Hey there guys. Thanks so much for stopping by. Jamie. Joe sells wax if you come by my channel. Often you will see that uh, we went on a little field trip today. <laugh>, if this is your first time jumping on, Jami Jo sells wax. Thank you so much for stopping by. I am Jami Jo and I am a S Scentsy consultant. And I have been working with S Scentsy for over 15 years. I started all the way back in 2008. I found the products at a craft fair back then. It was basically just wax and warmers, couple other products, but fell in love. Decided to start a little hobby, just sharing it with my family and friends. And now here I am 15 years later, Scentsy is my full-time job and Scentsy has expanded into so many different products. Like I told you, it started out as wax and warmers and a couple other fragrance products, but we have branched out into kids products.

We had pet products for a while. We have a laundry line, we have a bath and body line. And today I am talking to you guys about one of our cleaning products. Today we’re gonna be talking about the counter clean. Now this is counter Clean in Autumn Road Trip and I’m just gonna clean out my sink real quick while I talk to you guys about this product. Counter Clean I think is really misnamed. I think it should be called Magic in a Bottle. ’cause let me tell you, this stuff is absolutely amazing. Yes, it cleans cabinets, easy peasy lemon squeezy as they say. Here’s the really cool thing about using Counter Clean on your cabinets. Now the product, uh, is recommended by Scentsy for just sealed surfaces. And the reason for that is not only is it going to clean the surface, it is always also going to put a barrier on the surface to prevent future stain.

So think about your kitchen and like when you make a sandwich and you get the mustard on the counter or something like that, it is going to clean the mustard off, off the counter, but then put a barrier on the counter. So next time you have the mustard out, it’s not going to be as hard to get off the counter. Make sense? Okay. So Counter Clean was made for those sealed surfaces. These granite countertops, I use it on there all the time. Don’t mind the groceries that need to be put up over there. It’s fine, I’ll get to it eventually. So it started as that for Just Sealed Services. And like I said, that is all that Scentsy markets it for. That’s what the bottle says. That’s what we recommend it for. However, some of us Scentsy consultants have found other uses for the counter clean product.

When my kids were younger and took a school lunch or a lunchbox to school, I have a girl and a boy and a way older boy. So when my younger two were here taking those lunchboxes, there was a definite difference in the behavior of my children. While I’m telling this story, I’m gonna take my shoe off and start taking the laces out of it and you’ll figure out why in a minute. So the difference between my two kids was my daughter would come home from school and she would immediately clean out our lunchbox, take care of it, put everything away. My son, however, especially on like a Friday before the weekend, or goodness forbid a holiday break or summer break, I would not see that lunchbox again. And it was terrifying what would end up in that lunchbox. But I found that Scentsy counter Clean made cleaning out that lunchbox a breeze.

Now you’re probably wondering why I’m in the kitchen taking the shoe laces out of my shoe, but you can probably figure it out. My favorite use for Scentsy Counter Clean is to clean my shoes. I absolutely love shoes and I love a good white tennis shoe. This is my favorite one that I’ve been wearing for a while. But look at that. I’ve never cleaned these. I’ve had ’em a couple months. Uh, they’ll look a little rough, look in a little rough. So we’re gonna do a little experiment while I talk to you guys. So I take my laces out of the shoe, I just put ’em in a glass, fill it up with water, and then I give a few very generous squirts of the counter clean and I’m just gonna let those laces soak in there. So I’m just gonna leave them up on my counter soaking in there.

And then tomorrow morning I’ll rinse those out. But let’s take a look at the shoe. I’m gonna grab a little towel over here. Let’s take a look at the shoe and what we’re dealing with. So we’ve got quite a bit of black there, so you’re gonna watch me do this. So you’re gonna see that I’m not spinning forever, forever scrubbing. I just have an old toothbrush here that I keep under the kitchen sink. I’m gonna give this a couple squirts right on the tongue there. That was the nastiest part of the shoe. And just give it a good few good scrubs.

Wow, <laugh> give it a wipe off. Look at the difference already on that. Is that not crazy? There was that giant black mark there. So I’m just gonna keep working a little bit on this while I continue to tell you about Counter Clean. Now, one thing that I love about Counter Clean is its price point. It’s only $10, but if you fall in love with it, which I know that you will, we also have an all purpose concentrate that is basically the same thing as Counter Clean just in a concentrated form. So it’s a larger bottle, I believe it’s 16. I have my catalog here. I’ll flip real quick, get you a price on that. The counter clean I know is 10, counter Clean is 10. There’s all Purpose Cleaner is 18, but it makes so many more bottles of that cleaning. So what I recommend is someone grab a counter clean first, make sure that you fall in love with it as much as I do, and then grab your all-purpose concentrate after that.

So you can use the spray bottle over and over. You’re just gonna mix it with water. Look at this shoe already. The difference, can you see that it is coming clean so easy. Now this um, little rubber part here, I’m showing you the bottom of a shoe. Sorry about that. This little rubber part here is what really annoys me. So I just give it a couple squirts, give it a couple good scrubs and you’re gonna be able to see the line of where I’ve cleaned it and where I have it. And guys, you can tell right now like I’m not really putting all my ump into it. I’ve just got this toothbrush and I’m just giving it a little scrub. So lemme wipe that off.

So here’s the part that I cleaned. Here’s the part that I didn’t. Do you see a difference there? It’s a huge, huge difference just from a couple squirts of this product. Now let’s go back to the best ways to get this product. So like I said, grab you one bottle when you fall in love with it because I know you will. You can do that all purpose. If you have a fragrance that you know you absolutely love or when you do a three pack, you get a discount on them. Now what’s cool is we have several different fragrances. Right now I am using Autumn Road trip, which was the fragrance in our harvest collection. So it’s definitely a harvesty scent. It’s got that little bit of spice, that little bit of cinnamon that we like during the holidays. Let me go back to it. Here’s the clean side.

The not clean side. Big difference, little effort. But in the catalog, autumn Road trip’s gonna be gone at the end of December in the catalog. You can get the fragrances Daydream Oasis, which is just a good fresh, clean fragrance. You can get Johnny Appleseed and absolutely fabulous just like in your face. Apple fragrance. You can also get Make a Splash Scarlet Sunflower, which is my all time favorite. As soon as this autumn road trip is used up, it’s gonna be Scarlet Sunflower in my kitchen. You can also get Squeeze the Day, which is like a lemon cookie fragrance, suns kiss citrus like the perfect kitchen fragrance ’cause it’s just that clean citrus scent. And then you can also get vanilla mint. So vanilla mint is a fragrance that we used to have in wax and we discontinued, but we thought that it would be a great cleaning product fragrance and it absolutely is.

So that is, although to me it’s kind of a Christmassy fragrance, it’s in our fall and winter catalog, which means that it is available all the way through this entire catalog season. So guys, I am going to go ahead and end this with you guys. Finish up cleaning my shoes. But if you guys are ready to jump on board and grab you some counter clean, you can do that at Jami Jo sells wax.com. If you have any questions about it, feel free to reach out to me. You can reach me by text at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. Or uh, you can find me on social media. I’m on Facebook and on Instagram under Jami Jo Sells Wax. And then also right here on this YouTube video, if you have any questions, feel free to ask on there. I am going to leave you guys to it while I continue to clean my shoes. Guys, I’m Jami Jo and I hope that you have a sensational day.