Hey there friends. Today we have another fragrance review. I am so excited about this. I’m really surprised that I’ve not talked about this one before now because it is my husband’s all time favorite s Scentsy fragrance. I have been selling S Scentsy for 15 years and of all the fragrances that have come and gone in that period of time, this is my husband’s favorite fragrance. Today we’re gonna be talking about silver bells. Now, don’t let the name fool you. This is not a Christmas scent. Now it is one that comes out every fall and winter season, so it is technically one of their holiday fragrances. It’s in their holiday line, but to me it’s not a Christmas fragrance at all. Hey guys, my name is Jami Jo and you have found Jami Jo sells wax here on YouTube. I love to come to you guys, share with you new products, share with you tips and tricks, and like this video, talk to you guys about each s Scentsy fragrance, let you know what different scent notes are in it and what this fragrance is perfect for.

So let’s go ahead and jump right in talking about this fragrance here called Silver Bells. Like I said, my husband’s all time favorite fragrance. In fact, I, on my last order, had to order more silver bells because he rated my stash. He needed some more at his office. It is such a good light, fresh, yummy scent. Like I said, it’s in the holiday line, but to me it’s not a holiday fragrance at all. I smell a little bit of peppermint in there, but definitely some caramel, definitely some vanilla. It’s just so light and fresh and clean. Let’s see what S Scentsy has to say about this product. It says mint candy canes dance over warm and welcoming winter pear. Interesting. I didn’t know there was pear in it. All envelop, enveloped in a velvety blanket of caramel and vanilla sugar. So candy canes, pear, vanilla, and sugar.

It just smells so good. So think of like those mint fragrances, but then you throw that I guess pear, I just smell the caramel and vanilla. You take that candy cane, you throw the caramel and the vanilla on top of it to kind of chill it out to, to give it a little calming of that strong mint fragrance. And that is what you have with silver bells. It is such a really good fragrance. Let’s look at some other products that it comes in. And I’m really, really excited because I <laugh>. I mean, yes, I’m a CZI consultant. Yes, I look at this catalog all the time, but I realized it came in a product that I didn’t even know and uh, don’t, don’t tell Paul he doesn’t watch my videos. It’s fine. Don’t tell Paul, but his Valentine present. It has been ordered because of this video.

<laugh>. Alright guys, he loves Silver Bells. He uses the wax all the time. But I was thrilled when I looked in the catalog and saw that it came in pods. If you guys don’t know what pods are, these are pods. They are perfect for any of our fan diffuser products. We have a lot of them mini fans, wall fans, tabletop fans. The Scentsy go, which is the rechargeable and then this bad boy back here. The air purifier here is how they all work. It doesn’t matter which product I’m talking about, there’s a fan down inside when you turn it on, depending on the product, that’s gonna depend how you turn it on. But it’s gonna start that fan blowing and it’s gonna blow past these pods, which are just a plastic cage of scented fragrance beads. It is going to blow past those fragrance beads and put out the fragrance everywhere.

It’s fabulous for a no mess fragrance option. Now I did not realize that we had Silver Bells in pods when I got to looking at my catalog before doing this review, I was going through to see what products it came out and it this catalog season, it was a brand new item in pods. Somehow I missed that, but that’s all right. It’s perfect for me because I now can get Paul the perfect Valentine present. Um, he has loved silver bells in, of course his office, but also in his car and he’s always used this and I’ll tell you, I mean I love our sense circles, but they don’t last that long. So he goes through a ton of these in his truck. You’re just gonna get two to weeks worth of fragrance out of these, but they’re only $3 and buy five get one free.

So that’s fine. But guys, these mini fans are absolutely perfect for a vehicle. Now this is the one that I’m going to gift Paul for Valentine’s Day. It looks very dudeish, right? He has a big jacked up truck that’s gonna be perfect in there. Now this is the one I have in my car. Now I didn’t pull this outta my car, I have an extra one, but this is the one I have in my car. It just screams my name. You guys know that I wear a leopard a whole lot, but let me show you why this is so awesome for the car plugs right into the USB on your car. And then, I mean it’s a little short cord. I tuck mine down in a little console, but there’s this fun trick that you can do with the pods so no matter where it’s hanging or if it gets tossed around in that little middle console, I don’t have to worry about the pod falling off.

All you have to do like this little sticker thing, let me show you on this one. This little sticker thing is actually around the top of the pod. So you just find where the edge is, pop your nail under there a bit, give it a couple good scrapes, and that sticker pulls right off of there. So you just pull the sticker off and then you wrap it around the mini fan diffuser and holding the pod on there. How perfect is that? So you don’t have to worry about the pod falling off of the mini fan. So for Valentine’s Day, I mean Paul and I usually don’t, we’ve been married 25 years, we buy whatever we want, we travel all the time. Like that’s our love language really. We don’t usually do Valentine gifts, but so I don’t know that it’s like a a real gift.

I’m just gonna wrap it up on Valentine’s Day. I guess that is a gift, right? <laugh>, I don’t know. But he’s gonna get this mini fan for his truck and I’m gonna get him like a massive stock of these Silver Bells pods because I am like 99.99% sure that they’ll be discontinued at the end of February because in March, on March 1st we switched to the spring and summer catalog. So chances are it’s gonna be discontinued. So I need to stock up now. I’m gonna get mass quantities of Silver Bells, get him the mini fan diffuser, he’s gonna be hooked up for Valentine’s Day. But like I said in several, several, like all my videos of scent reviews, if you have a bar of wax that is a catalog fragrance, you automatically can get it in a scent circle and in a room spray. So we always know that if it’s in the catalog, you get these two.

Of course, we’ve purchased more than our fair share of set circles in Silver Bells. Uh, I think he might have a room spray in it up at his office. I’m not sure. One really cool thing about our room sprays stay tuned. It’s kind of kind of secret but not top, top secret. We are changing the formulation of our room sprays. They have always been oil based. So if you get it now, it will be oil based. If you get it after March 1st, it’s going to be a water based room spray. So I’m anxious to see what that means for like Scent longevity and different things like that. For right now, I can tell you I know that our room sprays are super strong and last a super, super long time. So if that is important to you, I can assure you in our oil-based room sprays, that’s what’s happening.

So grab one now. Room sprays are eight. Scent circles are three bars of wax, six pod twin packs, 10. All of those products, our buy five get one free of the like product. Now when I say like product, I don’t mean that you have to get the exact same fragrance every time. I just mean you have to get five scent bars. Buy one, buy five, get one free buy five room sprays, get one free so you can mix and match those fragrances on those. Now here’s the thing, when you wanna do that deal, it doesn’t automatically happen on the website. You need to go to the tab that says specials and then bundle and save. That’s where you’re gonna find those deals. Always. Our smaller products like that are buy five get one free. So make sure that you go to the specials tab on my website.

That is Jami Jo sells wax.com. Grab all this now, especially if you’re wanting some silver bells. Like I said, 99.99% sure it’s gonna be gone at the end of February. So grab it now and we will just hope for the best that it, it comes back next follow winter. I will promise you that I will have it on Scentsy Club because Paul would not be happy if it discontinued and, and I didn’t put it on club to make sure he always had it. So Silver Bells will definitely be on my Scentsy club before the end of this catalog season. Guys, if you have questions about this awesome fragrance, these really cool products or anything else Scentsy related, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. You could put it in the comments of this video, reach out to me on social media, Facebook and Instagram on Jami Jo Cell’s. Wax both of those or text me direct. I’m totally cool with that. You can text me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. That’s it for today. Um, what was I gonna say? Oh yeah, my name is Jami Jo and I hope that you have a sensational day <laugh>.