Well, hey there guys. Thanks so much for stopping by. Jami Jo sells wax here on YouTube. Jami Jo sells wax. So that’s a channel all about Scentsy, and our main product line is warmers and wax, hence the name. But today we are not talking about wax. We are talking about our essential oil diffusers and more specifically, our amazing and gorgeous new Christmas diffuser, not this one, Christmas diffuser and Christmas oils. Now, a couple weeks ago, I did a video for you guys with this warmer right here. We went through the basics of the diffuser. I said warmer diffuser. We went through the basics of the diffuser, and we were talking about the harvest oils. Today I wanna show you one of the really cool things about our diffusers, and then we’re gonna talk about the Christmas oils. So really cool thing about our diffusers.

Once you make the investment in the diffuser, and I would recommend, well, really, it doesn’t matter which shade you get first. Uh, most people get just one of the standard diffuser shades. This is one of them. And then with some of our different product lines, our different limited time offer releases, we offer new shades. So I am going to first of all, turn this one off and set it down to the side because we have an unboxing to do of the gorgeous, and I’m telling you, gorgeous new Christmas tree shade for the diffuser. It’s called Noble and Bright. Wait until you guys see this gorgeous, stunning, like all the beautiful words. Oh, you can already see it even in the plastic. Love it. All right, let’s get this box out of the way. Da da.

Okay, this is what it looks like, unlit. Now, I don’t know if you guys can see there are little tiny holes. This is almost like a green mercury glass type look, but there are little teeny tiny holes in the color of the glass. So let’s grab this diffuser again and pop it on and see what it looks like. So diffuser, let’s start it out just on like a, a plain light. It’s so weird how it does this flicker effect on the camera. I don’t know why that is, because it, it’s not actually flickering here for me, but it does on the camera. So all you have to do is take this shade off. Let’s go ahead and get some water in it so you guys can see exactly how it looks. I use bottled water. You don’t have to, you can just use tap water.

On the inside of the diffuser there’s a little fill line. You guys can’t see it on there, but that’s okay. Just know that it’s there. There is a fill line. I think it even says max. Yep, it does. So you put your water in, then you would put your oils in. But we haven’t talked about oils yet. So for now, I’m just gonna keep the water in there. Then I’m gonna put this back on and then I’m gonna put my shade on. So I’m gonna use this new noble, what’s it called? Noble and bright. So that is with the regular light guys. It doesn’t even do it justice with my camera light on here. What’s really cool is just like with the other ones, you can change the color. So that makes it a dimmer light. There is a candlelight flicker, although on the camera it always looks like a candlelight flicker.

Again, it’s off. So high, low candlelight flicker. Then off, if you push the light button and hold it in, it’s gonna rotate through colors. So it starts out with this gorgeous aqua that it goes into like a deep blue. Trust me, the camera’s not doing it justice. Here’s what’s cool though. You can stop it and lock it in on any color. So I wanted to wait till it got to red. I was gonna lock it in on that ’cause it’s like the perfect Christmassy look. It looks like there’s little red ornaments on the Christmas tree there. Oh, I missed it. It’s okay. We’re just gonna stop it on pink.

My light totally messes it up, but you guys are getting the idea. Now, as far as diffusing goes, you have a couple options there. Two, you have high, you have low, and you have intermittent. You can see here on the bottom there’s two buttons. One’s the light, one is the diffuser. So I’m gonna go ahead and push that. Let’s see if the camera’s gonna show it. Yeah, you can see a little bit. Yeah, there we go. So we are going to let that diffuse while we talk about oils. Now, first of all, before we talk about oils, ha ha, I don’t know what I want to talk about first. Um, diffusers. This is cool mist. This is not steam. It is not hot. It is a cool mist. Just so you know that when you’re diffusing oils, they should not be hot. Uh, essential and natural oils are best when kept cool, so you do not want them hot. This is our holiday oil three pack. It comes in this cute little tin 10. You have your information inside, but then you have your three oils down in there. Now when we talked about the harvest oils, <laugh>, this is like right in my face.

