Well, hello. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, whatever time you are watching this Best Scentsy Scents video. I am so glad that you stopped by. Jami Jo sells Wax. I am Jami Jo and I have a partnership with Scentsy Fragrance. I have been working with this company and loving every minute of it all the way back since October of 2008, so over 14 years now. I am so excited to bring you my 29th. No, maybe this is my 30th catalog with s Scentsy Fragrance. Now you’re gonna see all my sticky notes there because we are going to do a catalog walkthrough today. Now, this Best Scentsy Scents catalog does not go into effect until September 1st, and I am showing you the US catalog. So if you, um, are in a different region, in a different country, things might be a touch different. But I’m down here in Oklahoma of the United States and this is the catalog that I will be sharing with my customers.

So as you can see from the cover, this is for fall and winter of 2023. It goes into effect on September 1st, and I believe it goes through February, January or February, um, of 2024. I think it’s, I think it’s February. I don’t know. They’ve changed the dates a few times, so I get confused. We are going to do a little catalog walkthrough of this brand new catalog because I know a lot of my consultant friends, um, have not had the chance to have it in their hands yet. They might’ve seen it online, but I went to Best Scentsy Scents convention a couple weeks ago and they gave us a catalog. I’ve had a blast going through it, and I want to point out some really fun things that you find in the catalog this time. Now, I’m gonna skip over a couple pages because, you know, maybe there’s just nothing spectacular about that page when we jump into the catalog.

I am really, really excited about what we find on page five of the catalog. Now, Scentsy always chooses a charity to support and has a charitable cause warmer. I’m gonna scooch in just a little bit so you can see this. It is called heart to heart. It’s just a solid white warmer that has pinholes popped out in the shape of a heart. You can see here that you can change the look of the warmer by changing the Best Scentsy Scents different light bulb. This heart to heart warmer, I am thrilled about because it is supporting a cause that we have never supported before with a charitable cause warmer. We are supporting foster care and adoption. There’s gonna be several different charities that are supported through this, but $10 from the sale of every single warmer is going to go to support foster care and adoption. This is very close to my heart.

I have two adopted kiddos. One came from the foster care system and we were technically his foster parents, although our intention was always to adopt. So this is a cause super close to my heart. I’m thrilled about this. Now, one thing that is really cool about this warmer, which we’ve never seen before, is it is going to come with the white light bulb, the blue, the red, and the purple. So you’re gonna get four different color light bulbs with this warmer. We have never ever seen that before with a warmer from Scentsy. Now, one really cool thing just to tell you a little bit about what Scentsy does with these charitable causes. I told you they’re gonna give $10 from the every single heart to heart warmer purchase to foster care and adoption. In April of 2023, they had a little excess money in their charity.

Um, it’s called the Scentsy Family Foundation. They decided to pay off $32,000 worth of lunch, school lunch debt to a school district. How cool is that? So they’re not just doing what they tell us in the catalog, they’re doing more, doing more than just that. Let’s jump in and look at some of the brand new warmers that you are going to see. How fun is this mallard warmer. Now, if you’re a consultant watching this video, this Mallard warmer is going to have so many different Best Scentsy Scents marketable possibilities. You are going to be able to market this to fans of the office and fans of Jersey Shore because both of those shows, the office has an episode where there’s this big ordeal about a wooden mallard, and then also in Jersey Shore. This reminds me of the phone that they use on Jersey Shore. Now also, of course, you can market this to Duck Hunters fans of Duck Dynasty, but to me, I grew up in the nineties and this just totally screams nineties preppy to me.

So I absolutely love this warmer, and there’s, like I said, so many marketing possibilities. The next warmer I want to point out to you is this one and it’s called Golden Meadow. The reason I want to point it out to you is because this picture does not do it justice. That is actually gold foil overlaid inside little etchings in the warmer, beautiful, beautiful warmer. Like I said, that that picture doesn’t not do it justice at all. The next one, look at this adorable little cactus mini warmer. It’s called Sedona Again, you can see it here, the little nubs. I don’t know what else you would call ’em. The little nubs on that Best Scentsy Scents cactus are hand painted. There’s a little gold accent on each one. You just can’t see it real well in the catalog, but trust me, they’re there and they’re super, super cute. Okay, now this warmer is a big, big, big deal because it is our very first warmer that is being manufactured in Mexico and cin, he has a huge presence in Mexico.

How beautiful is that? Warmer. It gives me up vibes like Disney’s up, even though it’s, it’s not. It’s just a glass warmer. It is made from recycled glass beads. Here’s the cool thing. You could see by looking at these pictures down here, every single one of these warmers is going to be very, very different because they are handmade, because they are from recycled beads. There’s no possible way to make sure they all look alike. So one of a kind, for sure, for sure, for sure. Let’s see what else I wanna point out next. Oh, this is so cool. This is a brand new warmer that’s actually being released in three different colors. We have been begging for a basic warmer, small, affordable, and basic, and Scentsy gave it to us this warmer. Doesn’t matter which color you choose, this warmer is only $25. That is an amazing price point for a full-size warmer. Our mini warmers are always $25, but a great price point for a full-size warmer. Also, they have given us a pre-selected three pack of wax that you could purchase that are our best sellers. You’re gonna get blueberry cheesecake, you’re gonna get Luna, and you’re gonna get black raspberry vanilla. So you can get this basic warmer, what are they calling it?

