Well, hey there friends. I say friends, I might not have even met you yet, <laugh>. My name is Jami Jo and you have found my channel called Jami Jo sells wax here on YouTube. I have had a Scentsy business for over 15 years now. Been working with S Scentsy since October of 2008, a long time ago, and so in that time I have really learned a lot about S Scentsy products. I love to come to you guys here on my YouTube channel and share tips, tricks, reviews, my opinion, <laugh>, and just let you know about new stuff that’s coming out and all different kinds of good stuff like that. Today is really exciting because we are talking about the Scentsy Club exclusives. Guys, I am giving you some secrets here, <laugh>. Now, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me give you a brief overview of what S Scentsy Club is and a couple of the perks.

So S Scentsy Club is a customer loyalty program that Scentsy offers. You have the option when you join Scentsy Club. I say Join Scentsy Club. This is not signing up to be a consultant, it’s not opening your own business. It is completely just a customer loyalty program, but when you join, there’s no cost to join. First of all, you get to decide what you want s Scentsy to send you on a regular basis. So this is for people that loves s Scentsy and you’re using it often. You can decide whether you want your order to come every month, every other month, or every third month. And like I said, you get to decide what you put in it. It is just for consumable products because of course you don’t want the same warmer over and over again. We’re talking about all the things that can be used up.

Now, any consumable product can be put in your S Scentsy club, but I think I would be safe to say that the number one thing that’s in S Scentsy Club is wax because Scentsy has a program called Always Get My Bar. What that is is before s Scentsy discontinues your favorite fragrance, you can add it into your s Scentsy club and even if they discontinue that fragrance, they are going to continue to make it just for you and ship it to you as often as you decided. There are tons of perks to you. S Scentsy Club. Always get my bar, one of those perks. Another perk, you always get a discount. Yeah, actually, yeah, I was second guessing myself, but yes, that’s true because no matter what the size of your s Scentsy order, it’s always discounted shipping. They’re gonna give you a $2 discount on your flat rate shipping, making it just $8 instead of the normal 10.

No matter what your s Scentsy club order is, when your Scentsy club hits $30, they’re gonna give you 10% off. When it hits $60, you get to keep that 10% off of course, but then they’re gonna give you a half price item. There is lots of really cool things about Scentsy Club, but today we are talking about something that they just started like about a month ago, and that is Scentsy Club exclusive items. These are items that have either been discontinued or have never even been on the real s Scentsy market like they were just consultant only items. But you have the opportunity to get these if you have a Scentsy Club subscription. Now, this does not go into your s Scentsy club. It’s not gonna be on your auto ship like all your other stuff. This is a completely separate item, completely separate order, but you can only access these items if you have a S Scentsy Club.

Make sense? Hopefully. Hopefully. So I am going to spill the beans and let you guys know what the S Scentsy Club exclusive items are for right now. Now, they haven’t told us are these monthly, are they just sporadic? We don’t really know. But for right now, at the time I’m shooting this video, these are the S Scentsy Club exclusive items. First time ever we’ve seen a S Scentsy Club exclusive of S Scentsy soak. Now, if you have been a following Scentsy for a while, if you’ve been using Scentsy for a while, you know all about this stuff. If you don’t, let me just tell you that if you are a person that enjoys a nice relaxing bath, you better get your hands on some of this stuff. Now I’m showing it to you in Cloudberry Dreams. That is not available. You can get this in Luna or in Winterberry Apple Tea.

First, let’s talk about what this is. These are, I’m gonna say bath salts, but they’re not like salty and crunchy like other brands. You can kind of see it in there. It’s more like a powder and it smells so, so good. This is not what your berry apple tea I thought it was when I grabbed it. So I like to get cute little jars and put my different soaks in there, and I keep these little jars next to the bath. It, it’s just more aesthetically pleasing than the bag. So you get two pounds. This bag is two full pounds, so you’re gonna use this like you would Epsom salts like you would a bath bomb. You are gonna get a gorgeous color in your bathtub, an amazing fragrance, and this is going to feel so good on your skin. Now let me tell you a couple of things that I love about s Scentsy soak.

First of all, I, I told you it smells great and it feels great on your skin, but you know what is one thing that I absolutely hate when I’m using bath products, like I’ve had this awesome relaxing bath and I get up out of it and I drain the water and there’s like a ring of color in the tub, or there’s oil in the tub, or there’s grittiness in the tub. You don’t have any of that with Scentsy soak this stuff, rinses clean, absolutely clean. You do not have to clean after you have relaxed friends right there. That’s selling point for me. So if you have never tried sy soak, you need to join clubs so you can get you some. It’s absolutely amazing. Another thing that we can get right now with S Scentsy Club exclusive is something that another product that’s been discontinued.

Now we still have our washer whiffs in stock, but this fragrance, this s Scentsy clean that has been a discontinued fragrance in laundry products. You can get the tub of the whiffs or the squirter bottle of the laundry liquid. Here’s the size of it. Obviously not the same sip. You can grab those as a whiff exclusive, and I just gotta show you this. I mean, I am a lover of cute little jars, but look how cute this is. I got this in the the dollar section at Target. It’s been a minute, but I love to keep my washer wiss in here because they’re just so cute. I mean, that looks adorable on my dryer next to my washer cuter than the Scentsy tub. Two other things I wanna tell you about that you can get as a Scentsy Club exclusive is a Scentsy Go. Now this is my Scentsy go.

I stickered it up with all my favorite things. You can get a Scentsy go, but it has where mine has this rose gold stripe. It has a gorgeous purple stripe. It was never available for sale. It was a consultant exclusive, but you can get your hands on it if you belong to Scentsy Club. Speaking of a consultant exclusive, you can also get your hands on a brick of wax. It’s not this one, so don’t pay attention to that. A brick of wax, look how big that is guys. It’s a full pound of wax. Now the scent of it is our fragrance from our convention last year in 2022. This is the one we got this year for 2023, and it says Reflections. The one that is the Club exclusive is the title, or the name of it is called Scentsy is You, and it is Apricot, melon and Wild Flowers.

Gracious. Here’s the really cool thing they did this last year. They did it again this year, okay? I’m hoping this is gonna come through on camera. Oh, it is. Look at that guys. The wax is sparkly. How cool is that? I love the Sparkle wax, so if you grab that brick of S Scentsy is you, it’s gonna be sparkly wax too. It’s, if I remember right, it’s like a deep purple. Pretty sure, pretty sure, but it’s apricot melon and wildflowers. Those are the club exclusives right now, and I’m telling you that Scentsy soak right there is worth getting a Scentsy club just so you can grab some of those. I I might have stockpiled some. I mean, there’s no might about it. I did stockpile some, so I still have some. You need to get some, if you are ready to grab these, first thing you have to do, if you don’t have a Scentsy Club, you have to start that, so jump over to Jami Jo sells wax.com.

Up in the top, you’re gonna see join the Club S Scentsy Club, something to that effect. Set your club up, then you’re, it’s going to open access to these items. When you’re ready for that, you’re just gonna go to your account tab and you’re gonna see S Scentsy Club exclusive, and those are gonna be on there. If you guys have any questions about this at all, I am happy to help you out with it. You could pop those questions in the comments of this video, find me on social media. You can easily find me on Facebook and Instagram, or if you wanna just shoot me a text, you can do that too. You can reach me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. I am so excited about this new program of the Scentsy Club exclusives, and I really think that you’re gonna love these items. My name is Jami Jo, and I hope that you have a sensational day.