Hi guys. Welcome to Jami Jo sells Wax here on YouTube. Today we are doing a scent review of a Scentsy fragrance and I am so excited about today’s scent review because it is one of my all time favorite fragrances. Hi guys, my name is Jami Jo and I have had a partnership with Scentsy Fragrance for 15 years now. So I told you today we’re doing a review of one of my all time favorite fragrances. Just think how many fragrances I have been able to experience in 15 years of s Scentsy. Now we have two catalog seasons every year and each catalog season has usually about 80 different fragrances. That’s a lot of different fragrances over my adventure with s Scentsy. But today we are talking about one of my all time favorites and you guys saw it in the title of the video, but today we are talking about winter berry apple tea.

I think this one came out maybe three years ago. It was probably around 2020, maybe 2021 that this came out and I immediately fell in love with the fragrance. Now while I’m gonna talk to you today about Winterberry apple tea, I want you to put in the comments what your favorite fragrance of all time with Scentsy is to see if anyone agrees with me and is loving Winterberry Apple tea. Now I love this fragrance because it, to me it’s a little bit sweet, but it’s not one of those that’s like super sickening sweet and it’s not like a straight fruit smell, it’s not a bakery smell. It’s got like so many different um, levels of fragrance in it that I just think it’s an amazing, great balance of good fragrance. Right At first, you are immediately going to smell a deep dark fruit. You can smell a little bit of honey on top of it, but then as you settle in on the fragrance, you are gonna feel the warmthness of the tea and you absolutely can smell the tea in it.

Now over the summer we had one that was, I think it was Raspberry Hibiscus tea, a great summer take on Winterberry apple tea. So a lot of my customers love Winterberry apple tea and then in the summer I turn them onto that newer fragrance. Winterberry Apple Tea is just a great fragrance for really any space. Whenever I come on here and I do fragrance reviews for you guys, I like to recommend what area of your home or what area of your life that fragrance is good for. And Winterberry Apple Tea is one of those fragrances that honestly I can say it’s good anywhere. It’s a great kitchen fragrance because it does have that food undertone even though it’s not a straight foodie smell. But also it’s great for just living spaces because it’s not too much of any one thing. Now usually I completely steer away from food fragrances for the bathroom, but this one somehow works.

So I told you what I smell in it. Let’s look at the catalog to see what Scentsy tells us. Going straight to the catalog here for the description, it is winter tea cozies up to cranberry apple and honey. Now there’s no cinnamon or clove or spice or anything like that in there, but I think it’s the the tea undertones that kind of give that that warmthness and not really spicy, but a similar scent family that you might find in a cinnamon or a clove. So winterberry apple tea, I absolutely love it. Let’s look at what Scentsy products come in this fragrance. Now of course you can get the wax any fragrance that I’m doing a review of for you. Wax is our first and foremost of all our fragrance items. So every single fragrance comes in the wax. Great thing about the wax is you can buy it individually, just one bar.

You can do a three pack. The best way to grab it is a six pack because anytime you buy five, you get one free and you can mix and match that anytime. Now if you’re ordering online, the website does not automatically do that deal. So when you go to my website, make sure that you go to the specials tab so you can get that best deal on Scentsy Wax. So wax first and foremost, make sure that if you’re trying out Winterberry Apple Tea, that you grab it in the wax. You can also grab it in a room spray. This obviously is not winterberry Apple Tea, but this is our room spray. This stuff is potent. It might look like a little bitty tiny can, but this can is gonna last you a long, long time. You do not need to do like endless sprays like you do from the stuff from the big box store one squirt and you’re good here.

I recommend you either squirt it in the toilet, if you’re using it in the bathroom, you squared it in the toilet either before you sit down or after you flush either way, or you spray it on a square of toilet tissue and just lay that right on top of your trashcan. I don’t recommend spraying this in the air of tiled or wood floor surfaces ’cause it can get really slippery. So just keep that in mind. But our room sprays are absolutely amazing. This can is only $8. Like I said, it’s gonna last you forever and ever and ever. One of our other beloved products is our Scent Circle. So it’s just a cardboard disc that you can hang from your rear view mirror and we can have that in any of our catalog fragrances as well. Winterberry Apple Tea is a great fragrance for your car because it is strong enough to be noticed, but it’s nice and warm, it’s not too overpowering for that small of a space.

Now I really love scent packs for the car and I love the scent pack, especially for my SUV because I just tossed this bad boy all the way in the way back back because I don’t have to worry if this touches anything. It’s not gonna bother anything. There’s no scent oils that are gonna make a mess or anything like that where the Scent Circle, you need to have this bad boy hanging freely the Scent Pack, you can toss this sucker anywhere. So I absolutely love it for my SUV. But the great thing about scent Packs is these really can be used anywhere. So think of your dresser drawers, put it in your closet, put it in a suitcase, like I said in your car. Um, when my kids were in high school, they loved to have a scent pack in their locker because they would open their locker and everyone would be like, oh my gosh, what smells so good?

So very, very versatile. Only $7. I didn’t tell you this is only $3. Now all of these products buy five, get one free of the same product. So keep that in mind when you’re looking at stocking up. We can also get winterberry apple tea in the pods. So if you’re not familiar with our Scent Pods, you need to check out one of my videos on the wall fan diffusers. I think I have a video called Mess Free Fragrance. That is definitely the video you need to watch to hear all about pods. I would go into it in detail, but I wanna spend the rest of our time talking about fragrance flowers. ’cause I love the fact that Winterberry apple tea is one of our fragrances for our S Scentsy fragrance flowers. Now I’m showing you two different ones here. These are the flour designs that Winterberry apple Tea comes in.

This is Darling Dahlia. So if you like that flower design, darling Dahlia is what you want. If you prefer this one, buttercup bell is what you want. Now let’s talk about these fragrance flowers. $16, great price point that gets you the jar of oil. Obviously this one’s empty, but the jar of oil and the flour of your choice, all that you have to do is unpackage them. Pull the stopper out of your oil and then just drop your flour down in there. This is gonna work like those old school reed diffusers. You know the ones that where the sticks that came out works the exact same way. Would you believe that this is actually wood, this flower is actually wood. It is solar wood. These are hand tied in India and they’re amazing. They last so long, so long, like two to three months long.

And remember a $16. What a great price point for a practical product that is going to last so long. I love to have a fragrance flower in my bathroom ’cause I have what’s called, I call it a potty closet. You know the room with just the toilet with the little cabinet above it. No outlets, no other way to plug in a Scentsy product to get good fragrance. So the fragrance flower is my go-to for my potty closet bathroom. But fragrance flowers can be used anywhere. I know a lot of people that get these to place them on their desk at work because they’re beautiful and they smell great. So I was thrilled when I saw that they were bringing fragrance flowers in winterberry apple tea. Guys, if you want to order any of these products, you can jump over to Jami Jo sells wax.com right now. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. You can reach me in the comments here. I’m all over social media. Or you can shoot me a text at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. Guys, my name is Jami Jo and I hope that you have a sensational day.