Hi friends, my name is Jami Jo and I am with Jami Jo Sells Wax. Today I want to talk to you guys about our partnership at Scentsy with Disney and specifically with Epcot. So that is what we are going to be talking about today. I have some brand new, um, Epcot fragrance bars to share with you guys today. But first let me tell you a little bit about myself. Uh, like I said, my name is Jami Jo. I have been with Scentsy since 2008. I first started as a customer, quickly became a consultant. I fell in love with the products and knew that this is something that I wanted to always have access to, but also to share with my Best Scentsy Scents friends and family. I fell in love with Scentsy because the products worked. They were safe and they were affordable. For those three reasons I fell in love.

Now guys, I had tried other companies before, had lost a lot of money with other companies or never made any money. There were a couple that I did that, that were fun for a while, but I had never made money. I made money with Scentsy in the first month and I have never looked back. I have been able to share the Scentsy opportunity with thousands of people and help them grow their own CIN businesses and build their own lives of freedom. So if that intrigues you, make sure you subscribe to this channel. Um, so I can tell you a little bit more about that. But if you have any specific questions at all, make sure that you reach out to me. I would be happy to help. But guys, I told you we are talking today about Scentsy and and Disney’s partnership. Now, first of all, let me tell you that it is so hard to get a partnership with Disney and we first started out with just being able to make their products.

Now a lot of companies are able to do that. You can see, uh, my little mermaid step up here. We’ve had tons and tons of different collections with Disney in the past, but we have stepped it up a notch and we are now in the Best Scentsy Scents Parks. So last year at the Flower and Garden Festival was the first time that Scentsy was featured in Disney World Yeah, at Eppo. And they invited us back again this year to the Flower and Garden Festival. Now, last year we were just featured there. You could go experience that at the parks, but this year they’ve stepped it up a notch with a full collection of Scentsy bars that are just for the Flower and Garden Festival. A couple of them are fragrances we’ve had before, but this stack right here, these are brand new guys. Nobody has ever smelled these fragrances before.

So we’re gonna do a sniff session today with these bars. So let me tell you first of all that we are, like I said, in Epcot right now at the Flower and Garden Festival, if you are able to go make sure that you stop by the Best Scentsy ScentsĀ  display, you’re gonna see huge flower topiaries that look like butterflies. And then in front of each of those topiaries, you’re gonna have a chance to do a sniff test of six different fragrances. Now I’m gonna show you a couple pictures of me there. Last year enjoying this exact thing. It was so much fun to first of all be there with my friends Scentsy sent a lot of the superstar directors, the leaders in the Best Scentsy Scents company, and we got to be there at Epcot last year and experience it. But they have changed some of the fragrances this year.

So like I said, three returning fragrances, three brand new fragrances. Let’s first start out with the fragrances that have been in our collection for a while that are there at the Scentsy Epcot Flower and Garden Festival. The first is Sun Kiss citrus. This is just the epitome of orange and fresh and clean. Um, I love sunki citrus when I just need something that just needs to brighten my day. Best Scentsy Scents citrus is the way to go when you need that bright, cheerful fragrance. So the next one that Scentsy has at the Flower and Garden Festival is pineapple mango. So definitely fruity, yummy, fresh. This reminds me of a cocktail that I got in, um, Costa Rica. The cocktail was called Coco Loco, but it smelled just like this pineapple and mango. So that one is super yummy, obviously just called pineapple mango. Now also at the Flower and Garden Festival, you can experience French lavender.

I do not have a bar, but with me right now. But it is a tried and true Scentsy fragrance. Definitely floral, definitely floral, um, French lavender. It is that English lavender scent. Um, not English, French lavender scent. There is a difference in French, lavender and English lavender if you did not know. Um, so if you like lavender, I’m pretty sure you’re going to enjoy that. Um, now the next three brand new fragrances created just for the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot Disney. So this one is mint Fields. Obviously the name is pretty self-explanatory. Gonna guess there’s gonna be some mint in here. Now you’ll notice every time I smell a wax bar, that I always pop it out of the package and smell the bottom side of it. That’s because Scentsy uses parin based wax. We do that for two different reasons. The first reason is that it’s the safest wax.

