Well, hello there guys. Welcome back to Jami Jo Sells Wax. I’m so excited you decided to join me today. My name is Jami Jo and I have a partnership with S Scentsy Fragrance. I’ve been working with them for over 14 years. Joined all the way back in 2008 and been loving the company, the products, and the opportunity ever since. Today we are going to be talking about a way that you can get your Scentsy at a discount. Now, there’s lots of different terms for this. Some Best Scentsy Scents  people call it a V I P hostess. Some people call it an affiliate link. Some people call it personal shopping links. It doesn’t matter what you call it. It all works the same way. And my friend Christie is this for my business. She is a V I P host. She often has affiliate links and personal shopping links, and I am so excited ’cause her order just came in.

We are going to dig through it, see what Christie picked out, but also talk to you about this opportunity to get your products at a discount while we’re looking at what she got. Now, first of all, I wanna tell you that this is kind of how I started my partnership with Scentsy. I had purchased some products at a craft fair and I fell in love with them. I wanted more, but I’m super frugal. And so I reached out to a consultant who back then, it really wasn’t online shopping. This was in 2008. Online was, I mean, we were playing on MySpace and stuff, but it, it wasn’t what it is now. So I didn’t open an affiliate link or a personal shopping link. But what I did is I borrowed some testers from this consultant. I showed the catalog around to my friends, let them smell the Best Scentsy Scents testers, took their orders.

But then I did get the half price and the credit that you do get now from affiliate links. So that’s how I started my relationship with S Scentsy. I decided I loved it so much that I just wanted to be a partner with them and I did that. So now let’s jump back to Christie’s story. Christie started as a really good customer of mine. She fell in love with the fragrance flowers and wanted to get some more for her office at work. Started purchasing them from me that way and then kind of branched out into some other Scentsy products as well. So she was purchasing so much that I talked to her about a partnership with Scentsy and she thought it was a great idea. She jumped on board. She got her starter kit and realized it wasn’t for her. And that’s completely fine. This business is not for everyone and we are okay if people figure out that this Best Scentsy Scents business is not for them.

So Christie decided the business was not for her, but she did still absolutely love Scentsy fragrance and she wanted to keep getting it. So I talked to her about becoming a V I P hostess and this is how it works. When Christie is ready to stock up and place an order, she reaches out to me and she says, Hey Jamie, can you set me up with an affiliate link, personal shopping link, whatever you wanna call it? Set me up with one of those so I can share it with my friends. Grab all their orders because they were loving Zy two. And then Christie is able to get some really good Best Scentsy Scents  discounts and deals. So that’s what she did. Couple weeks ago she reached out to me and she was like, Hey, need some new stuff. Let’s set up an affiliate link and get that going.

That’s exactly what we did. Now guys, this was happening while I was away on my anniversary trip with my husband. So the really cool thing is her partnership with me is working my business while I’m on vacation, but it’s worth it to her because she’s getting discounts and freebies. See how everyone benefits in this deal. It’s really an amazing deal. So she honestly, she didn’t hustle super hard. She just showed this to a few friends, gave them that link, shot out a few text messages, showed the catalog and a couple testers I’d given her at work. She had four different friends that ordered and that put her at, what do you wanna call it? What status? It just got her Best Scentsy Scents  discounts and freebies. You have to gather up at least 200 in US dollars, 200 in orders before you qualify for those freebies and discounts.

And just with those four friends, she qualified for that. So her order is in, I wanna dig through it, show you guys what she picked and how much money she saved. Now, first of all, she said Jamie, I absolutely have to have the WIF box. This was in June and I know why she had to have this Wif box because it’s absolutely amazing. We had a Wif Box exclusive in June. I kind of feel bad showing it to you because you can’t even get it anymore. But this was the fun little Best Scentsy Scents  exclusive in the June with Box. It was our mini fan diffuser, but this print has never been available before. How cute is this little guy?

