Hey guys, I am so happy that you are here with me today here on Jami Jo Sells Wax. I am Jami Jo and I’m a Scentsy consultant. I’m actually a superstar director within the company. I know that name sounds completely made up <laugh>, I promise you it’s not. Um, I don’t know who chose our title names, but that is the top level of the company. I have been with Scentsy Fragrance for over 15 years now, loving every single minute of it. And it is my pleasure to come and share with you guys new products, reviews of products, suggestions, tips, tricks, all the good stuff of Scentsy fragrance. And today I am coming to help you with a little problem. Do you need to stock up on some Scentsy bars, but you just don’t know what to get with over, like, I think we have over a hundred fragrances available right now.

It is really tough to decide. So I am here to help you make that decision. And today’s six Pack Pick is actually one of Scentsy’s curated bundles that they have already put together. They have started doing this and they change them up every single month. These curated bundles, they’ll kind of give you an idea of what’s in the bundle just by the name, but it takes the thought work out of those six pack picks. And today’s curated bundle, or six pack pick, whatever way you wanna call it, is called Tropical Escapes and Happy Heartache. Now, I get the tropical escapes as I go through these fragrances. That is gonna make complete sense. I don’t know why they put Happy Heartaches on there. I, I don’t know what that’s about. But Tropical Escapes. Why six bars? Why are they doing a six pack pick? And why do I always talk about six pack picks?

That’s because this is the best way to get your s Scentsy wax bars at the most affordable price. Did you know with s Scentsy fragrance that anytime you buy five bars, you get one free? Hence the six pack. This is the best way to grab your S Scentsy fragrance. It’s the most affordable way. And they also do that with all of our other smaller consumable products. Scent circles, car bars, scent packs, room sprays, pods. All of those are in that buy five get one free of this the like product. Now you could switch up the fragrances. They don’t all have to be the same fragrance, but it has to be all of the same product when you are wanting to grab one of these deals. Now this deal, the Scentsy curated bundle, is located under the specials tab where it says curated bundles. But if you’re wanting to shop six pack picks of other products, go to that same tab, that specials tab and click on on bundle and save or combine and save.

I think it’s called Bundle and save. And that is where you will be able to create those bundles. But guys, let’s jump in to this curated bundle, this six pack pick, tropical Escapes. I’m gonna delete out the happy heartaches ’cause it just doesn’t make sense. Now our first bar is a really, really good bar. We’ve had this one a such a long time. And let me be honest with you, I just love it. I had not used it for the longest time. It’s really not my jam. I’m really not a tropical lover of fragrances. But this Amazon reign is what I’m talking about. Amazon Reign. I needed a car bar for my car. The one I had was faded out and I had one Amazon reign in my stock closet. So I thought, oh, I’ll give it a try. So I popped it in my car, OMG, so, so good.

I’m not really a lover of like coconut, pineapple, all that stuff. But this, it’s tropical, but it’s completely, completely different. It’s just fresh and it’s clean and it’s so good. Amazon says, set off a rainforest romp swirling with notes of sweet melon, orange zest, orange zest, coconut milk, and sultry night blooming jasmine. So from that description, we could tell that it’s a mixture of both citrusy, fruity, and a little bit of floral in there. It’s a delightful mix. If you want just an unassuming fragrance that just smells good, this is where it’s at. Grab you some Amazon rain or grab this bundle and you’ll get some that way. The second bar in this set is called Blue Grotto. Now I remember when Blue Grotto came out. Uh, I, we’ve had it for a while, but not my entire Scentsy career. Here’s the thing with Blue Grotto, we have a lot of fragrances that mimic other fragrances that you might know If you are familiar with a Capri volcano candle or is it volcano Capri candle, I’m not sure there’s a candle out there on the market that that is all the rage.

It does smell really good and I smelled it before and, and this is very, very similar. So if you love that candle, if you’re aware of that candle and you love it, you’re gonna love Blue Grotto. Now, I have a friend that was grabbing Blue Grotto in Scentsy Soak all the time. It’s a product that we don’t have anymore. Sadly it was an amazing product, but she said that her husband would say, grab us some more of that blue Hawaii. That’s what he called. It was Blue Hawaii. It’s really called Blue Grotto, but it’s so good. Now you’re gonna think that I’m gonna say everything’s so good and I mean this set is a pretty good set, but I don’t always say that. I promise you, if you think I always say that, you should scroll through a few of my other videos because sometimes I don’t like it and, and I don’t hide that.

