Hey there friends. Welcome to Jami Jo Sells wax. This channel here on YouTube is all about s Scentsy fragrance, and today I am so excited. I just got a product in that I’ve had on order for a while and I cannot wait to show it to you. I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I read all the books, of course, I’ve watched all the movies and I absolutely love the Harry Potter series. We have had Harry Potter products for a while. We have had this warmer for quite some time, um, probably a couple years, but we have a brand new Hogwarts warmer and it’s called Hogwarts at Christmas. That is what we are going to be looking at today. I’ll give you a little sneak peek. It’s absolutely gorgeous. But guys, first I wanna jump in and let’s look at the features of the regular Hogwarts warmer and then we’re gonna look at this Hogwarts at Christmas.

Guys, if you have never popped onto my channel before, thank you so much for stopping by. My name is Jami Jo and I’ve had a partnership with Scentsy Fragrance for 15 years now. Started as a customer, quickly became an addict, decided to jump on board with a partnership and have never looked back 15 years. I’ve been working with this company now, and let me tell you that I am surprised year after year after year at how much they have stepped up their game and brought us awesome new, amazing things. This warmer was one of the things that just really knocked my socks off. I’m gonna go ahead and turn it on and then take it a little closer to the camera so you can see all the details of it. So this gorgeous, warmer, of course, has Hogwarts on it, but look at the detail. I love how every little window lights up. Also, you have all the stars up here. These are little pinholes in the warmer where they light up. So when you have it next to a wall, it’s going to shine. Um, curious who knows what this is. Tell me in the comments if you know what this little place is down here. I wanna see if anyone gets it right. We can see Hedwig up there in the moon. You’ve got the Hogwarts Crest here on the front, just the amazing detail of this warmer.

Now the warmer is amazing, but it even goes all the way to the dish. You have your Hogwarts letter there in the dish ready for you. I absolutely love, love, love this warmer. Now, this warmer is always in our catalog. It is featured in our catalog. That means that it is available all the time. It is, I believe, $75. Let me look, $75 the Hogwarts Scentsy warmer. Now we have also the wizarding world of Harry Potter in a wax fragrance. Let me tell you, this is seriously an amazing fragrance. If you’ve been watching my channel for a while, you know what types of fragrances I love. Manly fragrances are my favorite. This is a Touch Manly, it’s got Amber. Um, I’m trying to think what else is in it. I know there’s some some doodly scent notes in there. Mahogany Woods, vanilla and amber, but it has Apple as well.

Yes, sparkling citrus and green apple illuminate mahogany woods while vanilla and a touch of Amber add warmth and charm. So it’s got that sweetness right at first, but then it mellow out into that deep, dark, manly fragrance. This is one that I have in my s Scentsy club. So even if s Scentsy ever discontinues it, they will always make it for me. That’s one of the cool perks of s Scentsy Club. So I have Harry Potter Wizarding World of Harry Potter in my s Scentsy club. I can always, always, always get it, but guys, I teased you a little bit. You can kind of see it sitting over here in the corner. Let’s go ahead and put this Hogwarts warmer down because I want us to look at this gorgeous warmer. I’m gonna stretch my cord out just a little bit so I can take it a little bit closer. Now, there’s a fun little surprise with this warmer something that Scentsy has never, ever, ever done before, this little twist high is not being my friend.

Come on friend. There we go. Okay, so it’s gonna be anti climactic when I turn it on because I have so many bright lights here, but <laugh>, I turned it on. Okay, so what you can’t see is that it kind of turns blue. I’m gonna turn my light off here, see if it’ll work. Okay, so you can kind of see how it’s turning blue. It definitely has a blue light down in there. Perfect for that snow look. Now we’ve got this same little structure down here as on the other warmer. It is the exact same castle as on the other warmer. You have the Hogwarts crest there on the front. You’ve got the snow, that blue light shining through like the look of snow. Now, I am going to leave my camera light off for a minute because I wanna show you a really cool feature of this warmer. This is something that Scentsy has never, never, never done before, and I have to have a little piece of paper here to show it to you. Now, imagine that this warmer is in a room in your home and it’s up against a wall. Let’s see, how can I show this to you guys?

It’s really hard to show on camera. Okay, there we go. It shines this projection up on the wall that says Christmas at Hogwarts. How cool is that? Scentsy has never, never, never done this before, this is something brand new. Now, depending on how close you have it to the wall or how far away is going to depend on that projection on the wall. And I will tell you right now, this is not showing it the best like in a dark room. This is absolutely fabulous. At the end of this video, stick around ’cause at the end of the video I’m gonna put some graphics up that Scentsy has given us to show off this warmer and show exactly what it looks like in a nice dark room so you can get the full effect of the warmer. So we’ve got the Hogwarts warmer. We’ve got Christmas at Hogwarts. Here’s the really cool thing, even though they’ve added that projection in here, it is the exact same price, $75 for either warmer. Now here’s some differences. Regular Hogwarts warmer has the removable dish. It has a light bulb, I believe it’s 25 watt.

Yes, 25 watt light bulb. The Christmas at Hogwarts warmer because of that projection screen that’s in it, it is an LED warmer, so you will not ever have to change the light bulb in it. The dish does not come off. It is attached on there. It is an element warmer, but down in the dish is a super cute little Christmas wreath, gold embossed down in your dish. Now, I’m asked a lot of times, what is the best way or the easiest way to change the wax in those warmers that are element that you can’t take the dish off? And I use these, whether it’s a removable dish or not. These are our cotton cleanups. It’s just a cotton round. Let me throw it on the ground. Good thing I have another one right here. Just a cotton round with a handle. You wait till your wax is fully melted and you need to change your wax.

You just drop it down in there. That cotton is going to soak up all the old wax, and then you just pull it out and toss it away. Easy peasy. And you put your fresh wax in there. So grab yourself, your Hogwarts warmer. Make sure you get yourself some cotton cleanups. Grab some wizarding world of Harry Potter or any fun traditional Christmas F for your Christmas at Hogwarts warmer. Guys, I am in love with these. I’m so excited about them, and I think that any Harry Potter fan, if that’s you or someone in your life that loves Harry Potter, we have some other Harry Potter products. If you’re looking for Christmas gifts, we have a Scentsy buddy that is Hedwig. This is a stuffed animal Hedwig. He comes with a removable Hogwarts letter and he’s so fun. You’ve also got the ability to get down here, the golden snitch.

That is a buddy clip, so little bitty. Um, it’s maybe about that big. Has the clip on it so it can be added to a backpack or a bag. Guys, grab these for the Harry Potter lover in your life or grab ’em for yourself if you’re a Harry Potter fan too. If you have any questions about these or any other Scentsy products, shoot me a text at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0 or right now. Jump over to Jami Jo sells wax.com. You can grab these products now. Christmas at Hogwarts is limited time offer. Once it sells out, it will no longer be available. The regular Hogwarts warmer is a catalog product and is available all the time for the time being in this catalog season. So run over to Jami Jo sells wax.com and grab yours today. My name is Jami Jo and I hope that you guys have a sensational day.