guest bath. I have a full-size warmer in my guest bath and I think this is going to be fabulous. The great thing is I can put this up at Christmas time ’cause it has those pine trees that can take on a Christmas field, maybe put some uh, Christmas greenery around the bottom. But I don’t have to put this away at the end of December. I can leave this out for the entire winter because it is not Christmas specific. It is just winter specific. Oh, look at how the light bulb. It kind of looks like a moon glow behind that tree.

Love it. If you’re not really into the deer, you can always just twist the warmer to showcase it this way to where it’s just the wooded scene and you don’t see the deer. We are a deer family around here. So that will definitely be displayed at our house. But what a gorgeous, gorgeous, warmer. Honestly, I didn’t think it was that spectacular when I first saw the pictures, but it is one of those that you really have to see in person to appreciate. Guys, on December 1st, tomorrow actually middle of the night tonight, you’re gonna be able to get this warmer. You can get it at Jami Jo sells wax.com. If you have any questions about this or anything else Scentsy related, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. You can reach me right here on YouTube. I’m on Facebook and on Instagram under Jami Jo sells wax.

Or you can always text me at nine 1-888-896-NINE. I love this warmer. I think Scentsy did a fabulous job. I am going to go move it up into my guest bath. I say I’m gonna do it right now. I’m gonna wait until Thanksgiving’s over ’cause I’m filming this before Thanksgiving. That’s the joy of of this business. I can do my work and then enjoy <laugh> other times and schedule stuff out. I love it. Um, that’s one of the beauties of Scentsy. You can work your business however you choose to work it. You don’t have a boss, uh, dictating what you have to do. Okay, I got off on a little tangent there guys. My name is Jami Jo and I hope that you have a sensational day.