Uh, this one is buy the Sea. Oh, I didn’t read you about Blue Grotto, I just told you how amazing it was. Blue grotto runaway with tropical notes, sweet citrus and lush botanicals, I mean really kind of sounds the same as Amazon Rain, but they smell very different. Buy the Sea. That’s what we’re smelling right now by the sea. The scent of ocean air wafting through dewy seaside grass. This is definitely like an oceany type scent. Fresh, clean. Uh, other companies might call this one like beach, ocean seaside, something like that. You know the smell, you know the smell by the sea. It’s just that fresh ocean water type smell. Now the next one in this set is coconut lemongrass. This is a great fragrance for certain spaces. In my mind. I really would only use this in the kitchen. To me, it is a straight up kitchen fragrance, but I think it’s fabulous for that room.

I like to use different types of fragrances in different rooms in my house. And this is definitely a kitchen only fragrance that fresh, clean, I mean, there is nothing more to describe it than lemon or lemongrass and coconut mixed together. The good thing is that coconut kind of tames out or chills out the lemongrass. ’cause lemongrass alone can be like in your face strong, but sometimes don’t. We want that in the kitchen? I mean, if you’ve been frying foods or you’ve been cooking fish or something like that, don’t you want an in your face fragrance? But that is citrusy and clean. That’s what this is. Coconut lemongrass, uh, creamy, tropical coconut, and sunny, bright lemongrass. I told you it was an easy description <laugh>, because that’s exactly what it is. Very, very bright. I think that’s the best description for this fragrance. Bright coconut lemongrass.

We have two more in the set. Uh, this is perfect day, honest. I’ve never warmed this fragrance. It’s not one that’s like at the top of my list. I mean, it’s not a bad fragrance, but it’s not one that I’m like, yes, I’m gonna warm that it’s definite pear. If you love the scent pear, you’re gonna love it. It’s reminiscent of, there used to be an Old Bath and Body Works fragrance. I don’t even remember what it was, but it had pear in it. It, so it kind of takes me back to high school smelling this, uh, autumn pear mixed with spiced syrup and a spirited splash of bourbon. Oh, hmm, I can kind of smell that warmness. Now, I don’t know that I’ve ever read the description of this scent, and that’s the fun thing with s Scentsy. Sometimes you don’t always notice all the fragrances until you know what’s in it, and then you’re like, oh, that completely makes sense.

Those are what we call mid notes. The top note is the very first thing that you’re going to smell. Mid notes and base notes are more mellow. Like I said, if you know they’re in there, you’re gonna smell them, but you don’t smell ’em right off the bat. And we’re gonna round out this six pack with Sunkist citrus. This is, I would say, one of our top selling fragrances. Again, I only see this one for the kitchen, but I know that a lot of people like a good strong citrus in their bathroom for a room spray to cover up, you know, that smell. But it’s also great for cover covering up that fried food smell, that fish, smell, that whatever smell you might have in your kitchen, sun kiss, citrus. It’s just a mixture of all the, the citrusy things. Uh, a lively blend of oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits.

It’s a really good smell. Like I, uh, just like coconut lemongrass, it’s a good scent. I’ve used it, I’ve warmed it, but I stick with it just in my kitchen. We also have sunki citrus in all of our cleaning products, and I do really like it in the counter clean or the all purpose concentrate that I can clean my kitchen with. It is definitely a fresh and clean scent. Makes you feel like you’re in a super clean kitchen. Again, this six pack pick is a Scentsy curated bundle. It is available preselected for you, so you can just click and go for the month of December, 2023. But even if we’re outside of that month and you want to create this bundle, you definitely can by going to the special section of the website and then just individually selecting each of those fragrances. You can grab those right now at Jami Jo sells wax.com. Remember, there’s no E in Jami Jo. Jami Jo sells wax.com. If you have questions about this or anything else since you related, you can always shoot me a text, 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. Or you can find me on social media, Facebook, Instagram, or of course just comment in this video and I am happy to chat with you guys. Just a reminder, my name is Jami Jo and I hope that you have a sensational day.