<silence> Well, hello there. Thanks so much for popping by. Jami Jo Sells Wax. My name is Jami Jo and I am, I guess you would say an expert in all things Scentsy fragrance. I have had a partnership with the company since all the way back in October of 2008, so almost 15 years at the filming of this video. And Scentsy has amazing products. That’s why I started as a customer. That’s why I decided to get a partnership with Scentsy and jump on board with them. But also that is why I have stayed with the company for this long. Scentsy products are so good, but also just the opportunity that Scentsy has to offer you to maybe make some changes in your life financially and time-wise. That is why I say, and that’s exactly what we’re going to be talking about today. Why should you even consider a side hustle of Scentsy, especially at this time, right before the holiday season?

So I am filming this video at the very end of September. So I just wanna let you know if you jump on board with Scentsy right now, let’s say you start on October 1st, you would still have two full commission checks before Christmas. So if you are struggling and stressing about how you’re gonna buy Christmas gifts this year, Scentsy could be your answer. It absolutely could be. So I wanna let you know right now in September, we have three kit options. In October, it might be a little different, but I don’t know yet. I am going to show you the biggest, the most elect, the biggest bang for your buck kit. We have it all the time. So no matter when you’re watching this video, you can always get this $99 starter kit. It is the one that I joined with. Of course, it looked very different then because our product line was much, much, much, much, much smaller when I started almost 15 years ago.

We have so many different offerings. So let’s break down what is in that $99 starter kit and then we’re gonna talk about the financial opportunity to make money. And like I said, how Scentsy can help you relieve some stress this holiday season. So let’s jump right into the kit. Like I said, $99. Now that is US pricing. You are going to have to pay shipping and tax on top of that. I am in Oklahoma and it comes out to about 118 here in Oklahoma. But it’s gonna change based on what state you live in. And then of course we have Canada Starter Kits, we have Mexico Starter kits. We’re in several different countries. So even if you’re watching this video from a different country, um, Scentsy might be a possibility for you. The kit would just be a little bit different. Let’s look at what’s in this kit.

First of all, of course, you’re going to get a warmer. The basic product that this company started with was warmers and wax. So we are going to give you a warmer, um, the, the slate Gray is what it is normally. I do know right now, um, inventory on Slate Gray ran a little low. So it’s the um, satin black classic curve. So the exact same warmer as this just in a satin black. Um, but Scentsy does reserve the right to change out this warmer whenever stock is low, you guys see I have a blank square back here. That’s ’cause we’re gonna build a starter kit. We’re gonna build a starter kit right there. That’s what we’re gonna do. So you can’t have a warmer without wax. They’re gonna give you two of our bestselling waxes. This is Black raspberry Vanilla. This is our top seller of all time forever and always.

And then a fan favorite of Luna. You’re gonna get both of those bars to go along with your warmer. The cool thing is that warmer those bars, you can do what you want with them. I suggest showcasing them to friends and family, um, enjoying them. If you aren’t familiar with Scentsy products, but if you wanna sell them, sell them and recoup some of your startup kit, I think it is beneficial to show off products. But if you already have Scentsy, maybe you sell those and make back a little bit of your investment, then you are going to get one of our newer product lines, our mini fan diffuser. So fan down in the bottom, you pop it into a U S B port on top, you’re gonna put pods. Of course you’re gonna get a set of pods so you can showcase this. They are like just a little plastic cage.

Have scented beads inside the fan, blows past the beads to give off a great fragrance. We have several different products in this fan diffuser line, but you’re gonna get this slight gray mini fan diffuser and a pack of Amazon Rain, um, s Scentsy pods to go with it. So let’s pop those up there. Hopefully they’ll stay for me. Then you are going to get one of our cleaning products Counter clean in. A huge fan favorite of Vanilla Mint. Let’s pop that right up there. You need a couple on the go products to try out and showcase two. So you’re gonna get a S Scentsy car bar. These are great to hang from the rear view mirror in your car. You’re gonna get that in Amazon Rain. You’re gonna get a travel twist. It’s gonna be in vanilla bean buttercream. I didn’t have that. Um, so I grabbed the Luna one here. If you’re not familiar with our travel to twists, they are a product that’s great for on the go. So you just open it up. There’s a little fabric piece down inside that’s saturated with fragrance oil. You can open it as little or as much as you want to. So you’re gonna get both of those products.

So you’re gonna get tons of different products to try. Lots of different products to try. But not only that, you’re gonna get tons of business tools. So let’s look at what business tools you’re going to get. Scentsy always makes scratch and sniff stickers, they’re the coolest thing. Remember back in elementary school when you did really good on a paper and the teacher put a scratch and sniff sticker on there. Scentsy does the same ones, you are gonna get four packs of those in your starter kit. You’re gonna get coconut lemongrass, you’re gonna get Luna. And then to showcase our diffusers, that’s a diffuser. That’s a diffuser to showcase our diffusers and oils. You’re gonna get a scratch and sniff stickers and eucalyptus, lavender, mint oil, and also Twinkle Twinkle. That’s my favorite oil of all of them. So four packs of scratch and sniff stickers.

