Hey there friends. Are you ready for a spa day? I know I sure am. I’ve been battling all kinds of sinus crap. I don’t know if I’m like coming down with something, but a day at the spa just sounds absolutely amazing. And I think Scentsy knew that that’s kind of the vibe everyone is in <laugh> in January is just like, let’s have some refresh and relax time. So they decided to make one of their curated bundles, a spa grouping of fragrances. They are calling it Keep Calm and Spa on. And it is a group of six different fragrances, all hand selected by them for this curated bundle. So it takes the thought out of doing a six pack of wax. I kind of jumped right in and forgot to introduce myself today. Guys, my name is Jami Jo and you have found yourself at Jami Jo Sells Wax.

This is a YouTube channel all about Scentsy fragrance. I have been a s Scentsy consultant for over 15 years and I love to come on here and share with you guys product reviews, scent reviews, um, bundle deals like I am today. All different kinds of things about the S Scentsy world. So if you love s Scentsy products, make sure that you subscribe to my channel. That way you will always know about the latest and greatest things that are coming out. Back to this bundle, if you’ve watched any of my videos, you know, usually I have the stack of bars in front of you ready to show you the bundle, but we are here in the 1st of January and my customers wiped me out of like all, well not all but most fragrance bars. So I don’t have every fragrance bar with me. That allowed me to pull out my scent testers.

And at first I was like, oh, this isn’t gonna be the best video ’cause I’m using scent testers. But then I thought, well maybe it is because I rarely show you guys these things. This is a bag full of testers and when you decide to start a partnership with SY Fragrance, you are going to get an entire bag of these testers in your starter kit. So you are going to see what it’s like to go through those testers. This is what we do if we have home parties, we take these testers with us. If we do catalog parties, you can loan these testers out to your affiliates or your hostesses, whatever you call them. And it’s a great way to share Scentsy fragrance because people love to smell something before they buy it. And this gets them an inner a chance to interact with the fragrance.

Like I said, this set is all spa fragrances. It is called Keep Calm and Spa On. So the very first one that we are going to talk about is aloe water and cucumber. Now in my opinion, this is one of the lightest fragrances that we have. A little tip for you if you are smelling the testers. Um, if you can’t smell them, sometimes they just need to be warmed up a touch. So if you just give it a couple rubs with your thumb, it’s gonna get just enough heat in there that you’re going to be able to smell the fragrance. Again, remember we use heat to put off our fragrance. So just that little bit of friction of a finger in there will, um, give off the fragrance. Again, aloe water and cucumber light, fresh, clean. Obviously the name is telling you some of the things that are in it.

Aloe water and cucumber, cucumbers, always a great spa fragrance, right when I go to the spa, they give me cucumber water while I’m waiting for my massage. This also has a little bit of palm frond in it and some pineapple nectar, uh, since even in the description of the fragrance says it’s oh so mellow. So yes, it is one of our lightest fragrances, but don’t think that means that you’re not gonna be able to smell it. It’s still very fresh and clean. It’s a scent that I really enjoy, but honestly I don’t use it that much because I do prefer really, really strong fragrances. But all water and cucumber is a great fragrance. We’re gonna move on to a scent called by the sea. You can tell from the name it’s gonna be like an ocean or a beaches scent. Again, fresh and clean. That’s what everything is going to be in this collection Scentsy tells us it’s the scent of ocean.

Air wafting through dewy seaside grass. If you smell a candle that’s called beach, that’s called ocean, that’s called seaside or by the sea, to me they kind of, you should know what I’m talking about. Like they kind of all smell the same, right? That is what you have here with by the sea. Moving on to French lavender, I do have a bar of it. I had one bar of French lavender in my closet, so I thought I would go ahead and grab it and show it to you guys just in case you’ve never interacted with Scentsy Wax. You’ll be able to see what it looks like. This is what we sell our wax cubes in. It actually comes in a bar. It has eight different cubes. Pop it out just like an old school ice cube tray and they just break apart. So super easy to use super pliable wax.

