Hi guys. Welcome back to Jami Jo Sells Wax. I am Jami Jo and I have a business where I have partnered with S Scentsy Fragrance for over 14 years now, sharing the amazing sense that they have the awesome fragrances that they offer and so many different Best Scentsy Scents products. We started with just wax and warmers, but we have really grown and transformed into fragrance for all different areas of your life. Today we are going to be talking about Back to School. It is right around the corner. It is the month of August, and before we know it, those kids will be back in class. So before I share with you what I have to share, I want to know, let’s talk back to school. What is your favorite thing about the Back to school season? I know a lot of people love to go school supply shopping.

I know a lot of moms are just ready for some peace and quiet in their home. A lot of people just thrive on structure and so they’re ready for that. Maybe that’s one of your reasons, but if it’s something different, that’s great too. Tell me in the comments below, what is your favorite thing about Back to School season? And speaking of back to School, that’s what I have for you today. I have a six pack pick of Back to School Fragrances. Now this six pack pick I did not put together for you, but Scentsy did it themselves. They’ve curated a couple really fun six packs of wax right now in the month of August. What’s really cool when you buy a six pack of wax in August is you are going to get 10% off. So pardon me, that six pack is normally $30. But if you were to buy these individually, they’re $6 each.

So already you’re getting a $6 saving. But when you buy this six pack in the month of August, they’re gonna give you another 10% off making it just $27. That’s saving you $9. So really it’s like a free bar and a half of wax. Can’t complain about that. Right, friends? Well, like I said, this is a six pack of Best Scentsy Scents wax in the back to school fragrances. Let’s jump in and c, what Scentsy thought maybe you might want at back to school season. Now the first one makes complete sense. A peeling apple. Now you might not know, but before I found Scentsy and started my Scentsy business full-time, I was a teacher and I taught a couple different things. I started out in kindergarten, then I moved to third grade. When I finished my teaching career, I was working in special education. I had first through third graders all um, on the spectrum in my classroom.

I absolutely loved teaching, but I absolutely love schedule freedom even more. So I’m thrilled to be doing Scentsy full-time. That being said, appealing Apple. Everyone always wants to buy teachers Apple, everything. Let me be a friend to all the teachers and just say, don’t, do not buy <laugh> your teacher anything with an apple on it as a gift. We receive so much Apple stuff as teachers, it’s just a little overwhelming, but trust me, if you just buy them something scented like Apple, they’ll like that. Just don’t buy them like a cheesy Apple bag or anything like that. Sorry, that’s my Best Scentsy Scents tangent. I’m just trying to help my teacher friends out there and and help you to buy better gifts for teachers. So appealing. Apple, pretty, pretty basic to know what it is. It is Apple, but there’s a couple other scent notes in here. You’re gonna smell some pear and some sweet pea.

Rather than that just traditional crisp apple. That sweet pea gives it a little more Best Scentsy Scents sweetness, kind of, um, subtles it down a bit. I don’t even know if that’s a word. Settles, settles it down, tames it down. Maybe that’s what I should say. Tames it down a bit, makes it just a touch sweeter. It’s not as tart as a normal apple scent as say we have one called Johnny Appleseed. So Johnny Appleseed is a lot more tart, appealing apple or a peeling apple is a touch. More sweet, little more inviting in my opinion, for what it’s worth. Alright, we’re gonna move on from appealing apple to berry bright. Now this one just screams like brightness of back to school. It’s raspberry. You’re going to get that raspberry right at first. It’s gonna hit you in the face, but then you’re gonna get a little bit of, um, a little bit of clementine, like a little citrusy orangey, and then a little bit of sugar plum on the end.