We’re gonna turn that <laugh>, I think it’s on intermittent, so it’s gonna start again in a second. We have three different oils. When I talked about the harvest oils, I could not really smell them. So I came prepared with little cotton balls. So I can put a little bit of the oil on the cotton ball to get a better scent of it. This is called Holly Jolly Jingle. Should I smell them first or read the descriptions first? I think it’s more fun when we smell them first. Oh, I can smell some of this right out the top of the bottle, but I can’t peg that. I think there’s some mint in it.

I can’t peg it. <laugh>, I’m gonna have to read it. Um, how did I get mint? It’s bergamot, cardamom and vanilla. Maybe it’s that cardamom and the vanilla because a lot of, not a lot of some foods have cardamom in it. Cardamom and vanilla. Yum. He’s good. He’s yummy. Okay, we’re gonna move on to soft and subtle cuddles. I’m gonna read the description first because I don’t like not knowing soft and subtle cuddles. Iris, golden, amber and sandalwood. This fresh cotton. This sounds like something I will definitely like. It’s interesting to me that they’re putting iris in a Christmas scent. Oh yes.

You guys have been watching me for a while. You know I love Woods Z since Yeah, that is, oh, that’s so good. Sandalwood though. Anytime there’s sandalwood, I’m here for it. Iris golden, amber and sandalwood. That’s warm. Ooh, that’s good. That makes me wanna cuddle up on the couch with a fuzzy blanket. Maybe that’s why it’s called soft and subtle cuddles. Yeah, that feels like a cozy blanket. If you uh, have ever smelled cozy cardigan, it doesn’t smell like cozy cardigan, but it gives me the same feels. So this last one is called For Goodness Sake. For goodness sake, coconut milk, white peach nectar, and buttered caramel. That smells delicious, but it’s not my normal scent jam <laugh>. So we’re gonna see not normally a foodie as far as scents go now. No legit foodie. Yeah, I’m there. Oh yeah, this one’s sweet. That peach really comes through. I feel like my husband would like this. It’s not one to come out. There we go.

That is like, that’s interesting that they put that in the Christmas line ’cause that smells like a cocktail to me. That smells like it needs an umbrella and a straw. What was it again? Coconut milk. Peach nectar and butter. Caramel, yeah. Give me an umbrella and a straw on a beach. That’s what that smells like to me. Maybe it’s different when it’s being diffused. I don’t know. But I am going to take my diffuser back apart because I wanna put some of that soft and subtle cuddles in. I liked that you guys can use as a little or as much as you want.

Come on. I like a lot. I like really strong fragrances. I like a lot. So I’m gonna put that in there. Put my lid back on, put my gorgeous Christmas tree on and we’re gonna get it going again. Here’s what I love about a diffuser. You can instantly smell it. I mean you can with warmers somewhat, but it takes a little bit for that wax to start warming with the diffuser. It’s, it’s instant. Oh, that is so good. That smells like I can’t decide if it’s like a cuddly blanket on a couch or like a yummy dude.

Either way. I like it. Alright guys, let’s talk pricing. If you get this as your first diffuser, so you need the base, the shade and everything, it’s one 40 if you, now this is us pricing. If you already have your diffuser base and you just need the shade for the Christmas time, that’s only $60. So huge savings. Once you already get your base, you can get different shades for a much more affordable, cheaper, thrifty, whatever word you wanna use. A lower price. Um, the holiday oils, they come in the three pack in the cute little tin that is $18. Each of these bottles are, I was gonna tell you how big five milliliters, five milliliters. That’s gonna get you a lot of diffusing, three of them at that size. Um, so if you guys are ready to grab your noble and bright diffuser or your holiday oil three pack, just go over to Jami Jo sells wax.com. You can find those there. If you have any questions about the diffusers or really any questions about Scentsy, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. You can reach me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0 or comment right here on YouTube and I’m happy to

Answer any questions there as well.

Guys, my name is Jami Jo and I’m so glad you stopped by and I hope that you have a sensational day.