Mod, A mod warmer and that three pack of our bestselling fragrances. What an amazing gift for a housewarming, um, for realtors to give us a closing gift for someone that you, you wanna give ’em a gift, but you just don’t know what their style is, what their fragrance choices are, that is the perfect gift. You can get that warmer and that three pack of bars for just $42, which is an amazing price point for like all an entire set of Scentsy. Now, the next, quite a few pages are the fragrances. I’m not gonna really touch on any of the fragrances because I’m gonna do a whole different video about the new fall and winter fragrances. But let me just tell you, they knocked it out of the park this season. I love fall and winter ’cause they’re warm, they’re deep, and those are my favorite type of fragrances.

We are keeping Harry Potter in the catalog. Super excited about that. Keeping Mickey and Minnie keeping my favorite aerial warmer up there. Also, the princesses, Winnie the Poo. Okay, friends, I know I have so many friends that are lovers of Frenchy Puppy dogs and we have a brand new buddy that’s coming out. He is going to stay out the entire catalog season. Most of our buddies are limited time offers. Our friend Frenchy here, that’s not his name, Frankie, the French Bulldog, is going to stay the entire catalog season. So my Frenchy lovers, trust me, I’m gonna be reaching out to you ’cause I know you’re all going to want this. And look at these two adorable new buddy clips. We’ve got a cheetah, oh, I’m sorry, it’s a leopard. It’s a leopard and a T-Rex. Love how cute those are. We have a new fan diffuser product.

I’ve already showed it to you in one of my other videos, but it’s a tabletop fan diffuser. It’s kind of like a Scentsy warmer and a fan diffuser had a baby because it’s like the size of a Scentsy warmer, but works still just like the little mini fans love that zipping through. Do you remember that Cheetah mini fan that I showed you? It was in our width box, which was a limited edition. We didn’t, we didn’t know it was coming in the catalog. We thought it was a get it or you miss it. I think it was like two or three months ago, guys. They popped it in the catalog. It was such a hit. We sold so many Wif boxes that month, and we believe it’s because of this guy right here that Scentsy decided to go ahead and add it in the catalog as an option all the time, of course, we still have our diffusers, two different size choices for diffusers.

Tons of really great oils. I want to bring your attention to the body page, and there is one main reason I wanna bring this to your attention, and that’s because we have glacier water in a new fragrance. Guys, this is an amazing, super yummy scent. I know you are going to love Glacier Water. Personally, I love just breathe in the body products. I’m not a huge fan of it as a wax, but I love it in my hand soap. So there’s that too. I screamed a little girl scream when I saw this because I love warm manly fragrances. You guys, if you watch me, you know this. I love a good manly fragrance. We finally got the entire laundry line in white, amber and teak, which is an amazing, yummy, delicious, manly fragrance. So I’m thrilled about that. But I’m also excited because you probably can’t see it there, but this is Fiji flour and there’s a star.

A star means it’s a brand new product. Now, I have been using Fiji flour for my laundry products for quite some time now, but they have not had since the fresh in Fiji flour, but they do now. So I’m super excited about that. Now I’m really torn. Do I keep using Fiji flour for my laundry or I’ve been begging for a manly scent? Do I switch it all to white, amber and te? I’m really gonna have to make a decision there. I think I’m gonna get the laundry love bundle in the white amber and teak and then decide which one I like better. Okay, last season we had a new fragrance come out and it was called Scarlet Sunflower and I fell in love with it and uh, it would, I put it in my Scentsy club when it discontinued. I’m thrilled it’s coming back, but I’m even more excited because it’s coming in the cleaning products.

Now, my sad little heart coastal sunset was my favorite for the cleaning products, but it is on the discontinued list, and I was really distraught wondering what I was gonna do. But now I don’t have any worries at all because coastal sunset is going to be switched to Scarlet Sunflower in this house. If I can have my entire kitchen and bathroom smelling like Scarlet Sunflower. Yes, please, yes, please. Moving on, travel twists are now coming in weathered leather fragrance flowers, guys, they’re adding in jammy time as a catalog fragrance for fragrance flowers. But if you’re a love fragrance flowers, how would your horses, because this fall and this winter, you’re gonna love it. Um, of course, we have the page that describes all the hostess benefits. If you want free Scentsy, yeah, that’s the way to do it. That is no way to go. We have the compensation chart.

I’ll tell you right now, that sucker’s more confusing than, I don’t know. I don’t even know what I would wanna say there, but I have a full understanding of the comp plan. And if you have any questions at all, if you’re considering becoming a sense consultant, just shoot me a message with specific questions about how you’re gonna make money. Because I’m a numbers person and I’ve studied this thing and I’ve been doing this long enough, I can put it in real people words instead of looking at a crazy chart that might not make any sense. So let me, let me walk you through that. This is probably the most helpful chart as a Scentsy consultant and as a customer because you can’t see it there, but it tells you every single fragrance in the catalog and what products you can get in that fragrance. We still have all our combined and saves.

I love that. This is the super fun part. B, you can see the entire catalog at a glance right there, right there. The entire catalog is in a pullout page, so that is super cool to keep it at your fingertips and help you to find a warmer that’s gonna go in any room of your house. Guys, this is the awesome new fall in Winter 2023 Sense Catalog. I would love to help you earn free Scentsy or help you place your order for anything in this catalog. Like I said, this starts September 1st. Shoot me a message here in the comments of YouTube. Feel free to text me 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0, or just jump on over to Jami Jo sells wax.com. If it’s after September 1st, all these products are gonna be on that. Jami Jo sells wax.com. I would love to have you on my team. I would love to guide you in a partnership with Scentsy. If that’s something you’re thinking about, just let me know and I am here to help you every single step of the way. Guys, my name is Jami Jo. I’m thrilled about this new upcoming Scentsy season, and I would love to grab you a catalog. If you need one, just shoot me a text. 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0.