It is time for another Scentsy fragrance review. Hi guys. My name is Jami Jo and I am an independent Scentsy consultant. I’m actually a superstar director within the company. I know that sounds like a crazy made up title <laugh>, but it’s not. Uh, I’m a superstar director that is the top level of consultants within the company. I have been working with Scentsy for over 15 years now. I started with them all the way back in October of 2008 as a little baby consultant and I’ve worked my way up through the company loving every single minute of the journey. I love s Scentsy products. They smell so good. What I love about s Scentsy products is that when you change the fragrance or scent in a room or in a space, it truly can change the atmosphere and it can change the feel of the whole area.

So this is something that is super affordable, that can have big impact in your day-to-day life. Now it’s not gonna cure cancer, it’s not gonna do any crazy stuff like that. But when we’re talking about mental health and and how you feel in a given situation, that’s important. That’s super important in how your atmosphere can affect your mood and how you just go about your day-to-Day life. Today we are talking about an amazing fragrance. I have yet to find someone that did not love this fragrance and I think it’s safe to say that in this current season, this is my all time favorite fragrance. We are talking about Scarlet Sunflower. Now I am a lover of sunflowers here. You might see there lover of sunflowers. I love all things sunflowers. I love how bright they are, how cheerful they are. But do you remember back in the day, if you’re old enough, <laugh>, back in the nineties there used to be an Estee Lauder fragrance that was just called sunflowers.

I loved that fragrance. I wore that fragrance when my husband and I first started dating. So it’s a little sentimental to us. Both of us still absolutely love that fragrance. And last year when Scentsy came out with Scarlet Sunflower, I had high hopes when it was first announced and then when I smelled the fragrance, I was so excited because it does have that nostalgic feel for me that that, you know, first love feel for me when I smell it because it takes me back to that time that Paul and I were first dating. But it has kind of a new little spin on it. It’s not the exact same as that fragrance. There’s something a little different. I absolutely love it as I’m smelling it, I’m flipping through the catalog so I can give you the exact description of it. But it is very much like the old school Estee Lauder Sunflower perfume.

It just makes me smile every time I smell it. Okay, let’s jump in. This is what Scentsy tells us about it. Interesting that it’s called Scarlet Sunflower, but it is in the fruity category. They say it’s juicy apple and a hint of red cranberry, a brightened by a scarlet sunflower turning to face the sun. So definitely has that sunflower in it, but some apple and some cranberry as well. This is a fragrance that I absolutely added to my s Scentsy club last year. They discontinued it at the end of fall and winter season and I wanted to make sure that I was not without this fragrance. To me, it is not seasonal at all. This is a year round fragrance that I want in my life all year long. So that’s why I added it to my S Scentsy club. If you did not know about S Scentsy Club, it is a preferred customer subscription program.

You get to choose how often you want it shipped, either monthly, every other month, or every third month. You get to decide how much of each product you want in that shipment and there are different discount levels along the way. I have entire videos just about s Scentsy club, so if you want a little more information about that, go to um, my main page here on YouTube and there’s an entire playlist about Scentsy Club so you can find all the details there. But like I said, this is a fragrance that I want in my life all the time. Thankfully they have a couple different products in that fragrance and I’m thrilled to say that they introduced it in our cleaning line. This catalog season. All of our catalog fragrances come in three different products. You have the scent bar, you have the Scent Circle, and then you have a room spray.

Now I ran out of my Scarlet Sunflower Room spray. I have one on order, it should be here any day this week. But since I didn’t have one on hand to show you, I just grabbed another bottle of room spray to show you the size. These are three products that I do not go without in this fragrance. I always have a wax on hand. I love the scent circles in my car and like I told you, I’ve already gone through a full bottle of room spray and let me tell you, that’s a big feat because usually room, room spray bottles last me forever and ever and ever. But I found myself spraying this all the time ’cause I want this fragrance everywhere. It is that good for me. Like I said, I have not heard of one single person that does not like Scarlet Sunflower since they’re pretty specific.

And usually I can always find someone that’s like, eh, not for this one. So I, I have full confidence in recommending it to you no matter what type of fragrances you like. I told you that we just brought it out in our clean line and that’s something I was really excited about. Now our clean line has three different products. This is our counter clean. So you can see the size of the bottle. Now they call it counter clean, but I really think it’s misnamed because I call it magic in a bottle. Yes, it was designed to clean counters and on the description level, level on the description label, it says that it is to be used on any sealed counter surface. However, I highly recommend counter clean for cleaning several different things around your home. If you have littles at home and they have a lunchbox for school, you know how nasty that thing can get.

This is fabulous for cleaning out lunchboxes. I love to use my magic in a bottle, AKA counter clean to clean my shoes. Especially that rubber rim that goes around the bottom of tennis shoes. I’m kind of a shoe snob. I absolutely love shoes and my favorite is a good white sneaker, a good white tennis shoe. But it drives me crazy when they get dingy. So I am always using Counter clean on my shoes. I have a friend that just told me that she used it on a stain on her shirt and it worked fabulously. I have not tried that yet, but she swears by it to clean stains off of clothing. Truly magic in a bottle. If you have never tried counter clean, you need to add one to your next Scentsy order. ’cause I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. So counter clean. We also have a bathroom cleaner, same size bottle.

Obviously it’s for cleaning bathrooms, so it’s going to clean well, but it has citric acid in it that’s gonna cut through that. Um, soap gum, mildew, mold, all that icky stuff that happens in a bathroom. That citric acid is going to help clean all that stuff up. So not the the nasty awful chemicals that you can find in the stuff at the big box store. Yeah, there are still some chemicals in it. We want it to work well, but it’s not going to like choke you out from all the fumes of some other cleaners that you might come across. Then we have to round out the clean line. We have all purpose concentrate. Obviously this is in a different fragrance, but it is available in Scarlet Sunflower. So you can see the size difference of the bottles. It’s a concentrate. So you guys know what that means.

You’re gonna take a small amount of this and mix it with water. This says, uh, I thought it told me how many bottles. It just says Dilute before using. It says to use three parts water to one part concentrate. So you’re gonna get a lot of bottles. I’m wanting to say it was like six out of this. They don’t put it on here. They probably don’t put it on here ’cause they don’t know what size bottle you’re using. But one part cleaner to three parts water. So if you know you love it, it’s gonna work very similar to the Counter Clean. If you know you love the fragrance, grab you the concentrate because it’s way more cost effective. I would suggest grabbing one bottle of counter clean and then a concentrate. That way you have the bottle to refill over and over and over again.

If you have not used Scentsy’s clean line, you need to give it a try because I absolutely love it. Now, cleaning’s one of the things I hate to do in this world, but we all have to do it, you know, so you might as well make it smell good, right? <laugh>, if I have not sold you so far on the fragrance of Scarlet Sunflower or the Counter Clean, I don’t know what else I can do right now. Let me just say, get you some Scarlet Sunflower, get you some counter clean. I recommend Scarlet Sunflower, but if you want a different fragrance, go for a different fragrance. But grab those two products. You will not be disappointed. You can grab all of these products at Jami Jo sells wax.com. Feel free to ask me any questions that you might have in this video. You can find me on social media or feel free to shoot me a text. My number is 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. I’d be happy to answer any questions that you have there. I think I’ve covered it all. I think I’ve told you my little heart’s desire for Scarlet Sunflower. So on that, let’s go ahead and end this. My name is Jami Jo and I hope that you have a sensational day.