Hey guys, welcome to Jamie. Joe sells wax here on YouTube. Today is an exciting day. It’s an exciting day because my with Fox finally came in. Guys, I always order this on the first or the second of the month and I get so jealous because I have friends that live like in the same town as the Scentsy distribution center and where they, they make all the stuff. It’s up near Boise, Idaho. I have friends that live in the same town. So when they place orders, they get to go like the next day and pick it up. And so I’ve seen pictures of what’s in this box, but I have been dying to get my hands on mine. Here’s what happened. Weather. Weather is what happened. Stinking weather. I live in Oklahoma and why? Why do I live in Oklahoma? I don’t really know. Um, the weather is so unpredictable here.

Like one day it’ll be 65 degrees. The next day it’s like 21 degrees and snowing, whatever. FedEx uses it as an excuse. UPS uses it as an excuse to not deliver and darn it, I finally got it. Let’s just say I finally got it. Well, I just went on a little squirrel troll right there at the first, let me introduce myself. My name is Jami Jo and I’m a Scentsy consultant. I’ve been a Scentsy consultant for over 15 years now and I freaking love s Scentsy. So if you wanna hear all the latest and greatest news about S Scentsy, make sure you subscribe to my channel. I promise you most of the time I bring you stuff quicker than this darn UPS. Thanks a lot. But today, today we’re jumping into a Wif box. Have you guys heard about these? The Wif box is a surprise box from Scentsy.

I almost said subscription, but that’s different. It’s a surprise box from Scentsy. They do it every single month. Now you retail audit is $35 and you’re promised that you will always have more than $35 worth of product in the box. Why I wanted to say subscription is you can add it to Scentsy Club, which is our customer loyalty subscription. If you do that, they drop 10% off of it and it’s only 31 50. If you have a club order that’s more than $60, you can get it for half price. So $35 retail, but you can get it as affordable as 1750. Guys, this is January’s box. I already know what’s in here ’cause of my dang friends posting all the things, but I want to unbox it with you guys and show you all the goodness. So that’s what it looks like, right when I first open it already, I see some exclusive things.

Here’s the cool thing with the Wif box, Scentsy puts in exclusive items in the Wif box that we cannot order otherwise. Now, sometimes times they’re Scentsy products in a different fragrance or a different design that we’ve never seen. Sometimes they’re products that we’ve like never even had before. So let’s see what’s in here. It tells us it, there’s always a little paper. Kinda gives you an idea of the, the vibe of the box. This one says Renew your sense of calm. Ah, that’s nice. After the holidays, isn’t it? Alright guys, can you see my excitement? I get all the paper crumbles off of this. This my friends is a bag of just breathe s Scentsy soak OMG. Okay, what is Scentsy soak? First of all, let’s break that down. What is Scentsy soak? And then let’s talk about this fragrance right here. S Scentsy soak is Himalayan salt that is designed to be put in your bathtub.

Now this used to be a product line that we had and they discontinued it and everyone cried big, huge crocodile tears over it. I still don’t know why they discontinued it, but I’m thrilled to see that they’re spoiling us with fun little things like this. So here’s what I love about s Scentsy soak. Have you ever taken a bath with some fruit, fruit bath product and gotten all relaxed and it felt great and you smelled wonderful and then you get outta the bath and it like leaves residue in your bathtub And so you just taken this nice relaxing bath and then you have to clean your bathtub. Hate that. Guess what doesn’t happen with Scentsy soak? It does not happen with sy soak. I, since they discontinued Scentsy soak, I’ve been using another very well known salt product for my baths by a doctor. Uh, and I’ve been using those in my bathtubs.

And guys, the salt from those ate away the rubber seal on my bathtub. So now if I use that brand of bath salts, I have to make sure that I rinse fully, rinse out my tub and like rinse the drain really good so it doesn’t deteriorate the salt seal on my tub. Drain this. I had used this for years and years and years before I switched to that other brand and never had that happen. I absolutely love Scentsy soak. I might buy a couple extra Wif boxes this month just to get this right here ’cause I need some more of this. Okay, let’s talk about this fragrance. While I’m talking about the fragrance, I’m gonna show you something else that came in the Wif box. Oh, I can’t talk about it while I open it because it’s just so loud. Okay, I’m gonna do that so fast.

