Hi there guys. My name is Jami Jo and you have found Jami Jo sells wax here on YouTube. This channel is all about Scentsy fragrance. I love to come to you guys every single day and share with you a tip, a trick, a review, a recommendation showing you new product, all those things, all revolving around the Scentsy world. And today I am coming to hopefully help you out with something. I know, especially this time of year, a lot of us get something that has recently been termed. Um, decision fatigue. Are you tired of making decisions? <laugh>? It can be a lot sometimes. So I have a six pack pick for you guys today. Now, I used to come and share these six pack picks with you all the time, but lately there’s been so much other stuff that I’ve been sharing that I haven’t done a six pack pick in a while.

Here’s the really cool thing about this Scentsy, I, I don’t know if they were watching my videos, I don’t know if they were listening to my customers or not, but they have jumped on board and Scentsy has started doing curated bundles every single month. Do you know what a curated bundle is? It’s a six pack pick with a cutesy cutesy name. So Scentsy actually put this six pack pick together and it is one of their curated bundles for the month of December, 2023. And they gave it the cutesy cutesy name of what A winter Full life. Here’s what I love about this bundle. These are warm and cozy fragrances. They are great for Christmas time, but they are not limited to Christmas time. These are fragrances that are going to take you into the rest of the winter season because they’re just good warm cozy sense.

These are senses that I enjoy warming all through the winter and it’s almost like Scentsy climbed inside my brain because of the six bars here. I absolutely love five of them. That’s a pretty good, pretty good number. And the other one it’s, it’s not bad, it’s just not in my top, but like some of these definitely in my top picks for fragrances. So let’s go ahead and jump right in. This six pack pick, like I said, is just cozy, warm, yummy fragrances. Four of them are in the fresh category. Two of them are listed in the fruity category and they are fruity. But I would still just kind of say that all of these are fresh, really yummy scents. So the first one I want to share with you guys is cozy cardigan. Now I had cozy cardigan in my s Scentsy club. I paused it in my club for a while while it’s available in stock.

But you better believe I’m be, I will be adding it back to my club before it’s discontinued. I assume it will be discontinued at the end of this catalog. Um, s Scentsy has a lot of seasonal fragrances. The thing is we have to discontinue fragrances to bring out ones of different seasons or to bring out new fragrances. So I just want you to keep in mind that if you love a fragrance and in a couple months when I come to you guys with the discontinuing list and one of your favorites is on that list, just make sure that you add it to Scentsy Club and you have nothing to worry about because Scentsy will continue to make it for you. Okay, I got off on a rabbit trail, cozy cardigan.

It’s very warm, it’s very musky to me, but not like the old grandma. Musky, like a super yummy musky. I really can’t put my finger on any fragrances except to say, and I don’t think that’s a fragrance. So let’s jump into the catalog and see what Scentsy has to tell us. Cozy cardigan, find bedded bliss in layers of soft suede, blushing rose and amber. Silk amber. Yes, that is what is coming across. As I said, a musky scent. That is that amber fragrance. I don’t really detect any rose in it. I mean, I’m not saying Scentsy’s lying, but I don’t smell the rose in it. So if you’re like, oh, I do not like rose, you’re gonna be fine with this ’cause you really can’t detect that. So I would say it’s more of like the suede and the amber. A very deep fragrance.

I wouldn’t say colony, but definitely a warm cozy fragrance in cozy cardigan. The next scent, I just did a scent review on this one for you guys, eucalyptus wreath, and it is so good. It takes me back to middle school when one of my friends used to hang eucalyptus in her shower and I thought that was so bougie. I thought she was just so cool for doing that. But this smells just like her bathroom. Smelled like that eucalyptus hanging in the steamy shower. It’s fresh eucalyptus woven with juniper and adorned with frosted mint. So this is like I said, a great one to use at Christmas because it has that, that juniper smell, that Christmassy tree smell, but it’s not like in your face. Christmas tree, like very snowy spruce is when you smell very snowy spruce. There’s no mistaking. That’s the smell of a Christmas tree where this has hints of it. But there’s such a good mixture of other fragrances that you can definitely get longer life out of eucalyptus wreath and you’re not stuck with it just for the holidays. Now this one is called Frosty Air. I’ll tell you, I have not warmed this one. It, it’s the one that was my not on my top five.

