<silence> Hello. Thank you so much for stopping by. Jami Jo sells Wax. I am Jami Jo and I am really excited to come to you guys today with some easy gift giving ideas, especially if you are on a tight budget. We’re gonna talk about some really cute things that you can gift to maybe teachers or other school staff, people at your office, uh, your male, I wanna say mailman, but that’s not appropriate. Uh, your mail delivery person <laugh> so many different people that maybe you want to give a little fun gift to this holiday season but not break the bank and you want it to be something that you know that they’ll love and that they’ll enjoy. So Jami Jo sells wax. This channel is all about S Scentsy fragrance. I’ve had a partnership with S Scentsy for 15 years now and loving every single minute of it.

I started way back in October of 2008. Started as a customer, quickly became AS Scentsy addict, decided to share s Scentsy with my friends and I haven’t never looked back. S Scentsy has really grown and we have really expanded our product lines. When I first started with S Scentsy, we had wax and warmers and what we called car candles, which are now scent circles and room sprays. That was it. But we have really branched out and some of the things that I’m gonna show you today are some of those items that we have branched out from. So let’s talk about gift giving. Yes, a gift matters, but presentation is such a big deal. I feel like if you have a smaller value gift, as long as it’s presented super, super cute, people are going to value it a little bit more. And let me just tell you <laugh>, I am a target addict.

I love to shop at Target. I especially love Spots playground and as I was in Target yesterday, they were putting out their Christmas stuff. They had these adorable things, cute little Christmas Tree, snowman, sled. They also had a gingerbread man. Um, I didn’t think it was as cute. So I just grabbed these three to show you guys. These are $5 each. Now what I love about this presentation is that these are reusable. Like it’s just a cute little basket and with the tree you can use it all through the winter season. Same with the Snowman. The sled is probably a little more Christmasy, um, but they’re still cute no matter what. $5 each and they are in spots. Playground. If you hurry over there really quick, they were by

Three. Get one free on all spots. Playground is it Spots Playground. Target’s Playground. I don’t remember. I think Bullseye. That’s what it is. Bullseye is playground. It’s not spot. I always call it Spots playground, but I’m wrong. Bullseye. Okay, so let’s talk about what fits in these and how you could easily do gift giving with it. I loved the tree with the hand soap of eucalyptus wreath. Now our hand soaps come in a three pack. See how cute it fits in there, like you can even leave it in there at your sink during the holiday season. But I thought that was really cute and giftable. Let’s look at it. That is the eucalyptus read. So it’s in our Christmas collection.

It is a three pack for $27. So $9 each. You’ve got the $5 basket, you have a gift under $15 there. So if you get that three pack of soap, grab three of these. You have three. Super cute and affordable little gifts. How cute is that? Okay, let’s work with this snowman for a second. I loved the blue and the white, so I thought I definitely need to grab some blue wax. This is my favorite scent this season. It’s called dashing. I just love it. It’s nice and warm. It has like a vanilla undertone, but it’s not really bakery. It’s more of like just the good um, clean fragrance of vanilla with that warm scent as well. So I’m gonna put a bar of dashing in there. I also thought it would be fun to grab a traditional Christmas scent. So Christmas cottage is one that I grabbed.

This is just like Christmas in a bar. It’s got that cinnamon, it’s got the clove. It smells so good. It smells like those Christmas stores that you walk into at the mall or Kirkland’s or something like that. It is just like I said, Christmas in a bar. You can easily fit two bars of wax in this. I think it’s cute if you give them a little pop sideways each way. You could even put a little bow around his neck, a little scarf around his neck to hold those in there. So the bars are $6 each. That would be $12 in product with your $5. Cute little basket here. So again, you have a super affordable gift. It’s under $20. The bars, when you buy five, you get one free. So you could save a little bit of money there. You could get three gifts. Um, the bars would be $10 each ’cause it’s $30 for a six pack, $10 each, the $5 basket.

So again, you’ve got a gift at $15 price point. I think that that is a great budget if you have lots of gifts to give this holiday season. Now there’s a couple options for the little sled here. The first thing I thought was one of our wall fan diffusers. And I thought of this because teacher gifts are something that is definitely needed this holiday season and I think the wall fan diffuser is a great gift for any teacher. Here’s why This is a no mess fragrance option. There’s no wax to spill, nothing to worry about with the kids down in the inside you have a fan when you plug this in and turn it on, the fan will start and blow past the pods little plastic cages with scent beads inside. So it’s gonna blow right past those pods and smell absolutely amazing. There is room in this cute little sled to tuck a pack of pods that is $10.

The wall fan diffusers. I’m gonna have to look because I think we just changed the price on those. I don’t wanna misquote you. So you have different options. You have $30 or 35. Um, this one does not have a downlight but some of them do. So that’s the $5 difference. So a little bit higher price point, but if there’s someone that you’re wanting to give um, a little bit higher quality gift to you, this is the way to go. So you’ve got $45 here in product and the basket as well. A great price point for someone that is super special to you and your family. Now if you like this idea but that’s a little bit out of your budget, we can take out the wall fan diffuser and put in one of our mini fan diffusers. This works the exact same way. It still has that fan.

It’s just a little bit smaller like a desktop version. It has the USB port here, but of course you can always put the plug adapter on it as well to use it in a regular plug. Uh, still a great option for a teacher because they can put this on their desk plugged into their computer. These are only 15. So then you have your $10 pods, 25 30 with the cute basket, but still super, super giftable. I still love this option, especially for a teacher. Now we have tons of products that are smaller in size that would work in any of these baskets. We have room sprays in like 80 plus different fragrances. Those are $8. We have the car bars. This would be great for anyone that has a vehicle. Everyone wants their car to smell good. These are $6 scent circle $3. So you have some great options. The wonderful thing is with all of our smaller products, oh you also have the cent pack. This is our cent pack right here. So just a a fabric scent sachet. Those are $8, $8, $7.

I don’t know, they’re not much. The great thing is all of these smaller items, the spray, the car bar, the scent circle, the bars of wax, the pods, all of these are buy five, get one free of the same product. So that can make gift giving for a lot of people. Super duper affordable. If you maximize on those buy five, get one free. I think that these are a great, great Christmas gift. I think teachers specifically, ’cause I know a lot of my friends really stress about teacher gifts. They want to get them something that they absolutely love and will use, but they need to stay in a budget and they still want it to be cute. So I think these are great options for that. But also just to have on hand for hostess gifts to gift your mail delivery person. Like I said, other people that you might wanna gift, if you have a housekeeper, maybe you want to gift them something at Christmas.

There are so many people in our lives that we just want to say thank you to at the holidays, but we still have a budget to stay in and I think these are all fabulous options. You can get any of these Scentsy products at Jami Jo sells wax.com. Now if you want to utilize that, buy five, get one free, make sure that you go to the specials tab and look at the combined and safe bundles there. The website will not automatically do that, um, combined discount, but it is available to you. Just make sure you go to that special section. Like I said, the cute little baskets are from Target, from Bullseye Playground. You can grab those there. I know every target’s different. You might find some other things that are just as adorable at your target or even check like Dollar Tree has some great baskets and, and different things like that that you can put items in to just step it up a notch and make it look just a little bit cuter. If you guys have questions about this or anything else Scentsy related, you can always put it in the comments here at the video or just shoot me a text at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. Hopefully I’ve kind of sparked some ideas in you of some gifts that you can give this holiday season and made gift giving just a little bit easier. My name is Jami Jo and I hope that you have a sensational day.