Hi guys. Welcome to Jamie. Joe sells Wax here on YouTube. I am so excited to come to you guys today to talk about the quintessential Christmas fragrance. I’m excited for a couple different reasons. Number one, I learned how to say that word, quintessential. I, I’ve tried to say it in a couple videos a couple times and I never knew if I was saying it right. I took the time to look it up on Google. Quintessential, quintessential, it’s my word of the day. So we are going to be talking about the most popular, the highest sought out, the best selling Christmas fragrance there is from Scentsy fragrance. So if you have never joined me before, let me introduce myself. My name is Jami Jo and I have been working with S Scentsy Fragrance for over 15 years now. I started my s Scentsy business all the way back in 2008, and I have been loving fragrance this entire time and I really enjoy sharing it with my friends and family, my customers, and coming to you guys every single day with a fun video, a tip, a trick, a recommendation, or a review.

So let’s jump right into it because we have a lot of products to talk about today. Today’s fragrance, like I said, it is the most Christmassy fragrance out there. Now, let’s just get this out there right now. This has a lot of cinnamon and spice in it. If you’ve been watching me for a while, you know this is not my jam. However, this is Christmas. Christmas cottage is the most christmassy smell that there is, even though it’s not my typical fragrance that I would warm the week of Christmas. This is it. So this reminds me of <affirmative> Kirkland’s <laugh>. Do you know the store Kirkland’s? Do you guys have one of those around you? We have those here in Oklahoma. It’s like a home decor, home furnishing store. But this is exactly what the store smells like. Strong cinnamon and clove, but there’s a hint of sweetness in there.

Scentsy tells us that it’s a cozy inviting blend of Valencia oranges, raspberries, clove, and spices. First thing I smell is definitely the cinnamon, but that might be because I’m not a huge cinnamon fan, right? At first it hits me with like big red gum. That’s the first thing I smell. But as I continue to let the fragrance linger, I can smell the sweetness of the oranges and the raspberries. It’s just a great little mix of fragrances. So if you are a fan of Cinnamon, this is for you. If you love the smell of a Christmas store or just the smell of Christmas in general, this is for you. So let’s talk about all of the fragrances that this product, no, I said that backwards. All of the products that this fragrance comes in. And then I have a fun little thing at the very end, a special item that I wanna share with you guys that is out for just a limited time offer.

So first of all, let’s talk about the Scent Christmas cottage and all the different products that you can get in this fragrance. First we’re gonna start out with the car products. So Scent Circle, obviously the ones I’m showing you are not Christmas cottage ’cause they’re gonna be red, like fire engine red. But a Scent circle is the most affordable of the S Scentsy fragrance products. This is made to hang freely in your car or anywhere else that it can hang freely. It is going to have that fragrance of Christmas cottage. And then down here at the bottom, it’s going to be labeled with Christmas Cottage, only $3. When you buy five, you get one free. Wonderful, wonderful stocking stuffer. The great thing is with these buy five get one free deals, you can mix and match the fragrances. So you can grab a Christmas cottage to put in your car.

Now grab a couple different ones for people as stocking stuffers and then maybe grab you a fresh, clean scent for January when you’re ready for that change. Those are going to last just a couple weeks. This is going to last a little bit longer. Um, I would say max two months here. It works the exact same. It needs to be free hanging instead of it being marked on the disc itself or the the car bar itself. It’s going to be labeled on the Elastic. This one I’ve had a while. You can barely see that. It says Squeeze the day, but it does. So it is labeled. This is going to, like I said, last a little bit longer. The thing that you want to remember about fragrance is fragrance and heat or sunlight are enemies. So any product that is heated up or sitting in the sunlight is going to the, the fragrance is going to go away a lot faster.

So another product that I really enjoy for the car is the Scent Pack. The reason I love the Scent Pack is because since the fragrance is encased in this fabric bag with fragrance beads, this bad boy can be tossed anywhere. You don’t have to worry about it free hanging. That means that you can tuck this away in a console, under a seat in the way back, back of your SUV and it’s going to be hidden from the sun a little bit. And it is, this fragrance is not going to to go as fast. It’s not going to be gone as fast. So scent packs are another great option for your car. Like I said, this is kind of like good, better, even better. And then I think what is best is our Scenty Scent Pods. Scenty Pods. Scenty Scent Pods, yeah, they’re like a little plastic cage and they have those same fragrance beads inside that the Scent Pack has.

But what you’re going to need to grab is one of these mini fan diffusers. Now, I love my cheetah print. They also come in just basic colors. So this is going to plug in in your car at the USB or if you don’t have a USB outlet in your car, you can grab one of those cigarette lighter adapters to be A USB. There is a fan down inside of this, behind the pod, and when you plug it in and the car is on, it’s going to blow past that fragrance pod and blow the fragrance in your car. Here’s why I think this is the best fragrance product for your car, because it’s only going to be blasting out that fragrance when your car is turned on. So the scent circle, the car bar, even the scent pack, they’re going to be releasing fragrance all the time.

And a scent, a scenty pod, I mean, it’s not completely closed off, but it’s going to blow more fragrance when that fan is turned on. So going to last a little bit longer, you can also grab Christmas cottage in the room spray. This is a fabulous choice to have around Christmas time ’cause you can just do a quick freshen up in any room of your house with that Christmas cottage. Another great option if you love the scent Christmas cottage is we have our fragrance flowers and Christmas cottage. Now this one is obviously just my display. This jar would come full of oil and you just dip the little, um, I guess it’s a wick wick down in the oil. This is solar wood. So the wood will soak up the oil fragrance and disperse the fragrance out into the room. We have a couple different flower designs.

You can leave it just plain color like this. Or if you tip the edges with sharpie marker before you put it down in the oil, those colors are gonna bleed through the wood petals and change the color of the flower. So these are all our, all the time offerings for Christmas Cottage. I teased you at the first that I had a little surprise for you. I do wanna let you know that our inspiration for 2023 is Christmas cottage. So if you love the Scent Christmas cottage and it’s like an all the time fragrance for you, you might think about getting this set of S inspirations. Here’s what you get in this cute little box. The first thing is a scent circle, but in a cute little house design in Christmas, cottage cider. So it’s like a Christmas cottage and and a cider had a baby.

It’s really super yummy. Then you’re going to get four different fragrances. Again, all Christmas cottage theme, you have Christmas cottage mint, we have Christmas cottage wreath, the traditional Christmas cottage, and then a bar of wax in that Christmas cottage site, or the same scent that the Scent Circle or Scent House comes in. So if Christmas Cottage is your fragrance, this is the set for you. It is a limited time offer, so don’t wait to grab it. Go ahead and jump on jb joe sells wax.com right now to grab that. That is where you can get any of these products, Jami Jo sells wax.com. So jump on there. If you’re looking to do any of those, buy five, get one free deals. Make sure that you go to the specials tab. They’re not gonna be under just the regular fragrance selections. You need to look for the tab that says Specials, and you will find the bundle and save, combine and save. I forget what we’re calling it these days, that tab there. If you have any questions about this or anything else since you related, feel free to reach out to me on social media, Facebook, and Instagram. I am Jami Jo sells wax, or if you wanna shoot me a text, you’re welcome to do that. You can reach me at nine 1-888-969-ZERO. Guys, my name is Jami Jo and I’m here to make your nose happy. Also, I hope that you have a sensational day, day.