I haven’t warmed it, so I can’t tell you specifically about the scent throw or scent life or anything like that. It’s very fresh and clean. It smells a lot like laundry and that’s just not a fragrance that I choose to warm in my home. I love the smell of clean laundry on my laundry, but it’s just not something that I am choosing to warm in my home. Definitely fresh, definitely clean. I would assume this has a pretty good scent throw. It is pretty strong Scentsy tells us it’s sweet. Citrus and lily of the valley stay fresh in a flurry of frosty air. So I don’t know what frosty air smells like, but now I do. I guess I should say I didn’t know what frosty air smelled like, but now I do. There you go, frosty air. This one, I also did a scent review of this maybe a week or two ago for you guys.

Polar bear hug. Now polar bear hug has a brand new name. It’s a fragrance we have had for ages. Mm, it’s so good. It’s a fragrance we’ve had for ages, but it used to be known as Eskimo Kiss. We have changed the name of that to Polar Bear Hug. It is the exact same fragrance, just a new name. So don’t get confused. It’s a little bit of sweet, but it’s still light and fresh. Kind of a lighter candy smell. If you loved our fragrance called Cloudberry Dreams, you’re probably gonna like this. If you’ve liked sugar or pink hays, you’re probably gonna like this. It is blackberry jam, caramelized brown, sugar, vanilla, and amber in a softly romantic scent. So good, so good. I would say the scent throw is not huge. It’s not gonna be a scent that’s overwhelming to you, but the longevity of the scent is really good.

This is one that’s gonna linger around for a while, so if you’re worried about it fades out too quick. Um, polar Bear Hugs a great one for you. Now this one is a crowd favorite. It’s called Snowberry. You see my sticker on there? This is an old bar. It was discontinued for a while, but you guys like started hollering and stuff and they brought it back. Snowberry, this is a crowd favorite. This one’s in our fruity category, but I still think it’s light enough that it can be considered a fresh scent. I’ve not warmed this one in a long time, but as I’m smelling it, I’m thinking maybe I need to, again, luscious blend of Logan Berry, strawberry peppermint and zesty cinnamon.

That’s weird. I don’t get the peppermint or the cinnamon. All I smell is like the fruity, fruity fruit, fruit fruit, okay, uh, again, I’m gonna believe them, but I don’t smell it. I smell light fruits, but evidently there’s some peppermint and cinnamon in there too. We’re gonna round it out with one of my favorites. Winter berry apple tea. I love this fragrance. I loved it in the Scentsy soak when we had Scentsy soak. If you are already in Scentsy club, did you know right now in December that you can get Winterberry apple tea Scentsy soak as a Scentsy Club exclusive? It’s only available to club members.

If you wanna know more about that, you should shoot me a message. Oh my gosh, this is so good. It’s deep, it’s warm, but you can still smell that tea. You can definitely smell the fruits and the berries, but then the warmth of the tea, kind of the woodiness that goes along with that winter tea cozies up to cranberry apple and honey. It’s the perfect mixture. I would warm this all year long, honestly. I absolutely love Winterberry apple tea. This is a great collection, guys, a great six pack pick or a curated bundle, whatever you want to call it. Scentsy has this available under the specials tab for the month of December, they are calling this one, what a Wonderful Life. But they have a couple different bundles in there for you to choose from. You can grab those at Jami Jo sells wax.com, like I said, under the specials tab for curated bundles. But if it’s outside of December that you’re watching this, you might still be able to get this six pack pick. We’ll just have to build it for you. But that’s easy peasy to do. Reach out, let me know and I’d be happy to do that for you. You can text me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0 or just shoot me a comment here on this video or reach out to me on social media and I’d be happy to help guys, my name is Jami Jo and I hope that you have a sensational day.