Hey guys, welcome to Jami Jo sells Wax here on YouTube. I am your host Jamie. Joe and I have been working with S Scentsy Products for 15 years now. 15 years, I can’t believe it. I partnered with Scentsy all the way back in October of 2008, and I have been loving their products ever since. I love to share them with my friends and family and my customers, and I’m here sharing it with you today. Today we are talking about Scentsy’s top selling fragrance of all time. Did you guys hear the periods like of all time, this is the fragrance that Scentsy has sold the most of. And I would do that whole put in the comments what your guess is la la la. But you guys know because you saw the title of this video today we are talking about Black Raspberry Vanilla. Now, I’m not sure how long this fragrance has been around.

I do know that it’s been around since 2008 for sure, because it has always been in the Scentsy catalog for as long as I’ve been selling it. Now, black Raspberry Vanilla is a fragrance for those of you that love a deep, dark, warm, fruity fragrance, but obviously from the name of it, there’s some vanilla in there too. You can smell all the dark fruits. I, I can, you know, it’s hard to peg one certain one, but there’s definitely raspberry, there’s some cranberry, there’s some mulberry. Just so many of those great yummy dark fruits in this fragrance. Now I have a really fun trick with black raspberry vanilla. We’re not gonna have the time to talk about it today. So I will shoot a video to share with you guys next week. I’m not sure what day, but next week make sure that you have subscribed and followed to this channel because I’m gonna show you how black raspberry vanilla can help you clean out all your nasty gross S Scentsy dishes.

You guys know how they can get so crusty sometimes, especially if you use a lot of red waxes or tend to leave your waxes in your dish a little longer than maybe they should be black raspberry vanilla is going to help you clean those dishes. So make sure that you’re subscribed to the channel. So you can see that video next week. But today we are going to talk about all of the products that come in this amazing fragrance. And I’m not gonna have time to go into big detail over all of these products because there’s so many of them. Like I said, black raspberry vanilla bestseller of all time. A lot of people love this fragrance. So we are going to jump right in to the different product lines that you can get this fragrance in. And I’m gonna go in a little different order than I normally do.

Usually I start with the room sprays and the scent circles and all that stuff, but we’re gonna jump right past that, we’ll come back to it. But we’re gonna talk about Scentsy Laundry today. The entire Scentsy laundry line of products is available in black’s, raspberry, vanilla. Let me tell you, this is one of my all time favorite Scentsy products. I know I have a handful of products that I say that about, but Scentsy Fresh is legit the deal. So I love Scentsy Fresh in so many different areas of my house. S Scentsy Fresh is a fabric refreshing spray. So it’s completely safe to spray on fabrics and you don’t have to worry about it harming any of those fabrics. I love to use Scentsy Fresh every day when I make my bed. I should say that differently every day that I make my bed. <laugh>.

I don’t make my bed every day. Do you <laugh>? Some people do. I think my mom does. I don’t. But when I do make my bed, I love to spray it with s Scentsy Fresh. ’cause when I go to climb in to those sheets at night, that smell is just, it’s amazing. Sprayed on my pillows. I like to spray this in the carpet in my car. It’s a great car refresher. I usually do that on days that I’ve really given my car a really good detail. I take the Scentsy fresh and spray down the carpets in the car. You can use this on um, upholstered furniture. Like I have a chair in my living room that has fabric upholstery. The rest is leather. That wouldn’t really work. But, uh, pillows, blankets, uh, curtains. If you have curtains in your house, anything fabric. Guys, I’ve been known to spray my son when he was a little bit younger, still living at home.

He smelled a little, little, I don’t know what word to use. Musty. Musty. A little musty when he was leaving the house. Uh, ’cause he was in charge of doing his own laundry. I have a feeling he wasn’t doing it. Anyway, <laugh>, I sprayed him down with that before he left the house. ’cause I sell scenty and we can’t let anyone thinking he doesn’t smell good. Anyway, all the laundry products, laundry, liquid, obviously this is not black raspberry vanilla, but laundry liquid in that fragrance washer whiffs. Have you guys ever tried our washer whiffs? They’re freaking amazing. We call them the gateway drug to Scentsy Laundry. Here’s what they are. You’re gonna get a container. There’s two different sizes. I’ll show you that in a second. This is a scoop, that’s a little scoop tucked down in there. But these are actually salt crystals that are fragranced.

