Hi there, and thanks so much for swinging by Jamie. Joe sells wax. I am here to share all the Scentsy goodness with you. I come to you almost every day and share some great new Scentsy products, some sense suggestions, product recommendations, and just all the Scentsy goodness with you. So if you’re interested in that, make sure you like this video and subscribe to my channel so you always know when I have released a brand new video for my followers that have been with me for a while. Thank you so much for your patience while I was recovering from surgery, um, two weeks today I am out from surgery. Uh, it’s hit or miss each day. Today was a good day, so I threw on some makeup. I wanted to come and share some things with you guys. Um, but I’ll probably be napping the rest of the day <laugh>, and that’s the beauty of this job.

I can do exactly whatever my body tells me I need. So, so thankful for this job, but you guys weren’t here to hear about that. You guys are to hear about awesome new s Scentsy products and I have just received several boxes in the mail of the brand new, um, fall and winter catalog items and the harvest and holiday items. So make sure that you subscribe so you can see all of these great products. Today I am going to come to you and share with you the brand new Scentsy buddy. Now I have so many friends that are going to squeal with delight when they see this guys. We have a French Bulldog Scentsy buddy. I have so many friends that have Frenchies and I know that they are going to absolutely love Frankie the French Bulldog. So let’s grab him out of his box and let me show you all the features of Frankie, the French Bulldog, but also just kind of break down what is a Scentsy buddy and tell you guys all about these.

How cute is he? Oh my goodness, I absolutely love him. Let’s give his ears a little perk there. I think he is absolutely adorable. Like I said, I have so many friends that have Frenchies and they’re gonna be so excited to get a frankie of their own. So let’s talk about what is a Scentsy buddy and how does it work, all that good stuff, and then talk about the care of it. All the things that you need to know about A Scentsy buddy. A Scentsy buddy is a fragranced stuffed animal. Now the animal itself is not fragranced at this point right out of the box. He is not fragranced. So if you have a little one or anyone of any age really that is um, very Scentsytive to the fragrance, they can still love a Scentsy buddy without fragrance. That is one great thing. Um, they’re super, super soft.

Most of our buddies somewhere on them have a corduroy type plush and then they’re always just like super squishy and super soft. All of them of course are going to be branded with s Scentsy at some place on their body. Now, what makes a stuffed animal a Scentsy buddy? All Scentsy buddies. I’m gonna see how many times I can say s Scentsy buddy. The person that transcribes my videos is gonna be so tired of typing out Scentsy buddy. Let’s just make it a little game. Um, all Scentsy buddies have a zipper hidden somewhere on them. Now, if it’s anything like normal shape, like a dog, a bear, anything like that, it’s gonna be a zipper on their back. The ones that get a little tricky are the ones that are like the shark or if I remember right, we had a jellyfish one time. We’ve had some where the zipper was a little bit hidden and it took some time to find it.

But here on Frankie, it’s just in his back and you are going to take what we call a scent pack. This is a Scentsy scent pack. It is just a fragrant sachet. It’s fabric, it has plastic beads inside that smell. Amazing. If you are familiar with s Scentsy pods, it’s the same beads that are inside of those. But you just take that scent pack, you tuck it right in that little pouch. I didn’t undo the zipper all the way. Here we go. You tuck it right in that little pouch, just smoosh it in there, smoosh it in there, and then you zip him right back up. Look good gracious, my fingers are just not working for me today. There we go. Zipped right back up. So hidden zipper, he’s all good to go. I put a Luna scent pack in him. So now he smells like flowers and all things yummy.

There are so many different fragrances that you get to choose from. The great thing with Frankie is you get to choose the fragrance that you want for him. So when you go to purchase him, um, the website will also ask you, or if you’re working with me, I will ask you, um, what fragrance you want inside Frankie. So this is perfectly safe to have around kids of all ages, but kids are not my only market that buys these. I have tons of adults that absolutely love these Scentsy buddies and they have several of them. So let’s talk about Scentsy buddies in general. Alright, Jamie, I see that you have that cute french bulldog. That’s not really my thing. Scentsy buddies, um, they’re all, let me rephrase that. Usually they are limited time offers. Now Frankie made it into the catalog. That means he’s gonna be available for at least six months.

