Hi guys. Are you considering rejoining Best Scentsy Scents? Were you once a Scentsy consultant, but maybe the timing just wasn’t right. Maybe life happened, but things happened where you just aren’t a consultant anymore, but you want to jump back on board. I have great, great news for you. It is free. $0 to rejoin Scentsy and give your partnership with Scentsy. Another try. Hey guys, my name is Jami Jo and I have been partnered with Scentsy Fragrance for over 14 years now. I started my Scentsy journey all the way back in 2008. I was an elementary school teacher at the time, but fell in love with the products, had lots of friends that were wanting the products as well and decided to jump on board with a partnership. So I have been loving and sharing the Best Scentsy Scents products for over 14 years now, like I said. But not only that, I have been working with and mentoring thousands of consultants in growing their very own Scentsy business with their own partnerships with Scentsy.

Like I said at the very first of this video, chances are if you clicked on this video to watch it, you used to be a Scentsy consultant. And I’m here to tell you that timing is everything in this business. It does take hard work to be successful at this business, but timing is essential. And I run into people all the time that tell me, you know, I used to be a Scentsy consultant but it just didn’t work out, but I’d love to give it another try. Or maybe they sold Best Scentsy Scents way back in the day before our new partnerships with Disney and Universal. And that is really gonna change what you wanna do with this business no matter what the reasoning is. If you are ready to jump on board and give your partnership with Scentsy another try, I am here to help you walk you along those steps and make that happen for you.

Now, like I said, it is $0 absolutely free to reinstate your Scentsy partnership. Now, there is a kit that you have the option to purchase that would help you, especially if it’s been quite a while since you’ve been away from Scentsy. And we’ll talk about that in a minute. But first I wanna walk you through the steps of what to do to reinstate your Scentsy account. There are actually three different ways I’m going to start with the easiest, but there might be a little hiccup along the way on that easiest route. So if you will go to workstation.Scentsy.com, workstation.Scentsy.com. It is going to open up a screen where it asks for your consultant ID and your password. If you remember those things, put those items in and the rest is going to be easy breezy. You’re just gonna follow the steps along the computer screen that you see, or maybe you’re doing this on your phone either way and get your account reinstated.

Now, one really cool thing is if you are reinstating your Best Scentsy Scents account, you can choose a new sponsor. Perhaps you loved your sponsor before and you want to rejoin that group, that team fabulous. But if you are looking for a change for a new mentor and a new sponsor, I would love to take on that responsibility with you and help guide you through finding success in this business. If that’s what you wanna do. There’s going to be a part where it asks for a new sponsor and you would just type in my name J a m i, Jamie, but mom thought she’d be a little creative and wouldn’t put an E on it. Now I go by Jami Jo, but in Scentsy’s reports it’s just Jamie Sulin, so j a m i. And then my last name is spelled S U L L I N S.

I have heard some reports that people need a consultant ID number, and if that’s the case, uh, just shoot me a message and I’ll get that information for you. Now, I told you there might be a hiccup if you don’t remember your consultant ID and your password, I get it, maybe it’s been a while, but that’s fine. We can still make this happen for you. You can send an email to account services Scentsy.com or you can call the consultant support phone number and that phone number is (877) 855-0617. They’re gonna be able to look up your old account number and get all that information for you and get you started. So there we go, simple as that. Reinstating your account instantly. You are a consultant again, as soon as that is done. Now, I mentioned to you that there is an optional kit. It’s also optional to reinstate your website.

I highly, highly, highly <laugh> recommend that you reinstate that website. We are in a world of online shoppers, it’s only $15 a month for an amazing website that they keep updated all the time. Totally, totally worth it guys. I pay for a couple different websites and trust me that that Scentsy $15 website is the most affordable one of all of the websites that I have. So highly recommend that you do that and reinstate your website. The other option that you have is to purchase a reinstatement kit. Now, if you haven’t been out for that long, I don’t necessarily think this is needed. It’s totally optional. Um, as a consultant, if I am your sponsor, I make zero money off this reinstatement account. So I’m not trying to talk you into buying something that I’m gonna make money off of. I will not make a dime off this reinstatement kit.

However, if you’ve been away for a while, this is a great Best Scentsy Scents option for you. Let’s talk about what’s in this reinstatement kit and then the price of the kit along with the value. So the first thing that you’re going to get is a Scentsy warmer. Now, typically it is the classic curve gray warmer. Unless those are low in stock, they’re just gonna send you a different basic warmer. Now, chances are you probably still have a warmer because most Scentsy consultants are Scentsy addicts. So I don’t think that that’s the most important part of this kit. But it is good to have a new warmer that you can loan out to either hostesses potential customers or even businesses that you can set it up in. You are going to get a bar of black raspberry vanilla. If you are not aware, this is our top selling fragrance bar of all time in Scentsy history.

So they’re gonna give you a bar of black raspberry vanilla. They are going to give you a bottle of counter clean and you are going to get that in vanilla mint. Everyone is loving the vanilla mint scent. It’s just free, fresh, and clean. Great. Um, for the kitchen, which is where this is recommended for. But honestly, if you’ve never used counter clean, I call it magic in a bottle because I think the stuff cleans everything. I love cleaning my shoes with it, but I clean so many different things around my house with counter clean. So perhaps you’ve never experienced our counter clean. It’s absolutely wonderful and I think you will love it. You will also get a Make a Splash hand cream. Now mine is, uh, pretty much used up <laugh>. I need to get a new one of this. I absolutely love this scent.

I took this with me on vacation, um, and used most of it there you are going to get a tester set, a full tester set for this catalog season. So if you haven’t been a consultant in a while, you’re gonna get the updated set of all the testers. It’s all of the fragrances that are found in the current catalog and they come in this super cute bag. You’re gonna get that entire set. You are going to get a consultant guide and a product training guide. This product training guide right here is going to be amazing for you if you’re just getting restarted. We have so many new products that maybe you haven’t interacted with. Um, we have of course essential oil Best Scentsy Scents diffusers. Now we have air purifiers, we have wall fan diffusers. So many different things that are possibly new to the catalog since you were last day consultant.

So this product trading guide is going to be great for you. You are going to get a package of catalogs. This is the current catalog right now, but you’re gonna get whatever is current. When you reinstate your account, you’re gonna get a package of 20 of those product lists. I absolutely love product lists. So they come on a tear off sheet. They look like this. They just show all the warmers and one of all the other products that we have. I love these because they’re so affordable. I pop them in my thank you mail all the time. I pass them out at events. They’re so affordable that I don’t think twice about handing those out. Now our catalog’s a little higher value, so you wanna make sure that you’re giving ’em to a good potential customer. Where that product list, I just pass it out like candy, like it’s a freebie because it’s so affordable.

You’re gonna get a a tear off pad of 50 of those. You’re gonna get a package of host and join brochures. And then you are also going to get a pack of order forms. You’re gonna get a hundred of these order forms. Now let me tell you that a hundred order forms are probably going to last you forever and ever and ever and ever, because I rarely use those anymore. Most of my ordering is done online, so I don’t really need the order forms. But you are going to get a package of 100 order forms. Also, like I said, if you choose me to be your sponsor, you are going to get mentorship, you’re going to get guidance, and I’m gonna be there to help you every step of the way. So guys, I hope that you decide to reinstate your Scentsy account. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. You can reach me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. My name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make everyone’s nose happy and help you get your Scentsy journey restarted and off to great success.