Hi guys. Welcome to Jami Jo sells wax. I of course am Jami Jo, and I am so, so, so excited to come to you guys today and show you the latest edition to the Adorable Line of Scentsy’s Kids products. Did you guys even know that we had a kids line? A lot of people are not aware of this. They think we just have wax and warmers, but we have so, so, so much more. So I started my Scentsy business 15 years ago, all the way back in 2008. And at that time our product lines were very limited. Wax warmers, one or two products for the car. But along the way in my 15 years, I watched this company just really take over the fragrance market. Like I just said, the fragrance market. But yes, I am talking about kids products, kids toys that smell good.

How awesome is that? So they started out with the S Scentsy buddy. This was Molly the monkey. He got renamed by my son, definitely not Molly the monkey, but I don’t remember. This was one of our very, very, very first Scentsy buddies. Now the cool thing about Scentsy buddies is they are now limited time offers. So if you see a Scentsy buddy come out that you absolutely love, make sure you grab it, snag it, secure it in your possession because they often sell out fast. So here’s what’s so cool about the Scentsy buddy and then I’m excited to show you guys three new additions to this line. Scentsy buddies are soft. They’re squishy. They are lovable, lovable, lovable and machine washable. Mm-Hmm <affirmative>. Yeah. But on the back of them there is this zipper pouch. You open the zipper pouch to tuck inside a scent pack.

A scent pack tucks right inside of there. That is how we add fragrance. So once you tuck that scent pack in there, they automatically start smelling absolutely amazing. Now I told you they’re machine washable. Of course you would want to take that scent pack out before you pop it in the wash, but I like to tie mine up a little pillowcase just to protect them a little bit better and they can just go for a little bath right in the washing machine. Are you guys so excited to see the new stuff? We have three new additions to the Scentsy buddy line, but there’s something that we haven’t ever seen before. They are Scentsy buddy babies Scentsy baby buddy. Let’s open this up. We have three new baby buddies. Oh my gosh guys, I haven’t even seen these. I just got the packages in. Look. How cute.

So let’s look at the size difference now. This is Stella. Yes. Let me make sure. We’ve had quite a few unicorn buddies and all of these baby buddies that are coming out are replicas. Yes, this is Stella are replicas of a larger Scentsy buddy that we have had in the past. So Stella sold out in record time. Then we brought out a couple other unicorns in different colorways to be her friend, but everyone loves Stella. So soft. I know you can’t feel this, but can you see how soft her little belly is? She’s got the signature textured legs. All of the S Scentsy buddies have those. Look at this iridescent on her little hoofs on all four. But then of course Scentsy branded right there and the babies have the zipper pouch in the back, just like all the big ones. They’re just turned the other way.

So it opens up there. You can put the sit pack in. Here’s the cool part guys. You get to decide what fragrance you want with these little babies, with our large buddies and with the little baby buddies. You get to choose the fragrance of sent pack that you want in there. Let’s look at the other friends that Stella has. I mean let’s get into mythical creatures. If you have a unicorn, you’ve got to have a dragon, right? This is scout and scout is so, so cute. Look at his little, I don’t even know what this is called on the top, but oh my goodness, look at the wings. They paid so much attention to detail on these Again, signature Scentsy fabrics, the legs, guys, this was one of the originals. Look at that fabric on the arms, the legs up on the face and we are staying with that fabric way. We use a lot of this, I don’t know what I would even call it, little knobby fabric. We use a lot of corduroy, but I promise you if you’re getting a Scentsy buddy, it is going to be soft, it’s gonna be squishy, it is going to be lovable. Scout has that zipper pouch on the back just like Stella did. So you’re gonna get to choose the fragrance that goes in there.

How stinking cute the ends of his feet. Not as iridescent as with his little friend, but still have some great sheen to it Scentsy branded there. So, so, so cute. His little wings. I love them. Scout the dragon. All right guys, we it out. And I saved this for last because I really don’t wanna get your hopes up too much. Um, I just looked on my Scentsy workstation and I’m afraid that this guy might already be sold out. I don’t know if they’re just doing an inventory shift or if he’s already sold out, but Hammish the Highland cow. Look, little baby horns, he’s just getting his little horns in guys. We’ve had his daddy, I don’t know if it’s daddy, um, but also called Hammish, just the full size Scentsy buddy. And it has like the the poofy hair all over the front. The big full-grown horns.

But Hammish, this is baby hammish. So he doesn’t really have all that yet signature fabric here on his little hoofs. Look how cute. Of course he’s branded just like his little friend scout and Stella. He has this zipper pouch on the back for the scent pack. He’s so soft. Oh, I’m glad I grabbed one of those just in case he is sold out. Cute little tail. How sweet is he? Now here is something super fun with our s Scentsy buddies or even our baby buddies and that is that s Scentsy has contacted the tooth fairy and let the tooth berry know that if she cannot find a kid’s lost tooth under the pillow that she should check in the zipper pouch of a Scentsy buddy that a tooth might be in there. Guys there are super adorable like tooth fairy pillows, different things like that on the market.

But how fun is it that you can have a dual purpose, just a lovey squishy, good smelling child’s toy, but it also doubles as a tooth fairy pillow or a tooth fairy buddy. So that is a great, great little addition to all Scentsy buddy products is that we have that contract with the tooth Mary and she knows exactly where to go to look for the tooth. Alright guys, let’s talk about pricing for these adorable baby buddies. Now, our full-size buddies range in price kind of all over the place. It depends on the different fabrics use. It depends on the attention to detail. It also depends on if it’s a licensed or not. These baby buddies all the same price, only $27. Now here’s the way cool thing that includes your stent pack of choice for when you first order them. Scent packs are $7 in themselves.

So really that makes these little guys just $20 but $27 all in a great and fabulous price point. We are past the Christmas cutoff of delivery for promised delivery. That doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t make it in time for Christmas. It absolutely might, but we just can’t guarantee it. These would be perfect popping out of a Christmas stocking or wrapped up under the tree even if you don’t grab it for Christmas. We have some other holidays right around the corner, guys. Easter is gonna be here no time. Yeah, I know we’re in the middle of winter and I’m already talking about spring, but how cute would one of these be in an Easter basket? And I’m telling you that because these are going to sell out. I’m afraid. Hamish already is, but Scout and Stella, uh, will definitely sell out soon. So grab one of these now so you can make sure that you have it in your hands.

And tell me in the comments what Scentsy buddy do you want to see as a Scentsy baby buddy? I know that I absolutely loved the pig. I would love to see the pig or the panda bear in a baby buddy. Both of those I would absolutely love. I mean we’ve had so many cute ones. A flamingo would make a great baby buddy. I could go on and on ’cause we’ve had so many, but tell me in the comments which one you want to see them do in the baby buddy. Next. Guys, if you’re ready to order these, jump over to Jami Jo sells wax.com. Go to the kids tab. That’s where you’re gonna find these baby buddies. Get ’em quick, get ’em quick. And I’m not just saying that like, like it’s not a marketing ploy, I’m telling you, I think Hammish has already sold out.

Bummer. But grab your Stella and your Scout before they sell out to. If you guys have any questions about this or anything else since you related, I am always here for you. Feel free to shoot me a text at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. You can also pop a comment here on this video. You can reach out to me on social media. I’m all over Facebook and Instagram, both under Jami Jo sells wax.com. No, both under Jami Jo sells wax. Yeah, it just kind of flows outta my mouth to say.com at the end of that. Anyway, neither here nor there. Uh, that’s it for today guys. My name is Jami Jo and I hope that you have a sensational day.