They’re not going to clean your clothes. They are only there to add fragrance. So what you’re going to do is put your laundry liquid where your detergent goes. I usually just use vinegar in the fabric softener spot. Know your clothes will not smell like vinegar. That scent washes away. Uh, but if you use washer wis, they’re gonna smell amazing. Like whatever scent of washer ws you choose, maybe it’s black, raspberry vanilla. So you just sprinkle the washer with on top of the dirty clothes. It doesn’t matter if you have a top load or a front load, just give it a good healthy sprinkle. On towels and sheets, I like to put two big scoops in there. In my laundry, in my clothes, I just do one. But towels and sheets, I want a lot stronger fragrance. I put two scoops in there, then you just wash it as normal. Then when you’re ready to pop them in the dryer, we have these, this is a dryer disc. Um, I don’t really know what this is made of. Maybe, I mean, it’s some sort of plastic obviously, but you use these over and over and over again. It, I think the package says 10 to 15 loads. You’re gonna get way more than that. And then after they’ve lost most of their fragrance, I stop using them in the laundry, but then I toss ’em in an old duffle bag or an old suitcase. I have a sneeze coming.

Whew. Woo. Pardon me, excuse me. Um, so then I tossed these in a duffle bag or an old suitcase. So when I need that bag or that suitcase again, it smells super debris on me. Okay, let’s talk about bundle deal because there is a freaking amazing bundle deal. You can get the laundry liquid, the giant thing of washer whiffs and four dryer discs. Now it’s gonna say two packages, but there’s two in each package. Two times two is four. There you go. Four dryer discs, laundry, liquid, large tub, four dryer discs for just $50. That is a great price point to try the Scentsy laundry line. And I highly recommend that black raspberry vanilla. You want me to make the deal even better, but wait, there’s more. When you host us an affiliate link with me, you can do the laundry love as one of your half price items when you earn one of those.

So that makes it only $25. Heck of a deal. Guys, I don’t wanna keep you too long, so I’m gonna zip through really quick. All the other products that black raspberry vanilla comes in our fragrance flowers. This is actually one of the very first fragrances that fragrance flowers came in. Fragrance flowers are an amazing choice for any area in your home or office that you don’t have access to electricity, make sure that it’s not up against anything, but this fragrance is gonna jump out in a whole room. Great for a smaller room or an office, great on a desk, and an amazing gift at a price point of just $16. Great thing to have on hand. Anytime that you need to grab a quick gift. We can do black raspberry vanilla in the pods. These are great. These are becoming very quickly becoming one of our top selling products.

So plastic cage, little scent beads inside. You use those with our mini fan diffuser, our wall fan diffuser, our tabletop diffuser, our S Scentsy go, or our air purifier. People are loving the Scentsy pods for a mess free fragrance option. Quickly becoming a top selling product. If you’re looking for something for your car, you can do the car bar, you can do the scent circle, you can do the sit pack, or you can do the travel twist. All of these products come in, black raspberry vanilla. And then of course all of our catalog products are available in the room spray and the bar of wax. So if you love deep dark fruits and vanilla, that black raspberry vanilla is the scent for you.

I just love popping those open and smell ’em all the time. Anyway, you can grab this at Jami Jos sells wax.com. All of these products, all of those smaller products are buy five, get one free. Make sure that you go to the specials tab to get that. Good deal. Let me think. Is there anything else? Make sure you tune in next week so I can show you the really cool trick with black raspberry vanilla guys. My name is Jami Jo, and I hope that you have a sensational day. Oh wait, I was gonna wrap it up, but I forgot to tell you. If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. I am happy to help. You could put ’em in the comments of this video. You can find me on social media, either Facebook or Instagram at Jami Jo sells wax or shoot me a text. 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. And I don’t remember if I said it or not. You can get all these products at Jami Jo sells wax.com. Now let’s wrap it up. My name is Jami Jo and I hope that you have a scent Al Day.