If it happens to be ingested by a little one or a pet, it’s not going to harm them in any way. But also paraffin wax can hold the most fragrance oil. And obviously CSI wants to do this right. They want to give you the Best Scentsy Scents experience, the strongest scent, and the longest lasting, lasting scent. And that means they need to put more oil in it. So we sort like this in the warehouse, that oil is heavier than the wax. It sinks to the bottom. So the best way to experience a fragrance right out of the package is to pop it out and smell the bottom side of it. So mint fields, guys, this smells just like a corner of my porch. Um, we have some mint growing in one of our flower beds. We use it to put in drinks in the summertime. So we’ve just planted some and grow our own so we don’t have to keep buying it at the store.

This smells just like that corner of the porch. So Scentsy’s description of it is wander an invigorating field of spearmint leaves and peppermint leaves with a light breeze of crisp greens. It is so yummy. If you enjoy a mojito <laugh>, this fragrance would be great for you if you enjoy, what are a couple other cocktails that have mint in them? A mint jule, of course, if that’s a drink of your choosing, you’re gonna love this. I like to just make, um, water with cucumber and mint leaves in it. So good. Sometimes I toss some lime in there too. It’s so good. Uh, mint fields. This is super yummy. My daughter’s going to love this fragrance. So Mackenzie, I might have to, um, snag you some of this and send it your way. The next one is soft plumeria. Now we have had a plumeria sent before, but this one is different. So let’s see.

Oh, this, this is so good. Sweet, yet floral. Oh my gosh. So, so, so good. I didn’t know I’d love this collection so much, guys. My Scentsy club has so many bars in it, but I think it just got a couple more. With Scentsy Club Scentsy always makes the fragrances that you love, even if they’re limited time editions. Um, they will continue to make it for forever and ever and ever. Amen for you if it’s in your Scentsy Club. Okay. Pink plume area evokes memories of island days with a slice of sweet apple and warm tea wood. Oh, I, I wonder why they chose, am I even focusing here and not paying attention? I wonder why they chose yellow for this package. I would’ve put this in a pink package, but they didn’t ask me, so they put it in yellow. Um, heirloom rose, I have so many customers that love a rose fragrance and they’re always begging me for rose fragrance. So I’m, before I smell this, I hope it’s a true rose because I’m gonna reach out to those people like guys. I’ve just barely opened the package and it is <laugh>. My husband is going to hate this. My daughter is going to love this <laugh>. My daughter lives on her own now, but when she still lived at home, they used to argue about there was a, a fragrance called Simply Rose. And my husband hated it and Mackenzie loved it and she would put it in the warmer in her bedroom and he would just

Not have nice things to say about it. <laugh>, if you love Rose, this is the set for you, like a breath of fresh air garden Rose enlivens the senses with a sprig of lush greens.

McKenzie, I think they made this collection for you because between the heirloom roses and the mint fields, you are going to be in a little bit of heaven. Guys, this FCO three pack is a limited time offer. So if you wanna get this jump on it now. You can text me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0 or just jump over to Jami Jo sells wax.com. Um, also the other fragrances. Now Sunki citrus and Pineapple Mango available all the time. They’re in our current current catalog season. The French lavender currently not in our catalog season, but they have re-released it for this period of time for the Flower and Garden Festival. Basically, if you’re wanting any of these, like jump on it now, don’t sleep on it. Jump over to my website now and get these, I’m telling you, they have done it with this three pack. I think all three of those might have to go in my Scentsy club, the heirloom rose.

I won’t warm at the house cuz I love my husband. Uh, but I will send that to my daughter and I have a couple customers that need a tester of that, the soft plum area in the mint fields. Yeah, those are, I’m gonna warm those definitely guys. I just did a review of the Easter collection and there was one in there that I absolutely wanted to warm. And now I have two more that I absolutely want to warm. It’s a good thing that I have a Scentsy warmer in like every room of my house because I have all these different fragrances that I need to try and I’m so excited about it. Um, what else do I need to tell you guys? Like I said, it’s limited time offer, so don’t delay in ordering those. Jump onto my website right now. If you enjoyed this review preview, unboxing, I don’t even know what you would call this.

Um, make sure you subscribe to my channel so you always know about the new Sens stuff coming out. And other than that, I think that’s it. My name is Che Joe. I’m here to make your nose happy and help you to enjoy a little bit of fco. We live in a world where we are taught to look for a job and not an opportunity. Therefore, the government finds it. Very important that I show you this. Look, I’m not telling you, this is a get rich quick scheme. You’re not gonna be rich today or even tomorrow. You probably won’t ever be a billionaire. But if you take a chance on this opportunity, just like I did, and you’re willing to put in the work and make the sacrifice, this opportunity quite possibly could change your life.