Hey there. Thanks so much for swinging by Jami Jo sells Wax today. I am your friendly Scentsy consultant. Jami Jo and I have been working with Scentsy Fragrance for over 15 years now. I started with the company all the way back in 2008, so I have been on quite a journey with Steny Fragrance. When I first started with them, we just had legit a handful of products. I know we had warmers and wax room sprays. I think we had stent circles, but they were called Car candles. Then um, that might have been it actually. So I have been working with the company for quite some time, but I love to come here on YouTube and share with you product reviews, tips, tricks, show you all the new stuff, all of those things. Right here on Jami Jo sells wax on YouTube and today is no different.

I have a tip or a trick for you and an unboxing all at once. So let’s go ahead and jump in and get started. Before I unbox this a warmer that I have been wanting to get for a while. This one is Savannah. I want you to tell me in the comments what is your favorite Scentsy Warmer of all time. I would have such a hard time choosing this, but I love me some animal print. Sadly, no room in my house has really decorated animal print, so I haven’t, you know, had the urgency to get one of our animal print warmers. But I have been seeing on social media some fun things that people have been doing with this warmer and that’s why I wanted to grab one jump on here, show you guys how easy it is to change the look of some of our warmers.

So here it is. Let’s go ahead and do an unboxing of Savannah. Let me look real quick to give you the price point of the Savannah warmer. It is a $60 warmer, so it is one of our higher priced warmers. We have them in all different price ranges from from 25 on up. 60 is one of our higher priced warmers. But when you see this, I think you’re gonna know why our warmers, all of them have a lifetime warranty on manufactured defect. That means if at any time the electrical workings of your warmer quit working, contact the Scentsy consultant that you purchased the warmer from and you’ll get a replacement. If we still have that warmer, you’re gonna get the same warmer. If we do not have that warmer anymore, they are going to give you one of a the same price point. So you’ll get to choose from the same price point.

All of our warmers come with a light bulb. This one is a 25 watt light bulb. So comes with a clear, uh, the majority of our warmers do come with a clear light bulb. There are some exceptions, like the Darth Vader comes with a red bulb, the heart to heart warmer, which is our cause warmer right now actually comes with I know three, maybe even four light bulbs. Okay. First before we plug it in, let’s really take a look at this warmer and you can see the reflection of my ring light. I’m gonna go ahead and turn it off. Okay, so you guys can get a better look at this. So you can see that it’s mirrored inside because you guys can actually see my phone propped up there that I’m filming this on. It’s a couple different layers. There are, it is mirrored, but you can see that, I don’t even know what that would be called, like a matte overlay and it’s like a couple different leopard prints through there.

Pretty cool. I’m gonna turn this back on, but I am gonna turn it off again in a second to show you something else. Okay, so all of our warmers have the light bulb inside anywhere from a 15 watt light bulb up to a 40 watt. If it is a 40 watt light bulb, it is the Edison bulb. So anytime you’re looking through the catalog or looking online, if it says 40 watt bulb, that is going to be the old fashioned Edison light bulb. Most of our full-size warmers are either 20 or 25 watt. A couple other things, well, a couple other things I wanna show you. If you’re looking to change your light bulb but you don’t know what size it is, you can do a couple different things. Your warmer is going to have it marked on there. Some of them will have this tag on the cord and you can always see the picture of the light bulb here with 25 watt.

Some of them it will say it on the bottom of the warmer, there will be a sticker on the bottom of the warmer. This does not have that. Another fun little trick that you can do is take a picture of your warmer using Google lens and you’ll be able to find information about your warmer there. The one other thing I wanna tell you about our Scentsy warmers before I show you the really cool trick with this one is all of our newer warmers, a number in the dish. So this one has the number four. That is the recommended number of cubes of wax that Scentsy thinks is the best for the use of this warmer. Now of course you can use as much or as little wax as you want, but that number is what Scentsy recommends. So I’m gonna go ahead and plug in this warmer.

