Hi there guys. Thanks so much for stopping by. Jami Jo sells Wax here on YouTube. I am Jami Jo and I am thrilled to say that I have been a Scentsy consultant for over 15 years now. I joined Scentsy all the way back in October of 2008, and I have been loving Scentsy products since even before then. But sharing the love of S Scentsy products with my friends and family and my customers for those 15 years now. And today I am thrilled because we are going to be talking about one of my all time, all time favorite fragrances with S Scentsy. Now, I’ve told you guys before that I’ve had favorite fragrances, but I wanna let you know that today’s fragrance that we are talking about is actually one of the very first s Scentsy fragrances that I ever enjoyed. When I made my very first S Scentsy purchase, I think it was in August of 2008, I found Scentsy at a Area Church craft fair.

And I fell in love with the warmers and the wax because I was a kindergarten teacher at the time, and my classroom was Steiny Steiny. Not all the time, but especially after recess on a hot day in Oklahoma. Um, kids bring in all different kinds of smells and they’re not always good. They’re rarely good. Anyway, Scentsy, I thought I found the answer to my problems. We obviously couldn’t have candles in a classroom. So this wickless candle that I could plug in and it just warmed with a little light bulb and melted down the wax. That was the answer for the smell in my classroom. So I purchased a warmer and three bars of wax that day. I purchased this one Clean Breeze. I also purchased Simply Irresistible and Cucumber Lime. Both of those have been discontinued, but this one right here, clean Breeze is one of the classic fragrances from Scentsy and they still offer it 15 years.

It’s never left the catalog. So we’re gonna talk about what products you can get in Clean Breeze, but I wanna make sure that you stay with me because I have a huge, really cool thing that I wanna tell you about Clean Breeze near the end of this video. So first we’re gonna talk about the fragrance, all the products that you can get it in, but then teaser. There’s some products that you might not even know about that are like top secret products that you can get in Clean Breeze. So the reason that I chose Clean Breeze when I first grabbed since you for my classroom is because it was just that clean. I just wanted a fresh and clean scent. I didn’t want it to smell like anything in particular. I just wanted my room to smell good. That’s what I wanted. And Clean Breeze was the answer.

Now, a lot of people say Clean Breeze smells like laundry out on the line, and I don’t disagree with that. It is just fresh and clean. It reminds me of clean laundry. Let’s see what Scent Notes are in it. Like I said, I think this is maybe one of the longest standing fragrances in the catalog. Clean Breeze it. It says that it’s white florals, but let me tell you, I’m not a fan of the florals and I don’t get floral when I smell it. It is in the fresh category, white florals with a touch of spring. This is the scent of fresh, clean laundry, and that is exactly what I get from it. Fresh, clean laundry. So if you are looking for just a good clean fragrance, this is the one for you. Now it comes in many, many, many different products. I’m gonna kind of zip through those pretty quick because I wanna get to that super fun and exciting news that I wanted to share with you.

We can get S Scentsy Clean in a Room Spray. If you’ve never tried our room sprays before this, a little teeny tiny bottle definitely packs a punch. I have room sprays that have been in my bathroom for years and years and years because one little squirt is all that you need. Our room sprays are fabulous. You can also get Clean Breeze in the Scent Circle. So this is a great, great product. It just hangs freely from the rear view mirror in your car. I have also seen people put like a thumb tack on the back of a closet door and let it hang in there. That’s an option as well. The thing with our sense circles, honestly, they’re not gonna last that long, but they’re only three bucks. So you’re gonna get two to three weeks of great fragrance. With our scent circles, they’re still gonna smell amazing.

They just don’t have that long of a scent life. Now, if you’re looking for something that has a little bit longer scent life, you can also get it in our car bar. Clean Breeze comes in our car bar. We have several, several, several products that work great for the car. The car bar works just the same. It hangs freely from the rear view mirror, $6, but you’re gonna get up to two months of fragrance with the car bar. You can get Clean Breeze in our Scent pack. So this is just a fabric scent sachet made for our S Scentsy buddies to go in the back of our S Scentsy buddies. But these little sachets can honestly be tossed anywhere, dress or drawers, linen closet, suitcases, lockers at school, gym bags, any, any anywhere because you don’t have to worry about it Free hanging. The scent is encased in little beads inside this fabric bag so you don’t have to worry about it free hanging and don’t have to worry about those oils bothering any surfaces.