We use a paraffin based wax, which we do that for a couple different reasons. Uh, paraffin based wax has the highest scent loading ability. That means that we can put the most fragrance oil in there. But that’s also why when I go to smell a bar, I always turn it over because the fragrance oil has sunk to the bottom. And I store my bars like this. Corporate stores your bars like this, you should store your bars like this. All that scent oil’s gonna sink down to the bottom instead of oozing out like it can do sometimes. Back to what I was saying, Perfil wax highest scent loading ability allows us to put the most fragrance in there. But also it allows us to have a lower melting temp. That means that using a Scentsy warmer and Scentsy wax, even if a little one puts their fingers in there or your furry friend puts their tail in there, it’s not going to harm them because it’s not at a burning temperature.

We, we can melt our wax at a lower temperature. And then also the ply ability of the wax. It just makes it easier to work with, easier to clean up all that good stuff. That’s why we’re using Purin wax. Back to the scent though French lavender, I am a lover of lavender, but honestly I prefer English lavender. And during the summer we usually have a fragrance called whipped vanilla lavender. I have it added to my club. Uh, they discontinued it at the end of summer, but I added it to my club so I still get it. But it is my favorite lavender scent. This French vanilla is a little more floy and less herb, if that makes sense. If you’re a lavender fan, you’re gonna know the difference. French, it’s a great scent, but it definitely is the French lavender side, pure herbal fragrance with a wild lavender from the hills of France.

Lavender. There you go, just breathe. Now this is a fragrance that I probably need to be putting in my warmers right now ’cause I’m dealing with all kinds of congestion and ickiness. Now there’s no medicinal properties to our fragrances, but there is something called aromatherapy fragrances make you feel a certain way. And this is eucalyptus and mint. And I remember when I was little, when I didn’t feel well, my dad was coming at me with the jar of menthol rubbing it all over my chest, putting it on my feet. And this just kind of takes me back and it makes me feel cozy and cuddly just like my dad was taking care of me. Again, just breathe as a great fragrance to enjoy. When you’re dealing with all kinds of sinus crud like I am. Breathe deeply as soothing eucalyptus, zesty lemon, and a medley of mint’s, comfort and rejuvenate.

You’re definitely going to smell the eucalyptus and the mint in there. Moving on to one of our most popular fragrances, this is Luna. Now I don’t remember exactly when Luna came out, but it’s been quite a while. And let me tell you that Luna is always one of our top selling fragrances year round. People will love this fragrance. It’s just a good floral mix, but it’s not one of those florals that’s like headache inducing. I usually can’t handle a really strong floral, but Luna is one that I have warmed in my home and enjoyed. It’s white florals, so it’s jasmine, it’s sweet pea, it’s Freesia. There is some juicy berry in there and a little touch of sandalwood. So that berry and that sandalwood kind of tame down the floral. So it’s not so much a like all grandma perfume and it’s just a good rounded out fragrance.

Luna is really, really yummy. And then we’re rounding out this six pack, this bundle deal with one of our newer fragrances. This is white, amber, and silk. Now when you go to order, of course if you’re doing the bundle, these areal already preselected for you. But if you’re building a six pack, I want to point out that we have a white amber and teak and a white amber and silk white amber and teak is more on the masculine side. It’s more of like a colony smell where this one is um, a little more chill, a little more cotton, fresh and clean rather than in your face cologne. So this is warm, amber and bergamot wrapped up in comforting cotton for a smooth finish. So it’s definitely a more mellow of the earthy fragrances. Like I said, this is a six pack bundle. That means it’s gonna be $30 in the us.

Anytime that you buy five bars, you’re going to get one free. And that’s what this bundle is priced at. A six pack bundle. You can go onto my website and go to the specials tab for curated bundles and you’re gonna be able to click this in the month of January. Uh, keep calm and spa on, but you can at any time build your very own six pack pick and get that sixth bar for free. You can do that by going to that specials tab and clicking on the bundle and save option. That’s where that you can find that special deal. Anytime you buy five of our smaller products, the bar, the sense circle, the car bar, any of the smaller products, you’re gonna be able to get one free, but it doesn’t do it automatically. You have to go to that specials tab and to the bundle and save.

So make sure that you’re doing that. You can get this set and all Scentsy on my website at Jami Jo sells wax.com. If you ever have any questions about anything since related, I am happy to help check out this channel. I might’ve already done a video over the question that you have, but feel free to put questions in the comments of these videos. You can find me on Facebook or on Instagram under Jami Jo Sells wax. Or you can text me direct, you can reach me at (918) 888-9690. That is my phone number where you can shoot me a text. That’s it for today guys. I hope that you have a sensational day.