Hi there. Thanks so much for stopping by. Jami Jo sells wax here on YouTube. This channel is all about S Scentsy fragrance. My name is Jami Jo and I have been a S Scentsy consultant and had a partnership with S Scentsy since all the way back in 2008. So I’ve been working with them for over 15 years now and Scentsy makes an incredible gift and here we are in the holiday season. Now of course Scentsy makes a great gift any time of year, but tis the season for all of the gift giving. So I thought I would just come on today and talk to you guys about some super adorable and awesome gifts for the kids in your life. Now let me be very clear that kid is a term that is used very loosely. Now these are the products that Scentsy is marketing to children.

But let me tell you that many, many, many of my adult customers love these as well. Myself included. I have a couple s Scentsy kids items that I have hung onto myself and love just as much as I love our warmers and wax. So if you are not familiar with S Scentsy, we are a fragrance company. We started almost 20 years ago with warmers and wax products and that was what the company started with. We very soon after that branched out into some room sprays, um, a fragrant cardboard disc that you could hang in your car. But in 2010, Scentsy released the very first of the Scentsy buddies, now Scentsy buddies are absolutely adorable. First and foremost, they are all super cute. I will tell you don’t fall in love with this cute little guy ’cause he’s no longer available. This was my son’s very first Scentsy buddy and I believe this might’ve been from the first run of buddies that there were, but that was in 2010.

And our company has come out with so many different buddies since 2010. Now, when the buddies first came out, there was a collection, each catalog, what they are doing now, and I absolutely love what they’re doing. They choose one Scentsy buddy for each catalog season and it is promised to always be in stock. But other than that, Scentsy buddies are limited release items and you never know how many of them were made and how quick they are going to sell out. So first, let’s talk about the Scentsy buddy, what it is, and then I will let you know the ones that are available right now. And then I have something else that is just as cute, but stocking stuffer size, that might be a great, great idea for you too. So like I said, they’re all stuffed animals Scentsy does kind of have some signature fabrics that they work with.

This is one, almost like a corduroy, but I mean it. This one’s dotted instead of stripes. There are a lot of corduroy fabrics though. One thing that we always see is the Scentsy stamp, the Scentsy logo usually on the foot of the buddy, but some of our buddies don’t have feet, so you will always find it somewhere. Now how are these fragrance, because I told you we’re a fragrance company. Every Scentsy buddy has a hidden zipper on them with a pouch in inside and I just realized that this one doesn’t have his scent pack in him. Oh, here it is right here, <laugh>. So inside that little pouch, we take our scent pack, which is just a fabric sachet. It has scent beads that you might be able to kind of see there. You’re just gonna tuck that in that pouch and give it a zip up and it is automatically going to be fragranced because that scent sachet is in there.

Now I do wanna let you know that we have talked to the tooth fairy and the tooth fairy noses that if they cannot find the tooth under the pillow, that sometimes kids like to tuck them inside the back pouch of their s Scentsy buddy. So just know that we’ve already had that conversation with the tooth fair and they know to look inside a Scentsy buddy if that tooth is not under the pillow. Now this is, I think Molly the monkey. I don’t remember Scentsy’s actual name for this monkey. Uh, but like I said, he’s from way back in 2010 and no longer available. This is the Scentsy buddy that is our in our catalog right now. This is Frankie the French Bulldog. I wanted to show you the adorable box ’cause all of our Scentsy buddies come in this cute, cute box. These can even be popped out for a little handle at the top, similar to kind of like the box that you see the Build a Bears coming in.

But this is Frankie the French bulldog. Isn’t he adorable? You see that signature corduroy there, you can see his Scentsy stamp and like I said, the hidden zipper on the back for his little scent pack. So Frankie, the French bulldog is available right now. We also have in just our regular Scentsy buddies, we have an adorable flamingo right now. We have a teddy bear that has a super, super cute gingerbread costume on. We have Frankie the French Bulldog. We have a really sweet little bunny rabbit and a sleepy bear that has a little cuddly with them. Now we also have many, many, many licensed items that are in our kids line of our buddies. So right now we have Harry Potter and Hedwig both available. If you are a Little Mermaid fan, we have Ursula right now we have Mickey and Minnie. There is a brand new Disney movie coming out called Wish.

And we have Valentino from Wish. We Have Dumbo Groot is actually in our clearance section for an amazing price. So if you are a fan of Guardians of the Galaxy, check that clearance section. There is a crazy little stitch wrapped up in Christmas. Lights all done up for Christmas. Then if you are a fan of Star Wars or the Mandalorian, we have quite a few items for you. We have an Ewok, we have Chewbacca, we have the Mandalorian, and please do not come at me because I don’t know how to say this. A Soka Asaka, I’m not really sure how to say it. Uh, but that character from the Star Wars line as well. So plenty of Scentsy buddies available right now. Now, like I told you, those are limited editions. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. So if one of those really strikes your fancy, make sure you get it now.

So now I wanna show you something very similar, but stocking stuffer size. This is our adorable Scentsy buddy clip. So same idea as the Scentsy buddy, but a smaller size and it comes with a clip. These are perfect to attach to diaper bags or backpacks. A lot of people are actually getting these to hang in their car as well. So you still have the signature fabrics that you see on a lot of the S Scentsy buddies. You still see that S Scentsy stamp on there. The difference with a buddy clip and a Scentsy buddy is the buddy clip. The fragrance is sewn inside of it, so you cannot change it. Um, it’s already put in there so you don’t get a choice of your fragrance, you just get the one that’s already in there. So right now we have this adorable little leopard. She is in the catalog available all the time along with T-Rex here.

How cute is he? Now I wanted to show you the packaging for these adorable little containers, little cylinder, easy to wrap up, easy to pop down in a stocking. This is another one that is available right now. If you are a Harry Potter fan, we have the golden snitch, you’ve got that and it smells amazing. In the wizarding world of Harry Potter scent, we also have a bat, cute little bat available. He is way fun because there’s a Velcro on his wings, so you can either have him open or Velcro shut. And of course, like any good bat, he hangs upside down. We have Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy as well. Let me pop him out and show him to you. How fun is that? He’s on clearance guys, GR and Rocket, both on clearance. We also have a sea turtle, a Yeti, a mermaid, and like I said, we just got a partnership with the Disney movie Wish and we have Star from the movie Wish. So, so many different options for s Scentsy products for your kids this holiday season. This is something that they’re going to love to cuddle, but also it’s gonna smell fabulous and you might just enjoy one yourself. You can grab these at Jami Jo sells wax.com. Just go to the section marked kids products. If you have any questions about these products or anything else since you related, don’t hesitate to shoot me a text at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. My name is Jami Jo and I hope that you have a sensational day.