Hello, my name is Jami Jo and you have found yourself on the channel of Jami Jo Sells Wax. This channel is completely and solely devoted to Scentsy products. I love to come to you and share product releases, product reviews, suggestions. Sometimes I even talk about the opportunity of the business with you guys. But today we have a very specific thing to talk about and that is stocking stuffers. Guys, Christmas is right around the corner and what’s even closer than Christmas is our cin. He’s Christmas cutoff date. So for the US, Scentsy recommends that you get your orders in by December 15th if you want to make sure that they will be delivered in time for Christmas. Now, different countries have different dates, but within the US it is December 15th, so that is right around the corner. So make sure that you are checking your list, looking at all the stockings that you need to be filling up.

’cause I promise you, I have Scentsy products for almost every stocking. So let’s jump right in and talk about it. I’m gonna talk about the three probably easiest ones right off the bat. These are great stocking stuff, stuffer ideas for anyone that has a vehicle. So we have three different price points, three different products. Our Cent Circle is I think, the most fabulous stocking stuffer ever just because of its price point at just $3. Anyone that has their very own car, I know they want it to smell great. So you have a lot of different options, like over 80 different options of fragrance in this Scent Circle. I’m often asked, what are the top selling fragrance or what is the best fragrance? If you are asking me for a fragrance for the car, I would probably have to give you four suggestions. Very first, very first suggestion for a scent circle would be Weathered leather.

I mean, it’s the closest we have to what they call New Car Smell. It’s smells amazing. I don’t know how Sy did it. I don’t know how they grabbed that fragrance of leather and threw it in their products, but they absolutely did. It really smells like leather. This is Clean Breeze. This is another one of my suggestions. This is just a fresh, clean, almost like a laundry fragrance. Great for anyone. My other two recommendations are Sunkissed citrus or cinnamon Bear. Now, while those are great fragrances, they’re both very, very strong. You know, usually if someone likes cinnamon or not, if they love cinnamon, cinnamon bear is the way to go. Sunkist citrus is another just good fresh, clean fragrance that is good for a lot of vehicles, but like I said, it is strong. All four of those very strong fragrances. If you have someone that maybe doesn’t like as much in your face fragrance, I would go for something like Aloe Water and Cucumber or Amazon Rain.

You really can’t go wrong with those. Okay, so I told you $3. When you buy five, you get one free. So that makes it great for if you’re having to fill a lot of different stockings. This was the um, lowest price point item, but we’re gonna take it up a notch. This is a car bar, so it works the exact same way. You’re gonna hang it from your rear view mirror. There’s a little elastic cord on there, same suggestions. This is the Sunkist citrus that I was telling you about. This one’s gonna last a little bit longer, little higher price $0.60. Still you can score on that. Buy five, get one free deal. So when you have a lot of stockings to fill, it’s a great option. Now this is a scent pack. Let me grab one outta the package to show you. This is like a fabric scent sachet.

So cutesy cutesy on the front, on the back. It’s like a um, mesh almost with fragrance beads inside of there. You can grab this in lots of fragrances as well. You can custom pick any fragrance for who you’re choosing it for. If you are purchasing these products for a dude, I would recommend something like Mystery Man or White Amber Antique. Those are great. Um, colony fragrances. So this one’s $7. Again, buy five, get one free. When you have a lot of stockings to fill, it’s the way to go. I do wanna let you know on that buy five get one free deal for these products specifically, you’re not gonna find those on the general website. I mean, they’re on the website, but you’re not gonna be able to find them just under that product category. Uh, go to Jami Jo sells wax.com and then go to the tab that says specials.

That’s where you’re going to find the bundle and save options. And that is what I was talking about on that buy five get one free. So those are great for anyone that has a vehicle, but sometimes people don’t drive their own vehicle. We still have got you covered and have some other products to share with you. This is our Scentsy hand cream. Did you guys know that we have a full bath and body line. My hands are a little dry right now, so I’m gonna go ahead and use it. We have hand creams, we have body creams, uh, hand soap, body wash, quite a few different bath and body products. Bath and body products are always fabulous to tuck down in a stocking, but just because of the size of most stockings, I have recommended the hand cream. Just breathe is my new favorite in our bath and body line.

If you like a eucalyptus mint, like stress reducer fragrance, that is the scent that you want. Just breathe. If you have someone in your life that is already a s Scentsy lover, they have warmers all over their house. They love s Scentsy products. Two things that are great to put in their stockings. Always a s Scentsy bar. Anyone that is already using S Scentsy products could always use more s Scentsy wax, and we have tons of fragrances to choose from. At any given time, we have 80 to a hundred different fragrances available to you. Did you hear me say buy five get one free. We’re gonna do that again on this deal right here with the Scentsy bars. Buy five, get one free. So if they are non-licensed, that makes it just $30 for a cent pack. That means if you have a lot of s Scentsy lovers in your life, you can grab that package deal and spread those s Scentsy bars out among several stockings.

Another thing that s Scentsy lovers are always needing is light bulbs. Our light bulbs come in four different sizes. So that is something to be aware of. If you’re not familiar with the size of the warmer that your your friend or family member has, I will tell you all of the little mini warmers are a 15 watt light bulb. So if you know that your person has some of these, just grab some 15 watt light bulbs and you are safe to go. Other than that, you can always look at either the bottom of a warmer or the cord on a warmer and it will tell you the bulb size that you need. Now this last product that I wanna share with you guys is one of my absolute new favorite products. This is our mini fan diffuser. Now I have a scent pod on here.

I’m gonna go ahead and pull it off to show you guys how this works. Just in case you haven’t seen it. Inside there is a fan and it comes with a short cord with a USB port on it. This means that you can use your mini fan diffuser in so many different places. A lot of people are putting these in their vehicle, but they can be plugged into a computer. If you want it plugged into a regular plug, just grab you an adapter and plug it into a regular plug. So this could be used absolutely anywhere. When you turn it on, that fan is going to spin around and it’s going to blow past your S Scentsy pod. These come in twin packs just like this.

There’s one missing because it’s in my hand. So there’s two in there. Again, great stocking stuffer size. These are only $10. These are only $15. So grab one of these. Grab a twin pack of pod at $25 is a fabulous stocking stuffer and still at a super duper affordable price. Now, I showed you this on top a minute ago. I do wanna show you a little trick. So when you gift your mini fan diffuser and your pods to your friend or family member, you can show them this trick. If you’re using this in a vehicle, a lot of times it’s not gonna just, you know, sit nice and neat like this. It’s going to get knocked around in the console or whatever. So if you pull off the little label sticker that goes around the pod, then you put your pod down on there, take that sticker and just wrap it around the pod on your mini fan.

That way if it, you know, gets tossed around, if it’s hanging out of the console, whatever happens, your pod is still attached on there and you’re still getting Scentsy yumminess through the mini fan diffuser. So all of these products are available at Jami Jo Sells wax.com. Remember that Christmas cutoff shipping date December 15th for the us. So make sure that you get your order put in before then you can grab all of these. Like I said, Jami Jo sells wax.com. If you have any questions, feel free to pop ’em in the comment section of this video. Find me on social media. I am very present on Facebook and Instagram. Or if you just wanna shoot me a text, you can do that too. Text me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0 and I’m happy to answer any questions that you have. Guys, my name is Jami Jo. I hope you have a fabulous Christmas, but today I hope you have a sensational day.