<silence> Hi there guys. Thanks so much for popping by. Jami Jo sells Wax. Hey there. Hey, I am Jami Jo and I am here to talk to you guys about all things Scentsy fragrance. If you want to know the latest and greatest of what’s going on in the S Scentsy world, if you want to see the latest products, if you want to hear about the latest fragrances coming out from Scentsy fragrance, then you found the right channel. So make sure that you subscribe to this channel if that’s something you’re interested in and you always want to be in the know of everything that is coming out. I am so glad that you decided to join me here today to talk about some of our cutest Halloween and fall mini warmers. We just released our harvest collection this month and I am so, so, so in love with so many of these warmers and I know that you guys will like them too.

So I have some of the mini warmers to share with you guys today. I have some tips and tricks to um, tell you about those warmers and some other products that we have that pair along with them well, but pardon me, while I deal with sinuses and allergies. So I need to be drinking my water through this video. If you see me grab a tissue, I’m gonna be fine. It’s just sinus season and allergy season in the lovely state of Oklahoma and I just cannot catch a break. Alright, neither here nor there. Let’s talk Halloween warmers ’cause I know that’s what you guys are here for. So the first warmer I have to show you is I would say probably my favorite this holiday season. This warmer is our first mini warmer with the removable lid. We’ve seen the removable lid in several of our full-size warmers, but never seen it in one of our mini warmers.

Now if you’re not familiar with s Scentsy fragrance, let’s just do a short little how to on how our warmers work. We have warmers in several different sizes. I have videos showing you the difference between all of those to make sure you check ’em out. Like here’s one of our full size ones, here’s one of our smaller element ones another full size, and this little guy here is one of our mini warmers. It doesn’t matter which style of warmer you choose, they all plug in and have an on off switch somewhere. These larger ones are gonna have it on the cord. These mini ones have it right here on the base. The on off switch, they either have a light bulb inside or an L e d, um, not l e d, a heating element inside the warmer, all of our minis have a light bulb, so when you turn it on, it is going to release heat.

And I’m trying to, here we go, grab a bar wax. Um, you are going to break apart one of our wax cubes. So this is, this is our cute little aerial one. I grabbed her from up on my shelf with all my little mermaid stuff. You’re gonna break these apart just like an old school ice cube tray, drop a cube or more in our larger warmers. Drop that in there. It’s going to meltdown, it’s gonna fragrance like a candle. No fire, no flame. Perfectly safe. Now, now that we’ve had that recap, let’s go back to these fall warmers. Now we are going to look at this warmer lit up because it is going to totally change the look of the warmer. But before I do that, I wanna show you one of our features on our mini warmers. You see the plug is just like, like a plug normally should be, but raise your hand if you had a crazy contractor on your house and you have some sideways or upside down plugs.

Friends, it happens. And actually my little plug buddy that I have here, um, has those sideways. So all you have to do is push this little button at the top here and give it a twist to whatever position you need it to be in. So I’m gonna turn it all the way to the side there so I can plug it in for you and then turn on that toggle switch. How beautiful is this warmer? This one is called fall fairytale pumpkin. Fall Fairytale Pumpkin. Yes. And I want to say that all of our plugin warmers are $25. I think the only exception to that would be if we have a licensed warmer, but all of our catalog mini warmers are just $25. That makes them a great price point. So beautiful fall fairytale mini warmer. I’m gonna go ahead and unplug him so I can use that plugin base to show you our next warmer.

This one <laugh> was a fan favorite last year. We brought this one out last year. We do have it in a full-size warmer, and this mini guys, I have to get it close up so you guys can see the detail on this amazing mini warmer. It’s got that dish on the top like all the minis do. It’s got the regular base. Let’s plug him in because he gets even better when he’s lit up. How cool is that? Now let’s talk about ways that you can change the look of this warmer. Did you guys know that all of our warmers that require a light bulb come with just a standard white light, light bulb, but sense he offers our light bulbs in several different colors. Let’s see, we’ve got them in green, orange, red, blue, and purple. And in the month of October, we are also offering them in pink for breast cancer awareness.

Now, think of how cool this guy would look with a red light bulb inside of him. I so desperately wanted to show you what that would look like, but I didn’t have a red light bulb in stock. I was so disappointed because I really, really, really wanted to show you guys how awesome this guy looked with a red light bulb. You’re just gonna have to imagine it, but it’s freaking cool and just like I said, there is a full size that goes along with it. Let me show you what he looks like. There he is right there. Again, you can change that light bulb in that one, two. So I have one more warmer to share with you guys today, and I think, I mean, I haven’t seen the numbers, but just by my customer orders, this has been the most popular mini warmer this Halloween season.

Here’s some fun things to see about this. This is called Chilling Brew. Okay? I’m showing it to you like this because here’s the best part. When I tip this over and you see down in the dish, you are going to lose your mind. If you are a Halloween fan, look at that <laugh>. This is why it’s called Chilling Brew. He is just chilling out there in this little witches cauldron or mug or whatever you want it to be. Now, picture this green wax. We have waxes in tons of different colors, but picture a green wax down in there and he could just be hanging out in that crazy witches brew down in this cauldron. So, so, so cute. Now, this one does not illuminate the whole warmer when you plug it in, but it does have the light holes on the back that reflect on the wall.

Imagine this, you’ve got some green wax in the dish. Put a green light bulb inside where it shines that green on the wall behind. And how evil and fun would that look in your kitchen, in your bathroom? I recommend these mini warmers for plugins that are up higher. They’re not recommended for hallways or any other rooms where they’re gonna be lower down because since that is an open dish, the wax can very easily spill. If you have plugs like that that I just described in a hallway, uh, down low in a bedroom, then this is your best option. And it is our wall fan diffuser. So they are plastic. They use Scentsy pods instead of Scentsy wax. So it’s a no spill option, but we’re not talking about those today. We’re talking about these stink stinking, cute Halloween minis. Now

There are two more, actually three more that we’re offering that I don’t have in stock. How cute is she? Spooky. Stare with her. The Orange eyes again, just $25. We also have, if you decorate more for fall rather than Halloween, beautiful Luminous Leaves is a great one for you. And then we have three warmers that are old school throwback favorites that they brought back, and one of them is The Fright Night Mini Warmer. You guys can find all of these that I showed you as well as that Fright Night mini warmer on my website. Just jump over to Jami Jo sells wax.com. If you have questions about this, about anything Scentsy, you can always put it in the comments down below on this video or shoot me a text. You can reach me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0, and I’m happy to answer any questions that you have. Other than that, grab yourself a Halloween mini warmer. Your house will smell great. It’ll look so cute, and I promise you that you will love it. My name is Jami Jo, and I hope that you have a sensational day.