Hi there guys. I am so glad you are here with me today at Jami Jo sells wax. Thank you for stopping by. I’m so glad that you’re here. Chances are, if you stopped by this video, you love S Scentsy Fragrance. This video is for you. I love S Scentsy Fragrance too. I have had a partnership with s Scentsy Fragrance for over 15 years now. I started wor working with them all the way back in October of 2008. I had started as a customer but quickly became an addict. Perhaps that’s you and that’s okay. You’re among your people here. Um, I decided that I loved Scentsy so much and I wanted to be able to get it at a discount and also be able to share it with my friends and family. So I decided to become a consultant. Now, if you love S Scentsy Fragrance, whether you’re a consultant or not, if you love s Scentsy Fragrance, you need to make sure that you subscribe to this channel and that way you will always know when I have posted a new video, I love to come to you guys and talk to you about different products within s Scentsy, different fragrance within s Scentsy, share with you why it’s so awesome and maybe sometimes teach you something new which might happen today.

So today we are doing a S Scentsy fragrance review of a fragrance that we have had for a very, very, very long time. But if you look for this fragrance polar bear hug in the catalog prior to say 2020, you’re not gonna see it. You’re not gonna see it in the catalog because this has on undergone a name change. Now some of our fragrances over the years have had their name changed for several different reasons and there’s like so many different reasons I don’t even want to go into them, but Polar Bear Hug used to be a fan favorite called Eskimo Kiss. So if you loved the fragrance Eskimo kiss and you were super sad when you saw that it was discontinued, I have great news for you because we do still have the exact same fragrance. It is just now called Polar Bear Hug.

So let’s talk about this fragrance and let’s talk about where I think it is best used and what products you can get in this fragrance. I really love this fragrance ’cause it’s light, it’s fun, it’s fruity, but it’s clean at the same time. And it’s interesting for a fragrance to be fruity but also fresh and light. Those usually don’t go together but, but together they’ve got it down on this fragrance, I think it smells super great S sense. He tells us this is their little fragrance mix spiel about it. They say it’s blackberry jam, caramelized brown, sugar, vanilla, and amber in a softly romantic scent. So you have the fruit in there, you have the blackberry jam, you have the sweetness of the brown sugar, you have the calmness of the vanilla and the woodiness and earthiness of the amber all mixing together for a delightfully fresh fragrance.

Now I will tell you if you prefer fragrances that are strong and in your face, this might not be the fragrance for you, but if you like a calm, relaxing, and chill out fragrance, this could be the one for you. Polar bear hug is a great option during the holiday season. So it is listed in our holiday line, but I will tell you that I don’t smell this and instantly think of Christmas. Usually we think of Christmas with cinnamons and pines and this has neither of those but is a, it is a fresh, clean, like cozy, cuddly winter scent. So that’s what we’re working with here with Polar Bear Hug. Now let’s talk about what products you can get polar bear hug in and where you might use those products. You can get one of our Scentsy room sprays in Polar Bear hug. I think this is a great, great scent to use in several different areas of your home.

It’s a great bedroom scent because it is so soft and subtle, but it’s a great living room scent too because it’s fresh and it’s clean. Also great for the bathroom, although I tend to like stronger fragrances in my bathroom personally, it is nice and fresh and clean. So that’s great for a bathroom as well. Those are all wonderful places for you to use our S Scentsy room spray. But like I always like to warn, please do not spray this in the air of a room that has either tile or wood floors. It is going to make your floors very, very slick and it could be a little bit dangerous if one of your kiddos or something goes flying through there super fast and that floor is slick. So just know that this is intended to be, um, sprayed on a toilet tissue square and put in your trash can.

You could spray it in the toilet or feel free to spray it in areas that have carpet that you don’t have to worry about those slick floors. But our room sprays are absolutely amazing. Now, polar bear hug is a great fragrance for the car. It is lighter but since the car is a very small area, you don’t always need a super strong and in your face fragrance. So we have a couple different options that are great for the car. We have the scent Circle, we have the car bar, which is just a step up. A scent circle is only $3 but it’s only gonna last a couple weeks. A car bar is $6 but it’s gonna last quite a bit longer up to two months. Now personally I love to use a cent pack in my SUV because I can just toss this all the way back in the way back back of my SUV and I don’t have to worry about this free hanging anywhere.

These two products right here need to be free hanging. There are fragrance oils in those that can harm the dash of your car or the the surface of anything that it might set up against where with a scent pack, those fragrance beads are fully encased in this fabric sachet. So you don’t have to worry about those fragrance oils harming a car dash or anything else like that. Now we can also get polar bear hug in our s Scentsy pods. If you’re not familiar with our s Scentsy pods, you are missing out. I’m quite likely one of our best product lines. So a Scentsy pod is just a plastic cage. This one’s not polar bear hug, but um, plastic cage filled with those same scent beads that we saw inside of the Scent Pack. There are a couple different products that you use the Scentsy pods with.

We are coming out with more and more every day talking about car fragrance. This is a fabulous way that you can get long lasting fragrance in your car. That is to get one of our mini fan diffusers. This is our cute cheetah print, but we have several solids or marbleized prints as well. You’re gonna plug this into the USB in your car and pop that pod right on top. I’ve just pulled the sticker off the edge of it and wrapped it around. So if in my car my mini fan diffuser gets to thrown around or whatever, you know, we don’t, I don’t have the neatest car. I mean it’s not a pig pen but it’s not super neat and it’s never gonna sit just flat and stay there. So that little sticker holds it on super duper easy. So that is great for in your car.

Polar Bear hug is a great fragrance for a nursery. I love this fragrance for a nursery and this is an awesome product for the nursery. So mess free fragrance, you have that fan down in the bottom, you plug it in. This base can twist sideways or upside down if you need it to. You can pop in one pod or two, put that plastic top back on and push this button. We have wall fan diffusers, um, like this one that don’t have a downlight or we have some that do have a downlight. So if you need a nightlight in a bedroom or a hallway, like I said in a nursery, this is a great option for you. You just push that button, that fan starts and you have instant fragrance in that room and no worry of little fingers playing in the wax. Now we’ve stepped it up this year and given you a tabletop fan diffuser so it comes with the cord as well.

Plug it in here, plug it into the USB. You have an on off button there. It still has that fan down inside this is a ceramic high quality, looks similar to a warmer, but it is that mess free fragrance option. Now with those pods, you can also use it for our Scentsy Go, which is our rechargeable fan diffuser and that awesome thing right there. Our air purifier. You can also put the, the pods in the top of the air purifier. It’s gonna clean the air and fragrance at the same time. So many products that you can get polar bear hug in, but it is a super yummy fragrance for this holiday season, really any time of year. If you are a lover of Polar bear hug, what used to be called Eskimo Kiss, make sure that you add it to your Scentsy Club because I think this is a fragrance that could be used all the time.

But it is one of our seasonal fragrances and chances are it will be discontinued at the end of this season. If you add it to Scentsy Club. Scentsy will always keep making it for you. No matter this season, no matter if it doesn’t come back or not, you can always get the fragrance of your choice if you have it added to Scentsy Club guys, you can get Polar Bear hug products at Jami Jo sells wax.com. If you have questions about this or anything else Scentsy related, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. You can find me on most social media outlets under Jami Jo Sells Wax. Or you can shoot me a text at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. Guys, my name is Jami Jo and I hope that you have a sensational day.