So toss this Bad boy anywhere. Speaking of those little plastic scent beads, our pods have the exact same scent beads inside there. So our Scent Pods are great for any of our fan diffuser products. So we have the mini fan diffuser, we have the Wall fan diffuser, we now have a tabletop fan diffuser. Our S Scentsy go our air purifier all use S Scentsy pods. So Clean Breeze is a great fragrance to have on hand for your s Scentsy pods. Uh, those mini fan diffusers work great in the car as well. And then this is one of our newer products. This is a travel twist. You can get this in Clean Breeze as well. So it’s just a plastic disc and you can give it a little twist. There’s like a little piece of felt fabric or something in there that has the oil on it.

And you can put these bad boys a lot of places too. I’ve seen a lot of people getting a command strip sticker or command Velcro, whatever you wanna call it, putting it on the back of that and using it in their trash receptacle or their diaper pale. So both great spots for our travel twist. Alright, are you guys ready for the big announcement? Yeah, I think you are. Now this is Clean Breeze. That is the name of this fragrance. We used to have a S Scentsy laundry product that was called Scentsy Clean. Let me tell you guys, it was the exact same fragrance. We could not use the name Clean Breeze in Laundry products because it had been trademarked, copyrighted, whatever you wanna, whatever that is, buy another company for laundry products. Now we can still use the name for all of our other products that we have that fragrance in, but when we had it for our laundry products, we had to change the name to just Scentsy Clean.

Many people loved s Scentsy Clean, myself included. I love vintage clothes. And while as amazing as they are, sometimes they have a bit of an odor, whether it’s uh, great grandma’s perfume or just an old musty house. And I found that Scentsy Clean was the fragrance that could overpower all of those nasty smells that were on my vintage and retro clothes. Sadly though, this last catalog transition, Scentsy announced that it would be discontinuing Scentsy Clean and the laundry products. And many of us came together in in great sorrow at Big Tears. That Scentsy Clean was no longer available, but, but I have some great news friends. Scentsy has started something brand new and it is only for club subscribers. Now, if you have never heard about Scentsy Club, it is our customer loyalty program. And I have full videos just on the benefits of Scentsy Club, so you should check those out.

But if you are a member of S Scentsy Club, you can get our washer width tub, our big giant tub of washer widths. This is obviously not S Scentsy Clean, this is Fiji flour, but our big giant tub of washer widths in Scentsy Clean and also our laundry liquid in s Scentsy Clean. But it is exclusive, exclusive to S Scentsy Club members only. So if you are a lover of s Scentsy Clean Laundry Products, you must be a member of Scentsy Club and jump on board to that customer loyalty program so you can get your favorite thing. Again, this is, I mean, it’s no longer top secret ’cause I just blasted it to all of you two. But a lot of people don’t know that Scentsy Club members also get other exclusive items. They change, but there are some really cool things on there that have never been released in the catalog.

Some things have only been available to consultants or there’s things like this, like since you clean laundry products that are, um, like cult favorite among Scentsy addicts that you can only get if you are in Scentsy Club. So guys, clean Breeze is the cleanest and freshest fragrance that Scentsy offers. If that’s what you’re looking for. You need to get some now. Now when you’re talking about these smaller items that I showed you first, the room spray, the scent circle, the bars, things like that, they are buy five, get one free of the like item. However, the website doesn’t do that automatically. So you need to go to the specials section of my website, go to Jami Jo Sells Wax and click on specials. You will find all of those bargain deals on there. That is the best way to get your S Scentsy. If you are thrilled about this news about S Scentsy Clean Laundry items and you need to start with club Jami Jo sells wax.com. And up at the top right, you’re gonna see a button that says, uh, join the club or Start Club, something like that. If you have questions about this or anything else sy related, feel free to leave me a comment here on the video, find me on Facebook or Instagram or shoot me a text at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. Guys, my name is Jami Jo. I love sharing Scentsy goodies and Scentsy tidbits of information with you, and I hope that you have a sensational day.