So again, it’s got pack that punch with the raspberry right at first and then it kind of chills out a little bit with that sugar plum. I absolutely, absolutely love this Best Scentsy Scents fragrance. If I was still teaching, this is definitely one that I would use in my classroom because it’s sweet and fun, but not too overpowering and overbearing. I really enjoy Berry Bright as a fragrance to be warmed. Now this one I love, love, love. Just breathe. And we all know that at back to school season, that’s exactly what you have to do. Just breathe. It can be so overwhelming getting all those supplies, getting your kids up in time, dressed, ready out the door. Sometimes we have to

Um, Just breathe. Now, just breathe is a mixture. It’s a mixture of eucalyptus and mint. I’m gonna give you the exact,

It’s eucalyptus, lemon, and a medley of mints. So I was thinking it was one particular mint, but it looks like it’s a collection of several. You are gonna smell that. I almost said here. You’re not gonna hear the eucalyptus. You’re gonna smell the eucalyptus right at first. And then really, I love this fragrance because you can smell all three of those scent noes. You can smell the eucalyptus, you can smell the lemon, you can smell the mint. I love to keep just breathe on hand for during cold and allergy season. It’s just real refreshing. It’s a fragrance that kinda takes us back to childhood. I think if you watch any of my videos, you’ve heard me talk about scent memory. And this is a huge scent memory because my dad was a lover of menthol <laugh>, and anytime I was not feeling well, menthol was the answer.

This kind of takes me back to my childhood when I’m not feeling well and really just helps with the comfort of not feeling good. ’cause it reminds me of when my dad would slather me down. <laugh> with menthol. Just breathe is a great scent to have on hand all year long. It’s one that I have in my s Scentsy club, so I make sure that I always have it on hand. Now we’re gonna move on to, I think this one to me is a huge throwback to when I taught kindergarten. It’s called Rainbow Red. And here’s what’s really funny about it. They say that it is watermelon, cherry and strawberry. Guys, I don’t smell that at all, at all, at all. I smell Play-Doh.

I don’t know why I smell Play-Doh if it’s watermelon, cherry and strawberry. ’cause I don’t think that’s what Play-Doh smells like. But when I smell Rainbow Red, what I smell is Play-Doh brand. Play-Doh opening that can pulling out that big blob for the first time, squishing it in your hands. And that is exactly what I smell. I’ve had other people smell this bar. They don’t smell it. They smell the watermelon cherry and strawberry. But to me, rainbow Red is nothing but Play-Doh. So if you love the smell of Play-Doh, grab that. Give it a sniff and tell me if you agree with me. Now, the fifth bar in this collection is Vitamin Unwind. And that’s exactly what a lot of mamas and daddies need to do once they put those kids on the bus, is just have a little bit of Best Scentsy Scents vitamin unwind. This is such a calming and gentle fragrance. I really love it.

I’m flipping through my book to see what the sent notes are because I just can’t peg them. Oh, apple Blossom, cucumber peel and spa water. No wonder it’s comforting and soft. That cucumber and that spa water, it’s a very light, very, very light. If you like a mild unassuming fragrance, vitamin unwind is going to be one for you. And then let’s round out this six pack pick of back to school sense with welcome home. Because you know, at the end of that first day of school, there’s nothing those kids wanna do but get home. I love to look at those before and after pictures of first day of school. These little kids that are so put together when they take ’em into school and they come home looking a hot mess. If you have never seen any of those videos, definitely Google it. They are hilarious.

Now, welcome home to me. It is grandma’s house. There’s a strong smell of cinnamon in it. It’s very holiday ish to me, but we keep it around all year. It’s full of cinnamon and spices. It’s that scent that’s always in your grandma’s house, or at least it was always in my grandma’s house. It’s just comforting and makes you feel like a big warm hug. Welcome home is exactly what makes me think of grandma. I mean, bottom line. That’s what it makes me think of. So guys, this six pack pick, like I said, is curated by S Scentsy. You’re gonna find this on the website already all put together. All you need to do is jump over to Jami Jo sells wax.com and you’re gonna be able to find it there. Also, if you have any questions about ordering or any questions about Scentsy at all, you can always text me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. That is my personal texting number and I’m happy to answer any questions that you might have about ordering or about a partnership with S Scentsy. Just any s Scentsy questions that you might have, don’t hesitate to reach out to me there. Other than that, my name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy ’cause all this stuff smells so good, but also help you get prepared for this back to school season.