Hey there guys, and welcome to Jami Jo sells wax here on YouTube. I am so excited to do a review of a brand new scent collection with you guys here today. Now my name is Jami Jo and I’ve had a partnership with Scentsy Fragrance for 15 years. Now that means a lot of sniffing Scentsy bars and a lot of smelling different wax collections. And let me tell you that this collection I think is dead on for this season that we’re in for Christmas. Now, scent inspirations is what they’re calling this collection. They did their very first scent inspiration collection last year with vanilla bean buttercream and this year they’re doing Christmas cottage. So I wanna know, tell me in the comments below, what is your favorite s Scentsy fragrance that you wish they would do an entire collection on? Now these inspirations take that one very popular Scentsy fragrance and they kind of get playful with it and start making different creations with it.

Now you can do your very own spins on different fragrances or make your very own fragrance creations by mixing and ma matching your very own s Scentsy bars. You can create any smell that you want by a bar of, or a cube of this, a cube of that, and just start mixing and having fun. But Scentsy has taken the guesswork out of it with this collection. I want to go through it with you, give you my take on it, give you Scentsy’s description on it, and at the end I will let you know how you can get your hands on your very own sensation wax kit so you can enjoy them this holiday Season two. First of all, how cute is this little box? Now, if you have someone in your life that you know loves spicy and cinnamon fragrances, this is giftable right here.

Now I will tell you most of these fragrances in this box are are cinnamon and spicy. So if you have someone in your life that that is their jam, grab this, stick a bow on it, put a tag on it and it is ready to gift. But let’s open it up and see what we find inside. Now first of all, <laugh> is something that was made specifically for this collection. Now all of these bars were made specifically for this collection, but we’ve never seen this before. This is one of our scent circles, which is just a cardboard disc soaked in our fragrance oils perfect for the car, but they can also be used a lot of different places. I have put a push pin on the back of my closet door and used it there. I’ve seen a lot of people hang these in the area where their trash can is kept.

Lots of different options for how you can use our scent circle, but this one instead of just a plain old circle, is a cute little house because it is Christmas cottage and it is in the fragrance Christmas cottage cider, which we will find in this box. Now I do wanna let you know I gave you a couple different uses, uses for this Scent Circle. Make sure that your scent circle is hanging freely. You don’t want it to be touching a plastic dash or anything like that because there are fragrance oils in this and especially a car dash or anything like that. It can actually melt the plastic. The fragrance oils will do that. So make sure that it is free hanging and um, not up against anything. Make sure of that. Alright guys, since inspirations Christmas cottage, let’s start with just plain Christmas cottage. Now this is a fragrance that is available in the catalog all of the fall and winter season. It is a fragrance that has been around for forever and a day. I think we had Christmas cottage when I first started 15 years ago. So I’m not gonna say that it’s been around forever and ever and ever, but it’s been around a long time.

This is like the epitome of Christmas. It’s a very, very cinnamon. It reminds me of big red gum. It’s just strong cinnamon. There are some cloves in there, I believe I do get a little hint of orange. Um, s Scentsy’s description, a cozy inviting blend of Valencia oranges, raspberries, cloves and spices. So that is the traditional Christmas cottage. And all of the other scent bars are a spin off of this one. So they’re all gonna have some little hint of Christmas cottage in them. So since we were talking about Christmas cottage cider in that scent circle, that special scent circle, let’s go ahead and jump into it. Now we have a couple different cider fragrances and I am a big fan of cider. I’m curious to see how it plays with Christmas cottage.

Honestly, I think the cinnamon kind of overpowers the cider. I mean it’s a good fragrance, but maybe I’m a little disappointed ’cause cider is like one of my jams. I love cider since and I really feel like the Christmas cottage is heavier than the cider. A great scent, a great holiday scent, but I’m really not getting the cider. Um, they tell us brew some homey vibes with mold, spices, cinnamon stick and valencia orange. Good fragrance. Maybe not one of my favorites, but that’s okay. We have tons and tons of different fragrances. So there’s one for everyone. Christmas cottage wreath. So I’m gonna assume by the name and by the color that there’s gonna be some pine in this <laugh>. Oh, I like this one. This one is good. Definitely pine. You’ve got some very strong pine in that with the cinnamon on top. Now we have quite a few other fragrances that are a mixture of pine and cinnamon. I feel like the pine is strong here.

I’m really pleased with this ’cause I love woodsy fragrances. Pine is one of my favorites and the the cinnamon does not overpower it on this. Okay, let’s see what all’s in it. Christmas cottage wreath deck. The halls with refreshing eucalyptus. Okay. Oh I get it now. Yeah. Eucalyptus, spruce, sprig and a sprinkle of crushed clove. I really like this one. This might be going in my Scentsy club. Um, you’re not familiar with Scentsy Club. Anytime we have a limited time offer bar but you fall in love with it, you can add it to s Scentsy club and they will always make it for you even after the collection is gone. Alright guys, we’re gonna round out this collection. There’s only four bars in this collection. We’re gonna round it out with Christmas cottage mint. I mean I can assume what’s in this. It doesn’t wanna come out. I always like to smell the bar from the bottom. Our oils are heavier than our wax, so the fragrances sometimes settle at the bottom. Okay, now this one, the mint is, is good and strong on top of the Christmas cottage too. That’s interesting that the cider kind of got mellowed out, but the the spruce and the mint both held their own. That’s really interesting to me. Now our scent of the month this month is meant to be merry.

Oh, much more cakey. I was thinking that maybe they were very close but meant to be Merry has much more cake in it. Christmas cottage mint is kind of like somebody’s chewing big red gum standing next to somebody chewing double mint gum <laugh>. How’s that for a description? Alright, cin, he tells us harvest spice and winter mint mingle in the invigorating morning air. So if you like mint but also like cinnamon, that is the fragrance for you. Now guys, there’s two different ways that you can get this collection or two different ways that you can buy it. Um, you can jump on my website and this collection is available right now. You can go to Jami Jo sells wax.com and grab that. I gotta put that sent circle back in there before I forget. Jami Jo sells wax.com. Grab it there. You can type in sent inspiration and find it that way.

You can also shoot me a text anytime at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. I’m happy to help you with your order. Now let’s talk pricing. You can get these bars individually and they are $6 I I wanted to check and make sure, ’cause sometimes they don’t sell them individually. You can, you can get these bars individually for $6. You can grab this whole set, the four bars and the cent circle. That’s $23. The really cool thing is these bars can go in our normal three packs and six packs. So if you’re doing a custom three pack pick or a six pack pick, but you wanna try one of these, you can do that that way. And like I said, don’t forget if you fall in love with one of these to add it to your s Scentsy club. So s Scentsy will always make it for you guys. I’m pleased with this scent collection. Three out of the four were a big thumbs up from me. I definitely will be adding that Christmas cottage wreath to my s Scentsy club order and I just think you guys will really like it. So check it out. My name is Jamie and I hope that you have a sensational day.