Hey there friend. I am so glad that you are here. Welcome to Jami Jo Sells Wax here on YouTube. This is a channel completely and solely devoted to Scentsy Fragrance. I am Jami Jo and I started a partnership with Scentsy Fragrance all the way back in 2008. So been working with them and their products for over 15 years now, and loving every single minute of it. We have been doing reviews of s Scentsy Fragrances now I love to tell you guys about the Fragrances, but also tell you about tons of other Scentsy products, s Scentsy, special s Scentsy deals, and also the opportunity of partnership with S Scentsy. So if any of that intrigues you, make sure that you subscribe to this channel, but also know that you can reach out to me anytime by commenting on any video or shooting me a text at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0.

Like I said, today we are doing a fragrance review and I am doing a fragrance review of one of the best selling fragrances for Scentsy fragrance. Woo. Let’s see if we can focus here. Focus, focus, focus. It’s one to focus on Sebastian back there. How weird is that? All right, we’re not gonna do that. Uh, cin Cinnamon Bear. Cinnamon Bear. Yeah, it’s one of our bestselling fragrances. Like I said, I’ve been selling for almost 15 years now. I think that this fragrance has been in the fall and winter catalog, at least all of those 15 years. I know it’s been a super, super long time. So Cinnamon Bear, it’s just straight up cinnamon. Straight up cinnamon in your face. So it’s named after, I didn’t even know this was a candy. I thought that like all gummies were fruit flavors. But then when it was mentioned to me, it brought me back to like my childhood, childhood, childhood.

Like really young childhood. I do remember my great granny having some cinnamon bear candy, so they’re like gummy bears, but they’re a little bit bigger and they just taste like straight up cinnamon. I remember them because I remember how hot they were in my mouth. <laugh> as a little bitty kid, but I don’t know that I have enjoyed any cinnamon bear candies as an adult. And I love cinnamon flavor in my mouth. It’s not necessarily my favorite smell for my home, but I do love cinnamon candies. So that is exactly what this smells like. Now, Scentsy’s description says that there’s a little bit of clove in it, but I, I don’t smell it. Uh, crisp, spicy cinnamon with a touch of cloves.

Okay, you can, you can say that, but all I smell is cinnamon. This is like, um, what is that? Big red gum? Not the soda for you Texas people, but Big red gum. That’s what the smells like. It’s just straight up cinnamon in your face. Cinnamon. So let’s talk about where this fragrance is best suited in your home and in your life and different ideas for this fragrance. Now let me tell you, I already told you I’m not a super fan of cinnamon fragrances, but my mother is <laugh>. My mom loves the scent of cinnamon and it’s kind of funny because just like decorating has trends and fashion has trends, I think that fragrance is due to, ’cause most of my customers the age of my mother, I’m just gonna say like 55 ish to 70 ish, that 55 and up, let’s just leave it 55 and up.

I find that they are my customers that are buying the most of the cinnamon fragrances. I feel like my age and younger we’re not really digging the cinnamon. So maybe it’s just like a trendy thing. I don’t know from that era, is that a thing? I don’t even know. But Cinnamon. Let’s talk about what products you can get from S Scentsy. Fragrance in Cinnamon. Of course the wax, we’ve got your wax. So if you have warmers, you need your wax. There you go. $6 a bar, you can always buy five, get one free on any of our smaller products. Buy five, get one free. But it’s not gonna automatically do it on the website. You need to go to the specials tab and then look at the bundle and save options. That’s where you’re gonna find them. Um, you can also get Cinnamon Bear in Room Spray.

Obviously this is not Cinnamon Bear, but you can get Cinnamon Bear in Room Spray Cinnamon is a great fragrance for the bathroom just because it is so strong it can overpower any other odors that you might encounter in the bathroom. So I always recommend Cinnamon Bear. Also Clean Breeze or Sunkist Citrus for your bathroom room spray. Those are great options. You can get Cinnamon Bear in our cent circles. So these were made really to hang from the rear view mirror of your car. They are only $3. I didn’t tell you room sprays are eight and I’m, I’m talking US pricing here. Cent circles are $3. Both of these you can do the buy five get one free deal since circles are not gonna last that long. But friends, they’re only $3 and you can get six of them per 15. They’re not my favorite product, but they are great as a little giftable item.

They’re a great, great little stocking stuffer, anything like that. Some people love these. I just think that there’s better options for car fragrance and I’m gonna tell you about that in just a second. I do want to show you this. If my camera focus will help. Look, I just have to cover up my face and it’s gonna focus in, this is a travel twist look, I pressed my luck there. This is a travel twist. It is one of our newest products. It is just a plastic disc and you give it a little twist and it opens up as much or as little as you want. So inside of here there is like a, almost like a felt pad that they have soaked in fragrance oil. This reminds me of the thing like I think it was in the nineties, like I think they were called Stickups, if I remember right.

So what a lot of people are doing is on the back of this, they are putting a command strip with the Velcro or whatever kind of command strip you wanna put and putting these in trash bins and diaper pails. So it’s called a travel twist. It’s designed to just go anywhere, anywhere, anywhere. I will tell you the scent throw on this is not the best. So I think it is well suited for areas like the trash bin or the diaper pill, like confined areas. It doesn’t have great scent throw for large areas though. Just know that going in. Now here’s what I wanna recommend for the car and really so many different areas of your life. You can get our s Scentsy pods in cinnamon bear. What I love to do in my car, I have one of these, it’s our mini fan diffuser. So it comes to you like this and then it just has the little plug that I just grabbed outta there.

Why did I do that? I don’t know. Um, so this is a USB plug. My car has a USB plug in it so I can plug it right into my my car. You could plug it into a computer or if you don’t want to use it for the USB, you can get the adapter plug just like you would for charging your cell phone. You can do that too. So when it is plugged in and it’s going, this fan on the inside starts blowing and it blows past a Scentsy pod. When you put that on there, the fragrance is great. The scent throw is fabulous. What I love about it in my car is that this only goes when my car is on. So I’m not wasting a bunch of fragrance when I’m not in my car. Now my car isn’t maybe always the cleanest and maybe yours isn’t either and this is gonna get tossed around and whatever, whatever.

Um, and that’s gonna fall off of there. So here’s my little trick for you, my little tip. These pods have the fragrance listed on it on the edge with a little sticker. I should have like pre-done this, but if you find the edge of that sticker, you can pull it right off of there. Then you put it on top of your little mini fan and then you take your sticker and you wrap it around like that. Then if your mini fan in your pod get tossed around in your car, it’s attached. So you don’t have to worry about the fragrance pod, the Scentsy pod coming off of the mini fan. So that’s my little tip, my little trick for you. Pods $10 each, buy five get one free friends and the little mini fans are only $15. That’s a really good deal. Sometimes we have ’em on the clearance section, different colors that we’re getting rid of, but uh, even on the regular at only $15, that’s a great price point. Um, so Cinnamon Bear, what do you think? Do you love cinnamon? Do you not? I’m curious. Tell me in the comments. Um, I gave you my opinion. I’d love to know yours, <laugh>, if you are ready to order any s Scentsy products, go to Jami Jos ax.com. You can get everything that you need there. Like I said earlier, if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out and text me. 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. My name is Jami Jo and I hope that you have a sensational day.