Hello? Hello guys. Are you ready for a entire collection product release? It is time to talk about the Scentsy Valentine’s collection. Hi guys, my name is Jami Jo and you have found yourself on Jami Jo Sells wax here on YouTube. This channel is all about Scentsy fragrance like you just heard. I talk about product releases, I give product reviews, tips and tricks. Talk a little bit about the business opportunity. If there is something to talk about in the s Scentsy world, I am going to come to you and share it with you. So if you love all things fragrance, if you are intrigued by S Scentsy or a Scentsy addict, you should subscribe to this channel. So you will always get the updates on all the new things like we’re going to talk about today. Today is January 7th, but tomorrow is January 8th, and that means it’s a really good day because the 2024 Valentine’s collection from Scentsy will be released.

And let me tell you, they did it up big this year. I have kind of been underwhelmed by the Valentine collection the past few years, but this year Scentsy stepped up their game for sure, we’re gonna talk about all the releases. I do have the three bar pack of the Valentine Fragrances. So we’re gonna do a sniff test of those first, and then we’re gonna jump into all the product releases. And let me tell you, it’s gonna be worth you hanging out with me for a bit because there’s some really, really great things. So we have three bars in the Valentine’s Scentsy collection. We have one called I Pick You. We have perfectly Cute, and we have simply the zest. So the names of two of them pretty indicative of what they are. We’re gonna start the sniff test with, I pick You. Now, it’s important to know what these fragrances smell like because we have quite a few products that are in preselected fragrances.

So I pick U is red current and Honeysuckle Nectar dancing beneath stars of white amber. So red, current honeysuckle and white amber. It is a deep scent. I wouldn’t really put it in fruity or floral or woodsy, which that’s what they are. Red current is a fruit. Honeysuckle is a floral, and amber is a woodsy, but it’s such a delightful mix. It’s not overpowering, but it’s definitely noticeable. It’s a good fragrance. I think it’s a lot of people are gonna like this. It’s not polarizing at all. It’s just a rounded out, delightful fragrance. I pick you. So the next one, perfectly cute. Obviously we know there’s gonna be some pear in it. Uh, it is Golden Pear gets a glow up with the help of whipped vanilla and a spritz of apricot blossom. Oh, it’s a delightful fruity scent.

Yes. So that pear, I don’t know if you’re familiar with the scent of pear. It, it’s kind of a middle of the road fruit scent. It’s not super sweet like you get from those, those, um, berries. But it’s not tart like a citrus, it’s just kind of middle of the road. It’s warm in my opinion, but it’s got just that little bit of vanilla and apricot on top that that kind of touch it up a notch on the sweet side. I really enjoy it. I’m not normally one that would pick fruit fragrances, but this is definitely a good one for this season. You know, Valentine’s Day is kind of one of those times. It’s still winter obviously, but we’re ready for spring <laugh>. So it’s sometimes hard to kind of find a fragrance that really fits the season, but I think that one does it well.

Uh, this is simply the zest notes of sandalwood and Lush Green. I can already smell it. Lush green uplift, bright tropical fruits. I really love this one. Now I am a woodsy lover. So that sandalwood and the the lush greens. Lush greens is usually when they say that it’s more like a grassy scent or an herbal scent. It’s not necessarily a floral, but then this one has the tropical on top of it. I think I noticed the tropical at first. That’s what really grabs my nose. But then it moves to those warm undertones of the the earthiness. It’s a good fragrance guys. It smells really good, simply the zest. Now those are our fragrances. We have a lot of products to jump through for this selection. I haven’t been able to get my hands on them yet because we only had the consultant early access for the bars, but I have some adorable pictures that I’m going to show you.

This right here is our Valentine’s buddy. He is called Ado Aosa. I mean, come on. Who did that naming <laugh> Adore A Sours. Now, if you have never seen one of our Scentsy buddies before, let me give you a brief description of what they are. It is a stuffed animal of course, but every Scentsy buddy has a zipper pouch hidden somewhere on it. And you get to put inside a sit pack. Lemme grab one of those, show you what it is. This is a scent pack and it’s just a scent sachet. There we go. Can see it there. Uh, perforated fabric on the back for the fragrance to come out. You tuck this inside of the buddy and that’s what gives it fragrance. Now the aosa does not come with any specific scent. You get to decide what fragrance you want with your aosa, but I promise you, your little one would absolutely love to get this for Valentine’s Day.

Heck, even your grown adult sweetheart would love to get this, get this for Valentine’s Day. We have two mini warmers. I’m gonna put both of them up right here. The cherry picked mini warmer is the one with the cute little heart cherries on it that says Sweet on you. And then the other one that says PSI Love You is Sweet Sentiments Mini Warmer. Both of those are at our mini warmer price point. That sweet spot, a great gift giving price of $25 in the us. I just love that all of our mini warmers, I mean, except for the licensed ones, we have to charge a little bit more for those. But all of the mini warmers are that same price and such a giftable price. So you can grab one of those mini warmers, the three pack of Valentine’s bars, and be at a great price point for a gift for anyone.