We’re promised him for six months. Um, but most Scentsy buddies are licensed Scentsy buddies. So in partnership with um, things like Harry Potter or Disney. So they change out all the time. I do know right now on the website at the time of this filming, we have a Hedwig from Harry Potter. We have Mickey and Minnie, we have several that are on clearance like a group. We have some Mandalorian ones coming up very soon is an Ursula from the Little Mermaid and you can see Sebastian and a little bit of Ariel up there. Um, those are some past ones that we have had and I am a a Little Mermaid fan, so those are in my personal collection. Okay, so there’s several different options for Scentsy buddies. Just jump over to Jami Jo sells wax.com and you will see a button to click that it’s like for all the kids products and you can see all the Scentsy buddies there.

Now let’s talk about Scentsy Buddy Care. Now this is marketed for kids. I told you it’s not just for kids but it’s marketed for kids so we know it’s gonna get dirty and you can take care of these by throwing ’em in the washer. Here’s what I would recommend. Take out the sent pack. You don’t wanna wash that ’cause that’s gonna kill the fragrance. So take out the sent pack. I would recommend you pop your little friend in a pillowcase and tie it up and then go ahead and put them through the washer. I personally have dried some Scentsy buddies. Some of my friends say don’t dry them. So I’m gonna let that recommendation be on you. I don’t even know if his little tag gives, let’s see what his little tag says. Oh, his little tag says to hand wash when needed machine wash if necessary.

There you go. That’s all it says. So it doesn’t say anything about the dryer. So there you go. Take the sit pack out before you wash it though. That’s the big thing. I’ve had some of my customers that have left that in there and then they’re like, well, it doesn’t smell anymore. Well, of course not ’cause you washed the scent pack. Um, but if that does happen, here’s another great thing. Since this scent pack is interchangeable, when the scent fades out from this, and I know you’re gonna ask me how long is it gonna last? Pause just a minute ’cause I’ll get to that. Um, when the fragrance wears out from this, you can just contact me and get a brand new scent pack to tuck right in your s Scentsy buddy. Um, so that means that you can also have seasonal fragrances in your s Scentsy buddies too.

Okay, now that question, how long is this scent pack going to last guys? Those, those questions are so, so hard for me to answer. There’s so many factors that play into it. How strong of a fragrance did you choose? Um, where has the Scentsy buddy been sitting or being loved on? And um, just so many different factors like that. I want you to always remember that scent and heat are enemies. So if you want something to last longer fragrance wise, keep it in a nice cool place. So if your Scentsy buddy is hanging out in your car all the time, it’s not gonna last as long. If your Scentsy buddy is in the house in a kiddo’s bedroom in their bed where the air conditioning is lovely, it’s gonna last a lot longer. Now I’m not going to give you an exact amount of time that your scent pack is going to last.

I will tell you though, when I am out doing faires and festivals and events, I hear from customers all the time, oh my gosh, my daughter got her Scentsy buddy six months ago and it still smells great or a year ago and it still smells great. I have heard those kinds of statements, but like I said, it depends on how strong you want the fragrance. It depends on how strong of a fragrance you chose. There’s so many different factors that play into it, but just know that you can refresh the fragrance just by grabbing a brand new scent pack. So I wanna know in the comments if Frankie the French bulldog is for you or if you would recommend a different critter animal or whatever that Scentsy you want Scentsy to make in a Scentsy buddy. So tell me that in the comments. Other than that, I hope I have explained all your questions about this cute little Scentsy buddy. If you have any questions, put ’em in the comments, shoot me a text. You can reach me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. You can get Frenchy, Frankie the French Bulldog at Jami Jo sells wax.com or shoot me a text at that same number and I’m happy to help. Other than that, my name is Jami Jo and I hope that you have a s Sensational day.