<silence> Oh my goodness, I’m so glad you’re here today. It’s unboxing day. It’s unboxing day, and I’m more excited about this warmer than I think I have been about any warmer forever. But first, I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Jami Jo, and you have found Jami Jo sells wax here on YouTube. This channel is solely dedicated to s Scentsy products. I’ve had a Scentsy partnership for 15 years now, and I love the products that I get to share because of s Scentsy. So that’s what I’m doing here for you guys today. Uh, we spend every day on this channel talking about the goodness of s Scentsy. Usually it is product recommendations or product reviews occasionally and unboxing like we have here today, sometimes talking about the business as well. But today, like I said, is an unboxing.

Here’s the deal, friends, we just released some retro warmers, some warmers that since you released quite a while ago, but, and, and they haven’t been available for years, friends years, but they decided to bring some back because we have new customers, we have new consultants, or we have crazy consultants that didn’t order the warmer the first time it came out. Now, the warmer I am about to show you is perfect for Thanksgiving. You know, we often get great fall decor, great Halloween decor. It is rare that we see specific Thanksgiving decor, but that is what this is. Friends, I just received my order of Tom the Turkey. Now let me tell you, here’s why I didn’t get Tom the Turkey way back in the day. At that time, I was decorating more for Halloween. So Thanksgiving decorations really weren’t that appealing to me. However, over time, I have stopped decorating for Halloween and gone more for just a fall decor.

Now the reason for that is I put it up, well, this year I put it up like mid-August. Usually I put it up in September and I like to be able to leave it up all the way through the end of November. If I do just Halloween, I have to pack it up at the end of October. So I have transitioned my decorating to all of fall. That being said, I do like to have a couple key items that I pull out. As soon as Halloween is over to share for Thanksgiving, I don’t have to do a full decoration overhaul. I just pop in a couple cute

Turkeys and we’re ready for Thanksgiving. So I didn’t buy Tom the Turkey back in the day, so, so, so glad that they decided to bring him back out. Guys, how stinking cute is this Turkey warmer look, even got a little Turkey butt? How cute is that? I absolutely love it. Now, let tell you, normally he comes wrapped in plastic. When he came in, I heard a little and I knew what had happened. Normally the bulb is wrapped inside some bubble wrap inside the warmer and it had shattered in transport. So I have reached out to Scentsy so they can send me a replacement bulb. So what I’m going to do is steal a bulb out of another warmer, because you need to see this warmer plugged in because he’s so cute. And then we’re gonna talk about some other possible warmers that you could use for fall and Thanksgiving.

So let’s get his light bulb in there, put the dish back on. I’ll stretch out this cord a little bit so I can get him a little closer to you so you can see him in all of his glory. All right, are we ready? Are we ready? I, I feel like I need a drum roll. Oh, well that was really anti-Climatic <laugh>, wasn’t it? Yeah, because of the light in this room, you really can’t see it, but he glows big time. Now I’m curious though. I haven’t tried this. We’re gonna try it together. Did you know that Scentsy has colored light bulbs? Yeah, we have several different colors of light bulbs and you can interchange them in your warmers. Now this warmer calls for a 20 watt light bulb. I don’t have my colors in the 20 watt, so this is a 25 watt. I would not put a 25 watt in the 20 watt warmer for a long period of time.

And I’m hoping it doesn’t just like blow the bulb right out the bat. I can tell that the dish isn’t gonna sit down, but I’m just curious to see what he’s gonna look like with an orange bulb. Oh, I do love that. And it would shine orange on the wall behind him as well. So I am totally in love, totally in love with my tom the Turkey. Paul was laughing because I literally squealed squealed out loud when I saw UPS come and drop off that box. ’cause I knew exactly which warmer it was. And he was like, Jamie, you have been sharing since

For so long. I’ve never heard you act like that about a warmer in a really long time. Maybe the only other warmer that I really squealed about was my little mermaid one. But other than those two, like I love Scentsy, but this one got me that excited. Love me Tom, the Turkey. Now I want to share a couple other warmers that we have out that maybe might work for your fall decor. They are fall specific, not Thanksgiving specific. So that means that you could leave them out, uh, the entire fall season. Now, one of them is this warmer right here. This is our warmer of the month. It is called starry pumpkin. I absolutely love it. You really can’t see it from there. And I can’t bring it closer ’cause a cord is really short, but it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s hand-blown glass. I don’t know this hand-blown.