Let’s just pop them over there. You are going to get I have APO list. Look, all of this, all of this you’re gonna get in this kit. So the next thing I wanna showcase is a sample packet set of different laundry and body products. So it’s not gonna be these exact ones, but cin, you make some amazing samples and um, you can give these out to customers. You can try these products yourself. It’s up to you. So you’re gonna get a whole sample pack. I’m not even sure how many are included in that, but it’s quite a few. Um, you would get, I’m trying not to say, um, but I keep looking at that list and it’s just a, you know, time waster felt, uh, what do they call these felt samples. Classic curve felt samples. Let me show you what this is. It’s a piece of felt.

You soak it in wax and put it in a little baggie. You give that out to your customers so they can trial different fragrances. You’re gonna get an entire bag. I’ve used most of these, but you’re gonna get a full sack of those. We will top those in there. You will get the art of a fragrance kit. This is a really cool self-guided lesson in how Scentsy creates their fragrances. So you’re gonna see the difference in top notes, mid notes and base notes. You’re gonna get to experience how Scentsy creates their fragrances. So you’re gonna get that box of different testers to help you understand it. And then there’s a guide that goes along with it there and there. We’ll put that on the shelf. You will also get, okay, so many different things. Oh guys, this is the most important thing. You’re gonna get this really cool bag full of all these testers. It’s a tester of every fragrance that is in the catalog this season. This is what I call my mini employee. I take this out, I showcase it with different people. When they smell it, they buy it. That’s the deal guys. Get these testers under people’s noses and they will buy the product.

Let’s pop that back there. I’m hoping it doesn’t fall. Okay, now we’re just gonna go through this stack really quick. You will get a quick start guide, a consultant guide, a product training guide. This is like a lifesaver. It tells you everything about everything. You will get a pack of fall and winter catalogs. You’re gonna get 20 of those. You are going to get product lists. These are a great just like pass out thing, uh, to people about our different products. You will get host and join brochures, a whole pack of those. You will get invitation postcards, you will get thank you postcards. You will get merchandise sacks. You will get mini zip sack sacks to put those little pieces of felt in that I showed you. You’re gonna get a package of order forms. Guys, I rarely, pardon me, rarely use order forms anymore.

Most people order online. This package of a hundred order forms is gonna last you forever and ever and ever and ever. Then, oh gracious, you’re also gonna get a really cool bag. It might not look just like this one. This is an older one. We have different colorways now, but fully insulated. You can pop your things in there, take it around town, showcase it off to all your friends, all of that for $99. Now let’s talk about the basics. I’m just gonna hit on the basics of how you’re gonna make money with Scentsy. Right? When you start your partnership with Scentsy, you are at a 20% commission level. When you sell a thousand dollars, maybe you do it in your first week. I’ve seen that done tons of times. Maybe it takes you to your first month. Maybe it takes you a couple months. It doesn’t matter.

Once you hit that thousand dollar threshold of sales, and it’s not necessarily dollar, it’s P R V, which stands for personal Retail Volume. In the US it’s usually dollar for dollar. Different countries are different. When you hit that thousand P r v in sales, you are going to get a commission pay raise 5%. That puts you at 25% earnings. You’re gonna stay there forever and always until you start building a team, then you can start earning bonuses off the people underneath you. Now, I will tell you, in any given month that you sell 2000 or more, you’re gonna get another 5% commission bonus. So you’re gonna make 30% commission off all your sales. Let’s think about Christmas just around the corner. Maybe you start a partnership with Scentsy Fragrance and you are purely a hobbyist. You’re gonna average about 500 in sales. Maybe that’s gonna get you 125 back in rebates or commissions, however you wanna look at it to spend on Christmas gifts.

Like I said, when you hit 2000 in sales, you bump up to the next level. So if you sell 2000 in a month, that means 600 back to you in your pocket. Now, I showed you the $99 kit for the month of September. We also have a $40 kit. Um, I’m not sure if there’s gonna be a special kit in October yet, but always we have also a $59 hostess exclusive kit. The cool thing about that hostess exclusive kit, if you host an affiliate link with me or a private shopping link with me, or any kind of link with me and your friends, shop from that in the same given month that they place their orders. If you decide to jump on board with Scentsy, we’re gonna flip all those orders to you. Not only can you use your hostess rewards to earn that kit as cheap as $0 out of pocket.

I mean that kit can be absolutely free if you use your host rewards for it. But also, um, if you open a private shopping link with me, you friend shop from it, you decide to give this business a go in the same month, I’m gonna flip those orders to you. You’re also going to make commission off of those orders. There’s so many great opportunities for Scentsy all the time, but especially during this holiday season. Like I said, if you sign up now, you will get a commission check on November 10th, also, December 10th. That’s gonna give you extra money this holiday season to spoil your kids, spoil your friends and family. Heck, spoil yourself. Do whatever you wanna do with that commission. But definitely think about jumping on board with Scentsy right now so you can get some cash back this holiday season. Guys, my name is Jami Jo and I would love to have you join my team. If you’re ready to jump on board right now, go to Jami Jo sells wax.com. There’s a tab up at the top that says Getting started. Perhaps you have some questions. You can ask them here in the comments section right here on YouTube or shoot me a text anytime at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0, and I’d be happy to have a conversation with you and help you decide if a partnership with Scentsy is the right thing for you. Other than that, I hope you guys have a sensational day.

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