We’re gonna take a look at it lit up, see if I can hold it and turn it on at the same time. So it’s absolutely gorgeous. Again, I’m gonna turn this ring light off. Maybe I’ll just leave it off. You guys can just see me in the shadows. It’s fine. Absolutely gorgeous. What you can’t see, what you kind of can see the reflection on my face. This is going to cast a beautiful shadow up on the wall. I’m seeing it in front of me, but you can see it against my face. A gorgeous, gorgeous shadow against the wall. But I have been teasing you for over five minutes now that there is a trick that you can do with this warmer to completely change its look. So let’s talk about that trick guys. I’m gonna leave my ring light off instead of turning it on and off and on and off. Um, here’s the fun trick.

This basket is full of different S Scentsy light bulbs in different colors. As long as you are getting a light bulb in the same wattage from S Scentsy, you can completely change the look of your warmer by removing that clear bulb and putting in the color bulb of your choice. Purple’s my favorite color if you haven’t figured that out yet. So I’m gonna start testing this look with the purple light bulb. Okay, so you guys saw what it was with the clear, oh man, how disappointing that is not showing up on camera. As gorgeous as it is, there’s just too much light in here, but trust me when I say it absolutely changes this warmer. You can somewhat see it there. Let’s try a different colored light bulb. Just to prove the point, guys, our light bulbs come in blue, green, red, orange, purple, and for a limited time we also have a pink light bulb.

We have a collection of breast cancer awareness items and they came out with a pink light bulb with those. I’m popping a red one in now so we can see the difference for a red light bulb. Oh wow, that one shows up way better on camera. I don’t know why the purple didn’t show up as good on camera. Maybe it’s ’cause there’s a purple wall and I don’t know. But look at the difference that that makes. Now let’s think about where these colored bulbs would come in handy for changing the look of your warmer. If you like to decorate for holidays, you can always just change a light bulb color, completely change the look of a warmer, let’s do a St. Patrick’s Day, Savannah warmer. So just by changing the color, you can be a little more festive with your just year round. Since you warmer, you don’t have to change the warmer completely, you can just change the light bulb to change the look. That one is a massive change as well. Well, so weird that the purple one didn’t change as greatly on camera as it did in person. Um, another reason that you might wanna change the color of a light bulb would be if you’re a sports fan, if we have the color of your favorite team, you could change, oh, I didn’t get the bulb in right. I thought it went in a little wonky.

Try it again. Okay, now I’m gonna try this blue and then I’m gonna show you how you can know whether you’re warmer. See, the blue doesn’t show up as great on camera either. I’m gonna show you how you can know whether you’re warmer will change with the look of a light bulb or not. I’m gonna show you how to find out that information. Let’s try the orange real quick. I do not have a pink bulb with me, but those are available as well. And the orange. Here we go. How fun would that be at Halloween? Okay, so let’s talk about how do I know if my warmer will glow the different colors? If you are looking at a Scentsy catalog back in the back, it all pulls out so you can have like a journey of s Scentsy warmers. So let’s look at the Savannah one in particular here, right there.

Do you see that little bitty G underneath it in red? That means that this warmer glows and that is how you can determine whether a light bulb change will change the look of the warmer. If you’re looking online, you’re gonna be looking at the warmer. It’s gonna show the warmer and just a little bit of information, but underneath, there’s a button. It’s not a button, it just says details. If you click the arrow next to where it says details, it’s gonna give you like all the stats of the warmer. You wanna look for a warmer that says glows win lit. If those words appear on the details of the warmer glows win lit, it is going to change the look of the warmer By changing the bulbs, our bulbs are so affordable, you get a three pack of bulbs for just $5. So that makes changing the look of your warmer, super duper affordable.

I love the fact that you can have a warmer app all year long, but change the look of it just with the simple, simple act of changing the light bulb. I hope you enjoyed this demonstration. I hope that you love this Scentsy tip. Tell me below which warmer you want to get to change the color in it by changing your light bulb. Guys, if you have any questions about this or anything else, you can pop ’em in the comments here. You can find me on social media, Facebook or Instagram on Jami Jo Sells at Jami Jo sells wax. If you guys are ready to just jump in and grab your savanna warmer or any of our other warmers that glow to change the light bulb, go to Jami Jo sells wax.com. I’m Jami Jo and I hope that you have a sensational day.