It’s blown glass. But it has like this gorgeous sparkle effect. Let me show you the top because it is a metal hammered metal. So, so, so pretty. Now it’s 10% off this month. So it’s a great time to get it. That makes it just 58, 50 ’cause you’re getting 10% off. Let’s look at a couple other warmers. Now, when I show you this cute retro truck, don’t fall in love too much with it because the black retro truck is no longer available. But I’m gonna show you an alternative before I show you the alternative. You’re like, Jamie, that’s a truck. How is that a fall warmer? It’s a fall warmer because our truck warmers have these cute little toppers that you can get to put on there. We’ve had several different toppers. It’s not on there, right? There we go. Had we’ve had several different toppers over the years.

We’ve had Christmas trees, I think we’ve had Easter eggs. I, I think we’ve had apples, if I remember right. So like I said, the black truck is not available. However, you can get the washed out white truck. Let me show you the big one on the front. How cute is that? Like a, looks like maybe it’s a whitewashed blue truck. So that is available this season. It is $60 for both pieces, the whitewash truck and the pumpkins. Or if you already have our retro truck, you can buy just the pumpkin topper and that’s just $25. So if you already have one of our trucks, just grab yourself that pumpkin topper and you are set. So that’s what I do. I already have, I actually have in my main part of my house, the red retro truck, and then I have all the toppers that I switch out with it. So, uh, the pumpkins is a brand new option. So I was really excited about that. Now, this warmer, another absolutely stunning, gorgeous, warmer, like the one behind me and you’re looking at it now and you’re like, okay, Jamie, whatever. Not stunning to me. First of all, here’s the topper. So let me put that on there.

Hang on though, because when I plug this bad boy in, he is a showstopper. I’m gonna hold this up. I know this one’s gonna be a little more, uh, exquisite other than the Turkey was not. Look at this <laugh>. You wanna hear something funny? I took the bulb out of it to put in the Turkey, so, yeah, well, I missed that moment, didn’t I? Let’s try this again, friends. Alright. Alright, now, are you ready? Now I’ve really built it up. Really built it up for you. How gorgeous is that? Now let me tell you, that is with the white light bulb. You guys wanna see what it would look like with the orange? I’m curious myself. So let’s switch that out again. That’s a 20 watt light bulb. I’m putting a 25 in it. I’m kind of breaking the rules. I’m a little bit of a rule breaker though.

It’s, it’s fine. It’s fine. Okay, let’s see if it’s a totally different look. Oh, it’s just so much brighter. How pretty is that? I’m sorry that my light is reflecting off of there. I do love that. Look, it, it definitely brings out that color a little bit more. Now, I also wanna show you, that is called Fall Fairytale Pumpkin. We also have it in a mini, and it is our first mini with a removable lid. How cute is that? I love that. Our minis, the base can rotate. So if your contractors at your house were, you know, had a few cocktails or we’re smoking a little something and put your plugs in a little wrong, you’re good, you’re good because the basis of those will change. Um, guys, I am still just so excited about my Turkey warmer, so excited about my Turkey warmer. Um, I wish it wasn’t the middle of October.

I wish October was already over. But you know what, who, who says I have to follow the rules, I might go ahead and go ahead and put out my Turkey now, just because he’s so cute and Tom needs to have, have as much time as he can being displayed. Guys, if you need any of these Thanksgiving or fall warmers, you can get them over at Jami Jo sells wax.com. Or if you have any questions, feel free to text me anytime. 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0 And I’m happy to answer any questions that you have about the products or even the possibility of starting your own partnership with Scentsy Fragrance. Guys, my name is Jami Jo. I’m gonna go and put Tom the Turkey up so he can have his time in, in the spotlight. But I hope that you have a sensational day.