Hey there friends. Thanks so much for stopping by. Jami Jo sells Wax here on YouTube. My name is Jami Jo and I am a Scentsy consultant and I have been working with S Scentsy Fragrance for over 15 years now. I started with them all the way back in October of 2008. Been loving the S Scentsy world ever since, and this channel I love to come to you guys, share with you all the great things that S Scentsy has to offer, give you tips, suggestions, product reviews, brand new product releases, just all the goodness that Scentsy has to bring to you. So if you’re interested in that, make sure that you subscribe to my channel today. I wanna talk to all of my realtor friends. Now, if you are not a realtor, hang out because there still might be validity to this if you often give a lot of gifts, but this video is specifically directed to my friends that are in the realty business, and I wanna talk to you guys today about an amazing closing gift for your clients, for your customers, and how I can help you get closing gifts at the lowest price possible.

Now, I have bought and sold quite a few houses. I mean, not me personally. I’ve always used the help of a realtor, but I have lived in several different places and I know that it is standard custom for a realtor to give a new client a closing gift. And we’ve gotten some great gifts. We’ve gotten some useless gifts. I won’t say they were stupid, but they were useless. And so I wanna come to you guys and help you with what I think is the perfect closing gift for your client. Now here’s the great thing about Scentsy as a closing gift. Number one, it’s I have some really cute warmers that are specific to like a new house or a home, and I’m gonna show you those in just a second. But also we have the ability to customize your product selection selections specifically for your individual clients.

If you wanna buy a whole bunch in bulk and just have a ton of closing gifts ready, we’re gonna talk about that in this video. But if you want to specify and pick specifically for each client, you can do that as well. First, I wanna jump in and talk to you guys, show you guys two super adorable warmers that I think make amazing closing gifts. Now, this one right here is called, I didn’t get the name of it, bless this house. I mean the name right there. And that was an easy name for this warmer. I think this warmer is so cute. It is made out of 10. If you are not familiar with s Scentsy warmers, the majority of them use a light bulb and this one does. We use a light bulb to melt wax that goes in the top dish. There’s a couple things about our warmers that make them even more user-friendly.

If you see right there, there’s a number four, that number four tells the customer that S Scentsy recommends four cubes of wax in this warmer. Of course, you can use as little or as much as you want. It is so cute when it’s all lit up. So this would be an amazing closing gift for a customer who wouldn’t love to have this precious little warmer in their house. I love how the light shines through the windows, the little heart on the door. Of course, we’ve got bless this home etched out such cute, warmer, and I love that it is 10 that is so on trend right now. Perfect for anyone that decorates, you know in in very clean lines or cutesy farmhouse stuff. This warmer is just so extremely versatile. It does have a lid on it, but it has the opening at the top of the lid and then all the vent holes around it as well.

So you still get some decent cent throw from this warmer. This warmer by itself is $50. But stay tuned because I’m gonna talk about how we can get some really good deals if you bulk buy your closing gifts. I know that most realtors decide the price on their closing gift two different ways. I have so many realtor friends, I’ve talked to them and some of them have just a set price that doesn’t matter the price of the home. They have a set price, that’s what they spend on closing gifts. Other realtors do it as like a percentage based on the price of the house. So either way that you do it, I am happy to work with you and help you get the exact price point that you need to be at. If that $50 warmer is a little too high, we’ve got this cute little mini warmer.

Let me get the name of it for you. It’s called Take Me Home. Same idea, cute little house. Love lives here. This is a ceramic warmer. It’s one of our mini warmers, so it has a 15 watt light bulb there, perfect for a kitchen or a bathroom. I’m gonna go ahead and plug this in because it really does change the look of the warmer when it’s plugged in. So let’s look at that. How cute it comes through. Oh, my connection wasn’t real good. There comes through the windows just like in our larger, warmer, but you can’t really tell because of my ring light here, but it does illuminate the whole warmer. This is one of our few mini warmers that has like a closed top, but the entire back of it is open and this is where the dish is that you would put the wax.

We recommend just one cube of wax in these little mini warmers. And that take me home warmer is priced at just $25. All of our mini warmers are priced at $25. Now, if you’re gonna gift a warmer, I suggest always gifting wax. You can buy a single bar of wax for $6. You can do a three pack and we save you a dollar. That makes it 17. And guys, I’m talking all in us pricing here. Or you can do a six pack for 20, no for $30 <laugh>. So you get one bar for free on that. When you buy five, you get one free. I know it’s gonna be super hard to pick scent selections for someone that maybe you don’t know really well. So I have a couple recommendations for you for a three pack. That’s what most of my realtors go with, is a three pack of wax with their warmers that they gift.

