<silence> Hey there guys, I am so glad that you decided to swing by here to Jami Jo sells wax here on YouTube. I am Jami Jo, hence the name. You know, super creative, right? This channel is all about S Scentsy fragrance. So I have had a partnership with s Scentsy Fragrance for 15 years now. I have been working with them. I started with S Scentsy as just a little side hustle while I was a public school teacher. Long story short, Scentsy is now my full-time career, my full-time job, and I absolutely love sharing Scentsy fragrance with you guys. On this channel, we spend time mostly talking about products, product releases, unboxing, scent, recomme reviews, tips, tricks, all that good stuff. Occasionally we talk about how to get your Scentsy free and discounted, or the Scentsy opportunity and the possibility that you might consider joining Scentsy or starting a partnership with zi.

So if any of that intrigues you or excites you, please subscribe to this channel so you’ll always know when new videos are uploaded. Today, tis this season. We are approaching the holiday season, and I am here to show you some of our brand new holiday warmers. Now, warmers and wax is what Scentsy started with. It all started with a warmer and some wax bars to melt in the top. If you’re not familiar with Scentsy fragrance, we are the safe alternative to candles. There’s no open fire, no flame, no soot, none of that nasty stuff. Most of our warmers use a light bulb, some use a heating element to melt down wax, which gives the fragrance of a candle without the hazards of a candle. We have warmers in all different sizes and all different categories. Make sure that you check out some of the other videos here on this channel for those.

But today we are talking specifically about what we call mini warmers. Now, mini warmers, I will just pick up this one as an example, have the plug directly on the warmer. There is no cord. These are best designed for plugins that are high, like in a kitchen or in a bathroom above a cabinet. I would not recommend these for hallways, bedrooms, anywhere where the plug is down lower because you could spill wax and make a huge mess if you have a space like that. This is what you’re looking for. A wall diffuser fan. A wall fan diffuser. Anyway, other videos about this,

This. Today we’re talking about mini warmers. I have four of the holiday mini warmers here to show you today and a couple tips to show you with those. But also, there’s four more that I don’t have with me. So stick around to the end of the video and I will show those to you. I’m gonna grab something back here that I’m gonna need. Okay, so we are going to start out with this one. We saw this warmer last year. This one is called Pine for plaid. It is beautiful when it’s lit up. I have my little plugin here that we’re gonna show you, but notice that the outlets are sideways. So all of our mini warmers have adjustable bases. There’s a button right here that you push and you can rotate it either side or even upside down. So I’m gonna rotate it to the side so I can show you guys how beautiful this is.

It’s absolutely gorgeous lit up. This is great for, like I said, in bathrooms or kitchens anywhere where that plug is up high. What I love about this warmer right here is that it does put off so much light. It works also as a nightlight and not just a warmer. It does have the dish on the top like all of our mini warmers do. That is where your wax goes in. I usually recommend just one cube of wax for our mini warmers because those dishes are a little bit, um, smaller than a regular warmer dish. Of course. Now I want to show you another tip or trick with this warmer. If you have ever gotten in a warmer and you go to put it on and you twist it, and maybe this happens like you want it to be here, but it just, it doesn’t line up. Our warmers come with this little rubber ring. Now, sometimes you don’t need it. So I would suggest when your warmer comes in, go ahead and give it a try without it. Like this one lines up pretty well without it. But if you are having a hard time getting your warmer lined up, all you have to do is take that little rubber ring, put it down in there before you put the warmer in.

My goodness, it’s being a toot and it’s just gonna help you to get a better alignment and a better grip on there. So don’t throw away that little rubber ring. Make sure that you’re popping it down in the base of your warmer. So that is pine for plaid. Um, another fun tip. We do have different colored light bulbs. So you could always change the look of that warmer, especially that warmer because it gives off so much light. It’s really gonna change the look of it. If you put a different color, light bulb in there, red, green, whatever you want. Okay, this my friends, I’m gonna put it together down here before you can even see it, because she is so cute. I’m so excited about this warmer. This one’s brand new this year. We are How cute, how cute, how cute. We are now starting to bring out many warmers that are two piece. Two piece on this one, okay, I’m gonna take off her little hat. I don’t know if it’s a girl or a boy. I’m gonna call it a she. And we’re gonna, oh, I switched it the wrong way away. Turn the base of the plug.

