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Guys, today we are talking about a fragrance that I absolutely love. We are talking about squeeze the day. Now let me tell you a little something about s Scentsy fragrance. S Scentsy fragrance is fabulous with scent memory. Have you guys ever heard that scent memory? That is something where anytime you smell a certain smell, it just takes you back to an earlier time in your life, an event that happened, a place that you travel to. It can be any of that stuff. It’s just scent triggering a fabulous memory. Now this happens all the time to everyone.

You just not, might not actually know what is happening. I love the smell of squeeze the Day because it gives me a sip memory. You guys wanna hear about it? <laugh>, you’re going to <laugh> lemon cookies squeeze the day. Obviously it’s yellow, it says squeeze. It’s gonna be a lemon scent. Now, Scentsy says The description is a tart and true fragrance of pure lemons balanced by a hint of vanilla cream. To me, this is my Bebe’s Lemon cookies. Let me tell you a little story. Uh, my grandmother, my paternal grandmother, we affectionately called her be her name was Betty. She was the little tiniest thing, maybe four 10, just a cute little ball of sunshine when she was older in life. It’s when my husband and I were very first dating. We’ve been married 25 years, but when we were very first dating, we went over to visit Bebe and she had just made some lemon cookies.

Now let me tell you, these weren’t any extravagant cookie. She had this super fun recipe where she just took a cake mix and just added like maybe two other ingredients and it made a cookie dough. And so instead of the cake, it would make the cookies. And that’s what she had made with a lemon cake mix, drizzled a little bit of sugar on top where they had just enough crunch. And my husband was just being a sweetheart. My husband doesn’t like lemon, he doesn’t like lemon bars, he doesn’t like lemon cake, he doesn’t like lemon cookies, <laugh>. But he grabbed one of these cookies and took a bite of it and you know, just being super gracious and sweet to my, my baby, he said, oh baby, these are so good. These cookies are delicious. Well, something happened in her brain <laugh> and she thought, oh my goodness, Paul absolutely loves these cookies.

Anytime I know Paul is coming over, I’m going to make these lemon cookies. And she did just that. Now, Phoebe only lasts lived a couple more years, uh, after that happened. Bless her heart, she made those cookies every single time she knew Paul and I were coming over and he had to force himself to eat one of those dang cookies that he did not enjoy. <laugh>, every single time we went over to Bebe’s house, this smells just like those cookies. So I almost giggle every time I smell it because I think back to those lemon cookies that she just had to make for him that he could barely even stand, but he had to eat all the time. <laugh>. Phoebe, I miss you and I love you <laugh>. Now let’s talk about this fragrance and what other products come in this fragrance. Guys, if you hear a knocking in the background, there is no one at my door. I have a woodpecker problem at my house, <laugh>, I have an entire Cedar house and the woodpeckers have come to love my house. So pause for this quick commercial break while I go scare off some woodpeckers.

All right, scare ’em off. Uh, where were we? Let’s talk about the awesome products that this fragrance is available in. Of course, you’ve got the bars of wax. This is a current catalog scent that you can get the entire fall and winter season. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that they keep it in spring and summer. Now, if you’ve watched any of my other scent reviews, you know if it’s a catalog fragrance, you’re also going to get it in a scent circle and in a room spray. Obviously these are not bright yellow, so they are not squeeze the day. I will tell you I have a squeeze the day scent circle out in my little yellow car because color coordination, you know, it’s a thing. So since circles are fabulous to hang freely from your rear view mirror in your car or any other area of your home that you can maybe put up a little thumbtack like maybe a closet or something like that, um, where aesthetics don’t matter as much room sprays, you guys know what room sprays are for and you know what room they’re usually found in.

I will tell you a little trick with our room spray. If you spray it in the toilet bowl before you sit down to take care of business, it will trap all the sta stanks down under the water and flush them all away. And then all you smell is squeeze the day. <laugh>, how about that? Uh, if you wanna step up from the Scent circle, you can get a car bar in that sounded really Oklahoma car bar. Yeah, every once in a while my Okie accent pops out. You can get a car bar in Squeeze the Day. And if you are a fan diffuser fan, if you are a fan of the fan diffusers, um, we can get Squeeze the Day Pods as well. Those are all fabulous in the scent. But let me tell you what is absolutely amazing in the scent is our cleaning line of products.

You can get counter clean bathroom cleaner and the concentrate all three of those in Squeeze the Day. And it’s a fabulous scent for a cleaning product, especially the Counter Clean, which I leave in my kitchen. Uh, this is a different fragrance, but it, I just want you to see the size of the bottle. Squeeze the Day is an awesome, awesome choice for Counter Clean. You guys know I love to call this magic in a bottle ’cause this bottle is not just for your kitchen friends. I love to use Counter Clean to clean the, um, my shoes, my leather shoes or the the rubber rim about around all my shoes. I have used the counter clean to clean fabric, upholstery and cars. I’ve cleaned out lunch boxes, I’ve cleaned all the things with Counter Clean and I absolutely love it. Now, if you are an addict of Counter Clean like I am, you might consider getting the all purpose concentrate.

I would get one of each. So once your counter clean is finished, use the concentrate to just refill it up. It only takes one part of the concentrate three parts water and put it in the bottle and it works just as good. So grab both of those. So when this is empty, you have more of it. Now, if you’ve never used our bathroom cleaner, it’s freaking amazing too. It uses acidic acid that that’s not right. Acidic acid, that doesn’t sound right because acidic means acid. Let’s see, there’s a fancy word that I’m looking for and it is not coming to my head.

It says this Ammonia free spray smells great from the first swipe to the last and is formulated to remove mildew, soap scum, and grime with ease even works well on bathroom fixtures. I don’t know what acidic word I was trying to think of ’cause it’s not in that description. I don’t know, but it works amazing. I know that. And it doesn’t like choke you up like so many nasty bathroom cleaners. Like, you know when you spray some of the bathroom cleaners, like you inhale it and you oh, you can’t breathe. That’s not gonna happen with the Scentsy bathroom cleaner. Let me tell you, it works on that soap scum. I promise you it really does. Can you guys tell I love Squeeze the Day? I really hope that you give this scent a try no matter which product you get it in. Um, I am using it in several different products.

I love it. In my counter clean, of course I’m using the wax. I told you I had one in my car. This is an amazing fragrance if you love the scent of lemon. But it’s more than just straight in your face. Lemon, it has the sweetness of that lemon cookie or as the description says, vanilla cream. If you’re a fan of lemon, get you some squeeze the day. I promise you, you will not be disappointed. You can grab all Scentsy products at my website, Jami Jo sells wax.com. If you have any questions about this or any other Scentsy products, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’m on Facebook and on Instagram, both under Jami Jo Sells wax. Or you can text me direct, I’m fine with that. Uh, text me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0 and I’ll be happy to answer any questions that you have there as well. Guys, my name is Jami Jo, I hope you go squeeze the day and have a sensational day. <laugh>.