So these are the three scents that I recommend. Welcome Home, of course, just for the name <laugh>. It’s the perfect scent to give, but it is a spicy, a kitchen, spicy scent, like there’s cinnamon, there’s clove in it. This is just a really great scent for a kitchen. Now I know tons of people that use this scent all over their home. I specifically prefer cinnamon just for my kitchen. And no, I did not plan to match the bar, but look at that. I could do like a who wore it better video right now. My other two recommendations. My second recommendation is Amazon Rain. This is just a good neutral, fresh and clean fragrance. It is in our spa line. It’s just a good everywhere scent. I’ve never met someone that was offended <laugh> by Amazon Rain, meaning that everyone was like loving it or indifferent about it.

And so honestly, that’s kind of what we’re going for as far as gifts because fragrance can be very specific. The third recommendation I have is Luna, and same thing goes for Luna. I’ve never heard of anyone that didn’t like it. Luna is one of our top sellers and it’s been on our top selling list since it came out. All three of these fragrances are top sellers. Luna is a lighter floral fragrance. When I say floral, sometimes that freaks people out. ’cause some people don’t like floral, but it’s all white florals. That might not mean anything to you, but white florals are usually on the tamer side. So it is full of white florals for a floral, but still a fresh scent. So that’s my recommendation of the three bars. Now let’s talk about bundle deals. So I told you this warmer was $50 and the three pack of wax was $17.

But if you buy those together, we drop the price a little bit and it’s just $65. So this warmer and these three bars, $65 just as it sits. Let’s talk about the mini 25 and 17. But you buy ’em together and it’s gonna drop down to $40. That’s a great price point right there at $40. But I’m gonna tell you how you can get it even lower than $40. Now let’s talk about mixing and matching um, those bundle deals to get you even a bigger discount. Now how I’m doing this is I’m putting it in as a party order with you as my hostess or host, excuse me. When you purchase at least $200 value of product and you have to do this through me, you can’t do it automatically on the website. So you need to reach out to me. I’ll give you my text phone number at the end of this.

You can do this warmer and the three bars warmer was 50 together 65. But if we do two sets of these together, they’re gonna drop the price a little bit more and make it 1 21. Now that’s still not making it to the magic mark of 200. So what if you bought four of these sets just like this? That is going to put you at party status, and that means you’re gonna start earning discounts and freebies. If you got four sets of that, bless this home, the warmer and the three bars, I could give you this mini warmer for just 80 cents <laugh>, 80 cents guys, and another three pack of wax. I’ll do it half price, which would make it eight 50. So you could have four larger closing gifts and a little mini closing gift. For guys, that’s gonna be way under $300. That’s a great deal.

2 40, 2 80, lemme do a little math. 2 51 30, 250 $1 and 30 cents. That’s gonna give you five closing gifts. Now, perhaps that’s still just a touch over your budget. So let’s stick with this little mini set right here. Let’s do a mini warmer with three bars. I told you that was 40, but if you do two of these together, make $74 already taking dollars off <laugh>, we wanna hit that $200 price mark. So if we get six sets of this, that would earn you a mini for $2 and 80 cents and another three pack for $8 and 50 cents, that means that you are getting seven closing gifts total for $233 and 30 cents. Guys, that makes each closing gift just $33 and 30 cents. That’s a fabulous price and something that is valued well over that, something that your customer is going to love, that your client is going to love.

Perhaps you wanna s stretch outside of the box of wax and warmers. If you have a client that has tons of little kids, I would recommend some bundle deals with the fan diffuser. That’s our no mess scent option for the home. Or what about a really cute cleaning basket with some amazing cleaning products. I renamed our counter clean magic in a bottle because that’s what it is to me. That cleaner <laugh> will get stains out of anything. I swear it will. Guys, here’s the bottom line. I would love to help you get your clients an amazing closing gift that they will absolutely love. You can get any of these products on my website at any time at Jami Jo sells wax.com. But if you want me to work with you personally on getting the best deal possible for the most closing gifts at once, I am happy to help with that.

You can just put a comment here in the video, but if you wanna start a conversation with me quickly, just shoot me a text to 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. Guys, I can help you out if you’re anywhere in the US or even in Canada. Now, I gave us pricing Canada. Pricing is gonna be a little different, but I can help you guys out as well. As far as closing gifts go. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Like I said, you have my text number. You could find me on social media, Facebook and Instagram under Jami Jo sells wax. Other than that, I hope this was super informative and I hope I’ve given you a new idea on some closing gifts for your clients. Guys, my name is Jami Jo and I hope that you have a s sensational day.