Um, look at this cute little, what do you guys call these? What do you call these ponies? We call ’em ponies. <laugh> in our house, like a loof of sponge is a sponge, but this is a poofy. A spongy, I don’t know. Uh, a DD back to just breathe. I remember way back in the day, bath and Body Works had an aerobic therapy line and they used to have one called Stress Relief. I think they’ve changed all that line around and like change the names and all kinds of stuff. But way back in the day they had one called Stress Relief and I loved it. And it was like a eucalyptus and a mint and I don’t remember what else was in there. Probably some lavender. This just breathe is so reminiscent of that. It’s so amazing. It’s a mixture of eucalyptus and mint. Let’s see, eucalyptus, lemon, and mint.

I smell the eucalyptus and the mint. I could smell it through the bag. So freaking amazing. I’m telling you, you guys, you can’t even buy these. Well, I mean you can at Walmart, but it doesn’t have the cues since C tag does it. Um, $16 value on the soak, that is what those used to be priced at. We get a giant huge tube of the Luna Body Cream. Guys, this stuff is amazing. It’s super, super thick. So think like body butter type stuff, but not oily, not greasy. It soaks right into your skin. It is so, so super yummy. What is our price point on that? Lemme grab a catalog because I like to figure the price as I go along. Our body cream is priced at $13, so we’re already at $29. Remember we paid 35. We’ve got a hand cream in jammy time.

Guys, if you love lavender, jammy time is a cent for you. Freesia, lavender and sweet pea. It smells so, so, so yummy. Hand cream very, very, very much like the body cream. Super thick, not greasy, not oily, but it’s a great little size. I keep one of these in my car. It’s a little too big for my purse. I carry a smaller purse, but I keep one of these in my car. So the hand cream is priced at $9. So we’re already at what? Nine. What were we at? We were at 29 plus nine. That’s 38. Yes, I’m math today. How about that? Ha. And then, oh, this is always so much fun. Always, always, always. You get a bar of the cent of the month for next month. So this isn’t even out yet. It’s next month, cent of the month. This is valued at $6. So we were at what, 38 plus six $44 value. Nothing else in my little paper Crunchies. I’m gonna smell this Shamrock Splash. I just looked at the description of this ’cause I was making some flyers for next month. I remember that there was strawberry in it. Oh, it’s fruity Tangerine strawberry. Oh, I can’t put my finger on the other scent note. I did just make that flyer. What did I type?

It’s almost like an orange Julius and a fruit smoothie. Had a baby. You can smell like the citrusy, but there must be some vanilla in it too, but like the fruitiness of the strawberries. Does that make sense? Do you guys know what Orange Julius is? They used to be in the mall. Oh, that’s so yummy. Super yummy. You guys are gonna love this next month. You can love it this month if you grab yourself a Wif box. Like I said, WIF boxes change every single month. So this is the contents while supplies last for January of 2024. Jump over to Jami Jo sells wax.com. Grab your Wif box right now because I promise you that, just breathe since you soak all the things you definitely want it. Um, what else do I wanna tell you? Oh, I was telling you about s Scentsy club and that is a great way to get your Wif box at a discount.

So check out s Scentsy club if you wanna do that automatically. Any order over $30 is 10% off. Like I said, this was 35, so automatically 10% off on club 31 50. Uh, if you have a club order of 60 or more, you can grab it for half price. So you can choose with club if you want it every month, bimonthly or quarterly, that’s your choice and you just plug it in, set it and forget it and they just mail it to you. You get to choose the day it mails as well. So that’s really cool. Guys. If you have any questions about this or anything else since you related, make sure you find me on social media. I’m on Facebook or on Instagram. The name Jami Jo sells wax. You can text me direct, I’m fine with that. You can reach me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0 if you have any questions. And I’m happy to answer those there. Other than that, I think that’s it for today. It’s the middle of the day, but I might just go run a bath. Hmm, maybe. I mean, maybe I’ll, maybe I’ll wait till tonight. Tonight, it’s going down. Just breathe since you soak in my tub tonight. Guys. My name’s Jami Jo and I hope you have a Sital Day.