Hey there. Do you know someone that is having a baby soon? Because today’s fragrance is perfect to gift to a brand new mama or an expectant mama. Today we are going to be talking about the fragrance called newborn nursery. Newborn Nursery is an amazing and yummy fragrance from S Scentsy fragrance, and if you love Scentsy fragrance, you have found the perfect channel. Guys. My name is Jami Jo and this is Jami Jo sells wax. This channel is completely and solely devoted to Scentsy fragrance, all the goodness of Scentsy fragrance. So sometimes I’m going to be coming to you guys showing you new product or giving you product reviews. Sometimes I share tips and tricks today and sometimes <laugh> I come to you with scent reviews. Today we are talking about newborn Nursery. If you love all things Scentsy and you’re intrigued to hear all those things I just said, make sure you subscribe to this channel.

But like I said, today, today is all about newborn nursery. Now, when I’m out in the public doing events or fairs or whatever, when I’m interacting with the community, I get some pretty funny comments about, oh, newborn nursery. What does that smell like? A stinky diaper. What does that smell like? Nasty spit up. You know, all the things, all the things that people say when they think they’re being funny, but <laugh> in reality, this does smell like a brand newborn baby. Let’s just talk about the amazing fresh powder scent. This is baby powder in a bar of wax, fresh and clean and powdery. This dreamy scent evokes memories of cradling your little ones friends. I have a new little grand baby, actually, she’s not brand new anymore. She’s about seven months old, but this is that smell when she’s fresh out of the tub with that fresh lotion on her and oh my goodness, the cuddles are amazing.

You guys have heard about scent memory, right? I’ve talked about it before, but this is definitely a scent memory that you want to create. So when I say scent memory, what I’m talking about is how sometimes when you smell a fragrance, it can take you back instantly to a previous time in your life. A fabulous, amazing event sometimes since will take us back to, um, events that maybe we don’t want to relive. So we need to work on building more positive and happy scent memories. You can build a scent memory and I often do that before I go on a vacation. I always choose a signature s Scentsy fragrance for that trip, and I just surround that trip with that fragrance. I take one of our mini fan diffusers in that fragrance to put in our hotel room or our Airbnb. I grab that fragrance in the body wash, in the lotion, in all the body products, so I can just be enveloped in that scent, the entire vacation.

Then when I get home and I need to be reminded of a really great memory or perhaps warmer times <laugh>, I can smell that fragrance and instantly I’m taken back. I did this, uh, on our anniversary trip. We went down to Yapa Mexico. By the way, if you like a good adventure and you wanna just get away from everything, YAPA Mexico, I don’t wanna tell too many people, so don’t spread the word, uh, because I don’t want too many people to find this place. ’cause it’s perfection. You have to get there by boat taxi. You can’t even fly in. You can’t drive in. You have to get there by boat. Anyway, I digress. This is not a travel channel. This is about s Scentsy fragrance. Before I went on this trip, we were celebrating our 25th anniversary. Before I went on the trip, I decided that make a splash was going to be my fragrance of the trip.

So I took, like I said, pods and a mini fan. Uh, I took the body wash, I took the lotion. Back then we still had body spray. All of the things in Make a Splash and just every day our room smelled like it. I smelled like it. I surrounded myself with that fragrance while we were having such an amazing, wonderful, and relaxing time. Now, here I am back in Oklahoma. It’s January. It’s frigid. We just had a snow and ice storm. When I want to instantly be taken back to the beaches of Yapa Mexico with a fun drink in my hand, sitting on the beach with my awesome husband of 25 years, all I have to do is smell that fragrance and I have a little mini vacation in my head. So all of that to say, if you have a friend, a family member, maybe you yourself is expecting a new baby, grab this fragrance, get a cute warmer for the nursery.

I think this one is absolutely perfect. It’s little bitty, teeny tiny. It won’t take a lot of room on the uh, dresser and let’s talk about what an amazing price point. I know it’s super affordable. I’m looking for it in my catalog right now so I can give it to you. I know it’s not Diamond milk glass. Oh, it’s called Simply Diamond. Only $30. We have another one called Diamond Milk Glass, $35. It’s, it’s small and simple as well. Etched in gold. So little bit difference in price. Grab one of those warmers any sense you warmer really, and grab a bar of newborn nursery. That way when they bring that newborn home or when you bring your newborn baby home, you’re gonna be enveloped in that fragrance. Then when they hit the terrible twos or they become a three major, hmm, been there, done that, uh, all you have to do is grab you some newborn nursery from Scentsy and instantly you’ll be taken back to that sweet, sweet time when they were little bitty and cuddly and they didn’t talk back to you and they didn’t get into things. All they did was eat, sleep and poop.

It’s a lovely time guys. <laugh>, okay, newborn nursery, you can grab it in the bar. Uh, if you know that it’s a catalog fragrance, which this is, you also know that you’re gonna be able to get it in a sense circle like this or a room spray like this. Room spray is a fabulous thing to get for a nursery because you can spritz it right in the room and always have fresh fragrance in there. But we can also get a scent pack. Here’s what it looks like in the package. Here’s what it is out of the package. A scent pack is perfect for our s Scentsy buddies, which is also an amazing nursery gift. Yes, a little bitty warmer with some newborn nursery is awesome, but grab one of our Scentsy buddies. I’m gonna show you Frankie, the French Bulldog. No. Is it Frankie or Frenchy?

Frankie, let me look at his box. Frankie, yeah, Frankie the French Bulldog. He is our current catalog Scentsy buddy. What I mean by that is we always only have one buddy in the catalog that’s available entire catalog season. All the other buddies are limited time offers. So make sure you go to Jami Jo sells wax.com and see what buddies are available. We’ve had a cute little sheep, we’ve had bunny rabbits, we’ve had some very um, nursery specific buddies, but really who wouldn’t love a bulldog in their nursery too? <laugh>. Here’s how our Scentsy buddies work. They’re super plush, adorable little stuffed animals, but all of them have a zipper somewhere on them. Frankie’s is in his back. You have a hidden pouch inside there. You tuck the scent pack in there and that is what fragrances the stuffed animal. Now here’s what’s super awesome. These are washable.

I just not want to go in there. These are washable. You just pull the scent pack out, you wash him on the gentle cycle, and then when he’s dry, you can pop that scent pack right in there. I have had people come up to me at fairs and events and they talk about how, oh my gosh, my daughter got one of those as a a, a baby gift, and she’s eight and she still carries it around. I hear stories like that all the time. I also hear stories about how long those scent packs last in the s Scentsy buddies. Now, they do last a long time and here is why they last a super long time because they’re out of heat and sun. Fragrance, heat and sun are enemies. Anytime you have a really good fragrance and it’s heated up, it’s going to emit. That means sunshine, it’s going to emit.

That’s how our warmers work, friends. But if it’s tucked in that Scentsy buddy, it’s away from the sunshine. It’s very rarely around heat except for warm little cuddles. So that means the fragrance is going to last a really, really long time. Baby shower gift, grab a Scentsy buddy or grab a warmer and some newborn nursery. It is going to be the perfect gift. I promise you. You can grab those at Jami Jo sells wax.com or if you have questions about this, if you want me to help you with your order, I’m happy to do that. Shoot me a text at nine 1-888-969-ZERO. I’m also happy to answer any questions you have about Scentsy fragrance at that phone number or on social media. You can find me on Facebook or on Instagram, both under Jami Jo Sells Wax. Of course, you can always pop a video comment right here and I’m happy to chat with you that way. Guys, my name is Jami Jo and I hope that you have a sensational day.