Hey there friend. I am so excited that you decided to pop pie, pop pie, pop pie. No, we’re not making any chicken pop pie. I’m excited that you decided to pop pie. Jami Jo sells wax here on YouTube. My name is Jami Jo and I have had a partnership with s Scentsy Fragrance for 15 years now. I started all the way back in 2008. I just fell in love with the products and quickly became an addict of s Scentsy products. Uh, decided to get a great discount by hosting a sentiment. Uh, you know, I thought, what the heck? I’m just gonna jump on board. Started my partnership back then and I have been loving it ever since. I love s Scentsy products, I love sharing them with people. And then I also love talking about the s Scentsy opportunity with anyone that is interested in that.

So if that intrigues you, if you love s Scentsy, if you always wanna hear about all the things, make sure that you subscribe to this channel. Today we are doing a sent review and I’m so excited about today’s sent review ’cause it’s one of my favoritest smells at all. So I wanna know before we jump in, I don’t wanna tell you what we’re doing today actually. Who am I kidding? It’s in the title of the video, <laugh>, you know what scent we’re talking about today, but I wanna know what is your favorite s Scentsy scent? So put it down in the comics below. I wanna know what s Scentsy fragrance you absolutely love. I thought I’d be a little surprise person. A little full of surprises, but it’s in the, it’s in the title. Who am I kidding? Very snowy spruce. That’s what we’re talking about today.

Now I love this fragrance at the holidays. It’s, it’s not an all the time fragrance for me. This is a Christmas fragrance for me. This is the Christmas fragrance for me because that is a Christmas tree. Like to me, there’s no other way to describe this. That is the smell of a Christmas tree. You go to a Christmas tree farm, this is the smell you walk outside of Lowe’s or Home Depot at a Christmas season. This is the smell. Now I am a lover of woodsy fragrances. So I love woodsy fragrances all the time. But this one to me is not an all the time fragrance. In my opinion. This is simply a Christmas fragrance. But there are specific reasons that I love it for Christmas time. And I am going to tell you why. When I tell you about what products this fragrance comes in.

First I told you my scent description. I mean it’s not really a description, it’s just that it’s Christmas tree Scentsy tells us in the catalog, they have all these fancy schmancy descriptions of all the scents and it says, breathe in fresh forest air, balsam, spruce and cedar branches embrace the warmth of amber and woody pine cones. I think they listed like every kind of Christmas tree that there is. Balsam, spruce, cedar pine. Yeah. What other words can we use to describe a Christmas tree? But those words right there. So if that doesn’t tell you it smells like a Christmas tree, I don’t know what’s gonna convince you. It smells like a Christmas tree. So let’s talk about what products come in this fragrance and then we’re gonna talk about where you’re gonna use it. My nose is itching like crazy. We’re gonna talk about where you should use this fragrance.

Now I say it’s a Christmas, Christmas, Christmas set, but I think that this might work for a car fragrance as well, especially for a a Dudely dude car. Or if you love pine fragrances. Now these two products are great for your car. This is a sense circle. I’m showing you other fragrances, but it’s just ’cause I don’t have every single product in every single fragrance. These come in very snowy. Spruce a scent circle. So this is just a cardboard round that you can hang from your rear view mirror and it smells like Christmas trees if you get it in very snowy spruce. These are only $3 in the us. Great price point. When you buy five, you get one free. Now I will tell you that these are not gonna last super duper duper long, but they’re only three bucks. So there you go. If you want something to hang from your rear view mirror but you want it to last a little bit longer, grab one of these bad boys.

This is what we call a car bar. These are $6. Again, you can get it in very snowy spruce. It’s gonna last a lot longer, like maybe up to two months, $6 where this, you’re gonna get like two weeks, maybe three weeks tops here you’re getting like two months tops. Um, also buy five, get one free. All of our smaller products are buy five, get one free. So keep that in mind when you’re shopping any of the smaller consumable items that buy five and get one free is the deal to go. So of course we have wax. I didn’t even say that. Of course we have wax and guess what? Hmm, buy five, get one free. Yeah, so our wax bars are $6. Mix and match those. Buy one, get one, buy five, get one. Free deals. Was I saying buy one get one free?

I hope I wasn’t, ’cause it’s buy five get one free. ’cause I’m losing my mind today. I don’t know what’s up with that. But buy five, get one free mix and match all of those fragrances. You can also get a room spray in very snowy spruce room sprays last forever in a day that that can might look small. It’s like the size of my hand, but these last forever. Okay, moving on to why I love very snowy spruce and it is because it comes in pods and you can use a wall fan diffuser. So I am a user of an artificial Christmas tree. However, I still want my living room to smell like Christmas and smell like I have a tree in there. That’s why I put one of these wall fan diffusers behind my Christmas tree. Behind my Christmas tree. No one even knows it’s there.

But I put the very snowy spruce pods in it and everyone says it smells like a real tree. If you are not familiar with our wall fan diffusers, let’s talk about it. So first of all, plastic, very hard to break. There’s the best part. I mean there’s really a lot of good parts, but that’s a really good part about this, how they work. So you’re gonna plug it in. You have the plug there. If you have the crazy plugs, we got you boo. You can turn it sideways, you can turn it upside down. I’m pushing a little button on the bottom before I do that, you could turn it upside down. However your plugs go when you plug it in and push the button on the front, this little fan inside is going to start blowing when that fan starts to blow. And you have the scent pods in there.

You could put one or two, depends on how strong you like it. So these are like a little plastic cage with fragrance beads inside. So when you turn that wall fan diffuser on, you just pop those down in there. It’s gonna smell so good and put that top on there. You have the button on the front. This indicator ring does light up when it’s on, but trust me, you’re gonna know that it’s on because you will smell it. It’s gonna smell instantly. So plastic, I’m gonna say non breakable. I’m, I mean I’m sure somebody could take a hammer to it and break it, but non breakable, um, mess free. No worries about wax spills, none of that. So I know the kids get a little rambunctious around the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. You don’t have to worry about it because this is a nom mess fragrance option right here.

Now you can get just a regular wall fan diffuser if you want. We have some that have a downlight here, so you could put it in the hallway after Christmas and have a little hallway nightlight that again, get some different flavored pods for all different seasons. And it’s a product that is not just for Christmas, but you can use it all year long. So that is my favorite product in very snowy spruce is I get my wall fan diffuser and I use the very snowy spruce pods. Now I’m a lover of warmers and wax, so I’m using it in my warmers at Christmas time as well, right around my Christmas tree. Alright guys, hopefully I’ve convinced you that this is the best fragrance for Christmas tree smell because it absolutely is. You guys can grab it at Jami Jo sells wax.com. Like I said, you can get all of those smaller products and buy five get one free.

You’re gonna need to go to the specials tab on my website to get those Buy five, get one free deals, they’re under the under bundle and save on specials. Um, if you guys have any questions about this or anything else since you related, you can always shoot me a text at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0 and I’m happy to help you there. I think I’ve covered just about everything I can cover about very snowy spruce bottom line. I love it and I think that you will love it too. My name is Jami Jo and I hope that you have a sensational day.