Plug it in. Gracious, how adorable. This one is called, what is this called? Snow? Cute. Oh, snow Cute. Now snow, cute. Also has a full-size warmer, same design. So adorable. How cute would it be if you decorate and snowman to grab the, the little and the big and have them maybe in your open. I know a lot of houses have these open floor plans. You can have the big one in the living room and this little mini in the kitchen and they would coordinate. How cute. Now here’s another great thing about snow. Cute. This is not just a Christmas warmer. You could put this up for Christmas season, but leave it up all the way through February, maybe even March depending on where you live. I love warmers like that, that have a long life that you can leave up a little bit longer. I don’t decorate for Halloween.

I decorate for fall because I can leave it up September to November. And I love, um, warmers like this that do the same thing. Now, if you’ve watched any of my past warmers before, sometimes I kind of poo poo on warmers that have lids on ’em because the scent throw sometimes in my opinion is not as good. This is not gonna hinder that at all. It’s just a little open hat that sits right on top that is not gonna hinder the scent throat of this warmer in the least. So adorable. I love it. This one might be going up in my bathroom.

Okay guys, gnomes are like all the rage right now, right? You see gnomes in every store for every holiday, and Scentsy is no different. This face is being a toot. There we go. Okay. How adorable. Look at this. This one is called gnome for the holidays. Let me turn that base on here, pop it in. This one is not going to light up as much. Yeah. So all you’re gonna get is these little holes. They’re gonna shine against the wall behind that light up. But there’s no, this one’s not gonna be your best one to be used as a nightlight. However, it’s still gonna be an amazing warmer. It is not a two piece, but it does have that high front. It’s completely open in the back. So your dish is back here. I have a fun little tip that I’m gonna show you on how to change the wax in your mini warmers in just a minute. But I have one more adorable warmer to show you. This space is being obstinate.

Let’s grab this warmer. Okay, I squealed a little bit When this came out. We had a large Christmas camper warmer the past two years and it, it sold like crazy. It was all the rage. Everyone was loving it. And this is no different. I have already been selling this to some of my customers. Absolutely adorable. Let’s see what she looks like lit up because it’s so cute. Look at that. The little light shines through the window there. You’ve got the dish on top. It does look like it’s separate, but it’s like glued on there. So it’s a glass dish on the top. So, so, so cute. Here’s the deal guys. All of these warmers that I’ve showed you today are only $25 US pricing. I’m dumbfounded by that, especially this one here. It’s only $25. That is an amazing price point. Our minis, we work really hard to keep them at the same price point.

The only exception would be if it is a licensed mini warmer, it’s gonna be a little bit more. Okay guys, I promised you a tip on changing the wax in your mini warmers, and we’re gonna do that right now. So this is off the base, but here’s one of our mini warmers. You guys might have heard me talk about cotton cleanups before. This is our cotton cleanup. They make changing wax so much easier. All you have to do is drop this down in a dish of wax. It’s going to soak up all that wax, easy to grab outta there, toss in the trash to put your new wax in. But the problem is like in a mini warmer, what are you gonna do? What are you gonna do that waxes bigger than the mini warmer? If you will take your cotton cleanup, grab it in the middle and just give it a little wiggle and pull.

This one’s not gonna be as cooperative as some of the others. Just give it a little wiggle and pull. Look at that. Looks like kind of like a cotton pacifier. How about that? Then you can easily put it down in there. It is going to soak that wax right up. The great thing is, this is only gonna be a cube of wax if you follow my recommendation, maybe two at the most. And these suckers can hold several cubes of wax. So you use it on a mini warmer that’s gonna be all filled with wax, but you’ve still got all this cotton left. You can take this over to a full-size warmer and still soak up some of your old wax from a full-size warmer and toss it away. So you’re not only changing the wax in one warmer, but you’re getting two out of that cotton cleanup. Guys, I want to show you all of the holiday warmers like I promised,

Promised at the first of this video. So we’re gonna scroll through those real quick. But guys, I just wanna let you know before we do that, you can grab these right now and they are all limited time offer. You can grab them right now at Jami Jo sells wax.com or shoot me a text anytime at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. I can handle orders for you there. Or if you have any questions, uh, anything that I can help you with, that is a great way to get ahold of me or in the comment section right here on this video. Alright guys, my name is Jami Jo. I forgot what I was gonna say for a second. My name is Jami Jo and I hope that you have a sensational day. Now let’s check out all these adorable holiday mini warmers.