Super, super, super cute. So she was like, Jamie, gotta have one of those. So put me on a Wif box. Now you can’t get discounts on Wif Box through host rewards. So she did pay full price for this Wif box. But the great thing is it just built up to earn her some more goodies and some more freebies. So our Wif box, I’m not gonna show you everything in that one because that’s June’s and it’s not even available anymore. The Wif box is a monthly surprise box of S Scentsy products that you can get and you can order it on the website for $35. But if you start a Scentsy club or have Best Scentsy Scents Club, you can get it for 31 50 or as a half price item for 1750. So if you love surprises, you should definitely start Scentsy Club and add that on there.

Now she got some other things. If you guys have been watching me for a while, you know I’m down in Oklahoma, hotter in Satan’s butt crack here. So we get stuff packaged accordingly. That is an insulated bag. It always has an ice pack in it. Completely Not frozen anymore. <laugh>, but that’s why we have them. So Christie with her credit, she had 2222 in credit. She picked a six bar of wax, um, set a six pack pick and she only paid a $7 and 78scentsfor it. She got Amazon Rain, which is a super yummy, fresh scent. She got White Sands. This is a super light fragrance.

I haven’t smelled that one in a long time. So good. Luna, one of our top selling floral fragrances. This is the most popular floral in my entire time with Scentsy. Sandalwood, Tangerine love me some sandalwood, musk bergamot. Mm-hmm That’s one of my faves. She got magnolia linen, fresh, clean laundry. Scent smells like laundry even though my laundry smells different ’cause I use Fiji flour in my laundry and here comes the sunflowers. Ooh, I need to warm that one. I haven’t ever warmed that. Okay, what’s cool is these guys, if you get a sense you order in the summer, don’t throw these away. These make great bubble mailers. You could even use these to wrap Christmas presents. That fun silver, put a red or green bow on it. Be super cute. Um, it’s an insulated bag so you can use it for that as well. This, I have a stack of them in my freezer.

I always save my freezer packs. Um, they come in handy all the time ’cause I don’t have to worry if I get ’em back, if I send them out with something, whatever. But if you are near an elementary school, a lot of elementary schools like those for ice packs too because ice packs often walk away and never come back. Now Christie is not done with her freebies and goodies and all that good stuff. She also got a half price item. She decided to get the multi-pack of scent circles because on half price items, a lot of our multi-packs work for that as well. So she got a clean breeze, just breathe, which is am or uh, eucalyptus and Mint two of the Amazon range. Got the wax too. Obviously she likes that Blue Sage and Tonka. I have a feeling this is for her husband’s truck because that’s a very masculine and manly scent.

So she got these for half price. Now I always spoil my hosts, my affiliates and I have never seen her order cotton cleanups. So I wonder if maybe she’s never even thought to try them and I think she’s going to love them. Cotton cleanups are the easiest way to change the wax in your warmer. So my fun little gift for her is a package of these cotton cleanups. So she didn’t have to do much work, she just shared an online link with her friends, mainly at work. I think her mom is one of the orders too because her mom is a customer of mine. So she just shared the link with those people. Four people ordered it. She got this stuff at a great price. So she paid full price for the Wif box, but she got those six bars. She paid $7 and 78scents6scentscircles.

She paid $7 and 50scentsand then this is going to be a gift to her from me. So she personally saved 29 72 gift from me, another $10. So she is saving 39 72 just by sharing a link with a couple of her friends. The really cool thing about affiliate links and personal shopping links, you don’t have to worry about deliveries. So she had four customers ordered, four of her friends ordered. She didn’t have to deliver any of their stuff. Um, she just comes and picks up her stuff from me. That’s it. And that’s just ’cause she’s down the street. If I need to ship it to you, I can ship it to you as well. Guys, if this sounds like something you might be interested in doing, I definitely think it’s a great decision for you. You can reach out to me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. Shoot me a text and just let me know that you want me to open an affiliate link for you so you can get some discounts and some freebies. If you want to jump on and just place an order or start your Scentsy Club, you can do that at Jami Jo sells wax. Guys, my name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy ’cause all this stuff smells really good. But I’m also here to make sure that you are getting the best deals and the best price possible.