Now I’m gonna save, I think the best thing for last, but I’m gonna move on to something that I think is so stinking cute. It is a buddy kit clip that is coming out just for Valentine’s. I’m gonna show it to you right here. And this is called Tilly, the Toad stool. Tilly. The Toad stool is one of our buddy clips. That means it’s like a Scentsy buddy, except the fragrance is sewn inside that cute little toad stool. And it is the fragrance of simply the zest. So the third fragrance that I sniff for you guys, the more earthy one with a little bit of tropical on top of it, that is the fragrance for Tilly, the toad stool. Now these buddy clips, of course, have that clip on the top. They can be clipped on any bag, diaper bag, backpack, purse, whatever, European man bag, <laugh>, whatever you have.

But also I have seen a lot of people, um, add that clip to their rear view mirror and let it hang in their car. Speaking of Buddy Clips, most of them are, are pretty cutesy and kidsy, but Scentsy decided to change it up this year with this Scentsy heart charm clip. So this does not look real childlike. It’s it’s beautiful actually, and it’s very on trend. A lot of the teenage girls or even young adults are putting these clips on their purses, and this is going to be perfect for that. Now it also has the fragrance of simply the zest in that cute little heart charm clip. We are featuring two mini fan bundles. Now these items, the, the fan itself has been available, but we are bringing in some of the Valentine’s Sinces for the pods. You can get the Rose mini fan diffuser rose gold, excuse me, rose gold mini fan diffuser.

And you can pair it with either perfectly cute or simply the zest and get that bundle for just $20. Now that’s a $5 savings. You can grab those items individually and the wall fan diffuser, the mini fan diffuser is $15. The pod packs are $10, but we have those bundles where you can get the mini fan and the pods for just $20. So saving you $5 a great deal there. And those are two different bundles. So both of them come with a rose gold mini diffuser, mini fan diffuser, and you get to choose the perfectly cute or simply the zest. We have a new fragrance flower. It is in the style of the darling Dahlia. That’s what this is right here. The fragrance for that is going to,

Hmm, maybe I’m losing my mind. Oh no, there it is. Simply the zest. So if you want the fragrance flour, it’s going to be in the scent, simply the zest at our normal price point of $16. What I have been saving for the very end is a brand new item. Check this out right here. Now you guys have been loving our fragrance flowers and we stepped it up a notch with an entire fragrance flower bouquet. How amazing is that? So the fragrance flower bouquet, it works just like our regular fragrance flour, except that jar of oil is, uh, dramatically bigger. And it is the buttercup bell flour design. So it’s gonna be this flour design. Now this one has already been used and it had a, a brown or a regular oil in it. I don’t remember what oil I had this in, but the darling Dahlia for this valentine bouquet, they’re gonna start out this color, but that oil, as you can see, is a deep red oil.

And so as the oil is soaked up the wick of the fragrance flower, it’s going to turn those flowers pink. So the jar is much taller, the wick is much longer, but they are going to work the exact same way. And that is in the fragrance of perfectly cute, perfectly cute, and it’s a price point of $35. But think about this guys. If you are going to go to the floral shop or the store and pick up a bouquet of flowers, I promise you chances are they’re gonna be way more than $35. And they’re gonna last what? Maybe a week where you can grab this S Scentsy fragrance flour bouquet. And it is going to last four months. Now, since nobody has used these yet, we really don’t know the timetable of it. But I know my fragrance flowers this size with one flower in it tend to last about two months.

Sometimes I get even longer depending on the humidity in the room, what room it’s in, stuff like that. So we don’t know how long the big giant ones are going to last with more oil and the three flowers. So I promise you it’s going to be longer than the week <laugh>, that those fresh flowers are going to last, I would guess two to three months on those fragrance flour bouquets. So all of these products come out tomorrow at noon central time. So make sure that you set an alarm on your phone so you can grab those items. There will be a virtual queue, which means basically just like you’re standing in a digital line. So if you jump over to my website at that time and it says You’re in a acute, don’t refresh. Just hang out for a while, pop you some popcorn, drink a cup of coffee, whatever you wanna do to kill some time.

But just be patient and wait your turn and you can jump in. Now we are expecting some of these items to be a big hit. I hope that Scentsy anticipated that well and has plenty of stock. But we have experienced sellouts before. So if there’s something on this list that you just absolutely must have, shoot me a text because I’m going to be sitting on my computer at that time when the product launches. And I have pretty good track record with getting things on product launches. So if you must, must, must have one of those items, shoot me a text at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. If you just want to press your luck and hope for the best, hope that you can grab one of those. You can jump over to Jami Jo sells wax.com and you’ll see a tab that says collections. That is where you’re going to find this entire Valentine collection. Guys, my name is Jami Jo and I hope that you have a sensational Valentine’s Day and a sensational day.